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 Origin Of Wonder Woman
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Posted - 13 June 2014 :  04:49:56  Show Profile Send nolimits a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Origin Of Wonder Woman
story by Ayko...Willy Luke Muschiol (guess they went with another script story but could easily be altered for a sequel)
based on Wonder Woman created by William Moulton Marston and published by DC Comics
the character Drusilla aka Wonder Girl created by Jimmy Sangster, Barbara Avedon and Barbara Corday for the ABC TV series.

5000 years ago...

Zeus, god of sky and thunder and king of Mount Olympus, and new wife Hippolyte are enjoying their honeymoon on Paradise Island, a huge island paradise on Nume, an ocean moon of Venus about the size of Earth's moon with a tropic Earth type environment. The powerful atmosphere, strengthened by Zeus, filters out the sun's rays just enough. To their joy, Hippolyte is pregnant and gives birth.

Unknown to them, also on Paradise Island is a former lesser god, Duke, who lost his powers being disobedient towards Zeus. While training his new young lady pupil Kirce in the ways of sorcery which is forbidden, he is discovered by Zeus. An enraged Zeus bans the two to the far away planet of Sorca where they can do no harm to others. He also gives him the new name and markings, The Duke of Deception, or Dod. Both he and Kirce are out of control with rage.

Zeus returns to Paradise Island just before Hippolyte gives birth to their daughter who they name Diana. Hippolyte is made Queen of Paradise Island and given the secret of invisibility. Zeus returns to Mount Olympus and informs the others of his clan that Paradise Island will be used as an Amazonian training ground for all their godly daughters. The Ocean moon, Nume, has been cloaked ever since.

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my modern version of the lyrics from the ABC TV series theme song that Justin Bieber could sing with John Baehler who was among the tenors who sung the original...

*Wonder Woman Wonder Woman*

All the world is waiting for you
and the powers that you use
in your satin tights
fighting for our rights,
truth, justice and liberty.

*Wonder Woman Wonder Woman*

Now the world is ready for you
and the wonders you can do.
Tame a hawk to a dove.
Stop a war with love.
Make a liar tell the truth.

*Wonder Woman Wonder Woman*
Get us out from under!
*Wonder Woman Wonder Woman*

All our hopes depend upon you
and the magic that you do.
Stop a bullet cold.
Make the axis fold.
Change their minds and change the World.

*Wonder Woman Wonder Woman*
You're a wonder!
*Wonder Woman Wonder Woman*

5000 years later...

Thanks to Vitae, a plant herb elixer made and taken before they left Paradise Island, both Dod, the Duke of Deception, and Kirce still appear young. Kirce is now a fully trained Enchantress with special powers such as a seductive, melodic and hypnotic call that renders men under her spell, explosive energy balls that form in her palms at will, the ability to walk through walls, super strength, agility and athletic abilities.

A space vessel, with a design across the hull showing a large hook and some device resembling tweezers but with sword like blades, is shown. The crew is a gang of space thugs on their way to Sorca, the last known location of their boss, Grudgo. They do not find Grudgo but they do find Kirce in the fields. She uses her seductive and spellbinding call to easily put the men under her power. She locks them up in an underground shelter. She and The Duke of Deception easily take control of the vessel and set course for Earth. The Duke of Deception is sure he can adjust the materialization chamber of the vessel into a zombie soldier factory.

On Earth, at the A.U.T.E.C. naval base on an island in the Bermuda triangle, the so called Area 51 of the Navy, Major Steve Trevor is test piloting a new generation of space shuttle propulsion. While in orbit, the shutle experiences a malfunction and blasts with full acceleration towards the sun. The system won't shut down using the new self charging propulsion cells. The SEAL team on the ground can do little as communications fade as well as his radar signal.

The Duke of Deception brings the vessel behind the moon of Earth. They tie in to satellite systems and decide the best place to start would be on live international TV. Host Vic McMean of the UWF Universal Wrestling Federation is getting ready for a huge extravaganza. The Duke of Deception brings Kirce to the event and returns to the moon.

Steve Trevor is approaching Venus with heat resistance over limits as he loses consciousness. Queen Hippolyte detects the shuttle with Diana present. They take hold the shuttle with a powerful tractor beam from the Island and bring him to a soft landing. He is brought to a place of healing by Diana who volunteers to nurse him back to health. The attraction felt by Diana towards Steve is understood by the audience. The Amazonian sisters are to prepare for a tournament to select one of them to return Steve to Earth. Queen Hippolyte forbids her daughter to take part in the tournament provoking a scene ending with Diana rushing off alone.

Kirce arrives at the UWF sports arena. The event is about to take place. She easily brings McMean under her spell and takes control of the show. All global television systems, internet connections, security monitors, etc, are suddenly blocked and then replaced with the UWF coverage. Everybody around the globe is now watching. The Duke of Deception ties in visuals and announces himself as the new ruler of Earth. First, for a little fun, they will present a bonus match, 'the Unannounced Battle Royal' to make his point clear.

On Paradise Island the tournament begins. All competitors are wearing masks to eliminate the chance for personal rivalries. Awesome Olympic style games are seen with super strength, agility and athletics including spears, boomerangs, Norhu riding as a horse, injury resistance presentations, hand to hand combat, ending with a dangerous obstacle course. The games end in a first place draw. After a pause the last two contestants must take part in a duel of dodging bullets with godly forged bracelets and targeting the ricochet to a nearby target.

The Duke of Deception announces to the world that his Battle Royal is ready and that it will be the very first true Battle Royal that is a royal battle. He hands over the events to Kirce commentating the event with Vic McMean. The ring announcer is Hillary Clinton, played by a lookalike actress. After the initial two competitors begin the match every nine seconds another competitor will enter the arena and ring. The only way to be eliminated from the match is by exiting the ring over the top rope and landing on the ground with both feet.

Using lookalike actors a Battle Royal with politicians and members of royal families begins with Prince Charles 'The Crusher' and 'Scary Prince Harry'. The bell rings and the two do silly funny faces at each other and await the next competitor. The nine seconds are up and Prince Killin' William enters the ring. The three do a Three Stooges routine and await the next competitor. The three throw out each of the next competitors. That is until 'Bear Hugger' Putin steps in and sends all three over the top ring in three seconds with jujitsu. The Supreme Leader of North Korea, 'Kim with a spin', is the 20th and last competitor who walks to the ring very slowly taking time to greet the fans and sign autograms and even have suspicious converstions. By the time he gets to the ring only 'Bear Hugger' Putin is left. 'Kim with a spin' enters the ring and holds out his hand. Bear Hugger Putin shakes his head no but the fans urge him on until he finally does. 'Kim with a spin' gives a sudden spin thrust and kicks his opponent over the top rope and flat on ground to win the match. The Duke instructs Kirce to make her way to the Pentagon and informs the fans they will be back soon with more from the new ruler of Earth.

On Paradise Island, the winner of the tournament is given applause of wonder. She removes her mask and a blonde wig to reveal Diana. Her mother is not amused but accepts her daughter as winner. With a heat and fire resistant moon and star outfit still folded Diana does the transformation spin and becomes Wonder Woman. Queen Hippolyte wishes her daughter good fortune and orders her to return quickly. She is given special gifts to protect her in the outside environment should any conflict or emergency arise:

-A stealth like jet shuttle with diverse levels and options of cloak and super velocity capabilities.
-An indestructible Tiara with a magical red star ruby enhancing telepathic strength to her mother and allows telepathic command of her jet shuttle. The Tiara is also a razor sharp edged boomerang like weapon if needed.
-Bullet proof bracelets formed from Aegis, the legendary shield belonging to Athena which was made from the indestructible hide of the magical she goat Amalthea.
-The Lariat of Hestia or Lasso of Truth forged by Hephaestus from the golden girdle of Gaea and compels all who come into contact to tell the truth.

On Earth's moon, The Duke of Deception has materialized his first zombie soldier and begins testing it's abilities. Kirce makes her way through the Pentagon with her spells and ability to walk through walls and has no problem getting to the main hall of operations. She makes use of her hypnotic call and takes control of operations there. The Duke of Deception is crazed with laughter.

Diana is flying her super jet shuttle with Steve's damaged shuttle in tow and both within the cloaking shield while travelling at super velocity. They get romantic but Diana explains that it can never be. They share a passionate kiss that renders Steve unconscious. Still cloaked, they land safely in the Bermuda Triangle naval base.

Diana make sure he and his shuttle are found and taken safely. The Navy SEALS are overjoyed and confused. Steve is fine but remembers nothing after passing out near Venus. According to logs he used the Forces of gravity from Venus to Whip around and head back. But so fast? No time to figure it out as they must update him on the doings of the super villains.

Diana Monitors this and decides she must help. She Looks through the profiles of staff at the naval base on her Jet shuttle System and finds a lieutenant named Diana Prince looking very similar except for her glasses. Wonder Woman infiltrates the base silently. Using her Lasso of Truth she finds out that Miss Prince is depressed because her fiance´, Forward Vitor Gonçalves, who was called back to Brazil. Wonder Woman takes her to Brasília Air Force Base and reunites her with her Vitor. The magical Lasso leaves the two soldiers married since forever as far as they remember and Diana Prince as a housewife.

In the meantime, The Duke of Deception tells Kirce he is going to send his first ten zombie soldiers to her location and to prepare an international press conference upon their arrival.

Wonder Woman returns to AUTEC as Lieutenant Diana Prince wearing clear glasses. Steve and his team of SEALS develop a plan to take back the Pentagon. Once the elite team unit is in place ready to storm the facility from the underground warning shots will be fired from the air as a diversion. Diana demands to accompany. Steve denies her request and orders her to stay and monitor the mission from the base in case something goes wrong and an international emergency must be declared.

The warning shots are fired from the air as the SEALS make their way to the area of operations. Kirce sends the zombie soldiers to meet them. An awesome and crazed battle breaks out. Steve breaks away from the fighting and approaches Kirce. She uses her hypnotic call to render Steve under her spell.

Diana is monitoring the events and has had enough. She turns into Wonder Woman and heads for the Pentagon. On the way she contacts her mother, Queen Hippolyte, to inform her of the events unfolding. Her mother explains exactly who The Duke of Deception and Kirce are and orders her daughter to be careful.

Kirce's spell does not hold Steve as with other men to her dismay. He tries to arrest her but he is no match for her super strength. Kirce and the zombie soldiers now have Steve and the SEALS captive. They chat. Kirce wants to know how it is Steve seems to be immuned to her spells.

Wonder Woman enters the scene. Her cloaked plane is detected by the advanced radar systems of The Duke of Deception who signals a warning to Kirce as she lands. Security is unable to stop Wonder Woman as she deflects bullets and makes her way to Steve and the others. Kirce sends the zombie soldiers and an awesome battle breaks out. Wonder Woman takes out the attackers and then stands with Steve and the SEALS facing Kirce who uses her energy balls to pulverize he group and wreck havoc. Wonder Woman helps to free the group and they retreat swiftly. Kirce keeps up pace in pursuit. Wonder Woman and the others are barely able to escape. On the way back to AUTEC naval base Steve is in utter awe of Wonder Woman. He demands to know who she is. She replies that she is a good friend there to help. Steve is in even more awe. She drops them off close to the base and departs.

Kirce is enraged and The Duke of Deception is fuming with wrath. He tells Kirce he will manufacture an army of zombie soldiers. In the meantime, Kirce is to take her zombie soldiers out to the streets to terrorize civilians and lure Wonder Woman back out to the open.

On Paradise Island Queen Hippolyte is communicating with Zeus who has sensed the disturbances. Unfortunately, he is limited with his options to intervene. Diana's younger sister Drusilla, or Drew, is with her mother and volunteers to help Diana. Hippolyte refuses to allow another daughter of hers to leave and perhaps never return. Drew marches off angrily. In the wilderness she tries to do the magical spin work like her sister without success, at first. Eventually, Drew manages a transformation into Wonder Girl with a similar outfit as her sister.

She decides this is a sign and steals a jet shuttle not realizing it is an older model and in repair. She departs. Queen Hippolyte is not amused. Communications are not possible because her Tiara is not godly forged. She gets the vessel's switches confused and systems shut down.

Inside the AUTEC base Diana Prince awaits. Diana has set up a new communication system with the US Army, NSA and FBI along with other military units. They analyze together what happened and discuss options. They also discuss the strange immunity Steve seems to have against the hypnotic spell call of Kirce. Diana suggests that Wonder Woman may reciprocate Steve's attraction and affection holding him immune with her super powers, presuming that is what she has. They watch the recorded footage. Steve is in awe of Wonder Woman more than ever and not afraid to show it.

Kirce and the zombie soldiers have taken to the city streets to wreak havoc. Zombie soldiers pick up unawaring citizens and scare them to heck with their hideous faces and laughs. Others graffiti sarcastic messages and silly designs all over the buildings. Kirce explains to cameras that she and The Duke of Deception are taking over with a free for all. Her energy blasts take out any police or other force that dare to get in the way.

As Drew approaches Earth she tries to contact Diana. Instead, she inadvertently alerts The Duke of Deception to her presence and identity. The Duke of Deception instructs Kirce to contact Drew with audio communications sounding like Diana in distress. He continues manufacturing more zombie soldiers.

Steve and other elite military leaders have no time to think and react by sending out units. Diana is to remain and monitor and also try to find a way to make contact with The Duke of Deception. An awesome street battle explodes. Supervillains versus national guard, police and other assisting forces as Kirce lures Drew in.

Diana discovers that the Duke of Deception is on the moon. She changes to Wonder Woman and departs fully cloaked.

Drew makes a hard landing on a nearby city freeway and is greeted by Kirce. She waves friendly to shocked onlookers. Drew does have the super strength and athletic abilities as her sister but lacks experience and the aiding godly tools. Kirce easily takes Drew captive.

Wonder Woman arrives on the moon to find only a few zombie soldiers holding a sign reading The Duke of Debonair was here. The zombie soldiers attack Wonder Woman.

The Duke of Deception arrives on Earth. He instructs Kirce to take Drew to Paradise Island and force her to trick Queen Hippolyte into thinking that she is returning alone due to jet shuttle malfunction. The Duke of Deception will follow silently in his vessel with a hundred zombie soldiers ready.

Steve and the others are battling the zombie soldiers left on Earth. Wonder Woman arives and pulverizes those zombie soldiers too in an awesome street battle. Steve is in awe and tells of Wonder Girl that was there. Wonder Woman wastes no time. Steve convinces her to take him with her because she is outnumbered and Steve feels he owes at least that in thanks. She protests but does give in noting the increased strength and stamina that flows through her body and spirit whenever they are together. They depart full velocity.

as the climax takes form...

© Willy Muschiol...All rights reserved past, present, and future.
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