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 Coming Big Attractions 4 Film & TV
 The Adventures Of Rack And Rawl
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Posted - 11 June 2014 :  02:58:56  Show Profile Send nolimits a Private Message  Reply with Quote
The Adventures Of Rack & Rawl
but first...

The Bugs Bunny and Friends Comeback

No Mo’ Wabbit Season
written by Ayko...Willy Luke Muschiol
directed by Chuck Jones Sr and Friz Freleng Jr

Elmer Fudd: Shhh. Be wery wery quiet. I'm hunting wabbits. Hahahahahahahahaha...Look! Wabbit twacks. Ohh, wait. Whats this? A sign. 'Wabbit season closed and banned forever. signed Park Wangers.' How could this happen?...what will I do...No mo wabbit season. Waaaa waaaa....

Bugs Bunny chewing a carrot: Ehhh, what's up doc?

Elmer: Oh it's a twavesty, Mr Wabbit. Look. No mo’ wabbit season. My life is over. Wolways me... Waaaa waaaa...

Bugs: There there, doc. It ain't so bad. Maybe I could help you find new game?

Elmer: Weally? You mean you would help me after all these years of wivalry?

Bugs: Sure doc. No hard feelings. After all, you have been the pushover all these years, in case you didn't notice. I wouldn't be the Warner Brothers icon I am without you.

Elmer: Gee, dats awfwy genewous of you, Mr Wabbit.

coming soon...

The Adventures Of Rack & Rawl
story by Ayko...Willy Luke Muschiol

a day in July, 2007

Stu and Harry aka Rack and Rawl are best buddies since high School and a part of a U.S. Army unit searching for the hideout of Sumba bin Geladen in the deserts of Afghanistan where bin Geladen is said to be hiding. They come to a mountainside with thick bushes and investigate a covered entrance. They find nothing amiss but, they do discover a thick bush of Ganja. Rawl knows what to do and gives thanks to Mother Nature in a five minute ceremony of weird chanting and praying. No one dares go near it before Rawl is done. Rack calls for a pause and they all get stoned out of their minds. The group contemplates the meaning of life when a sudden armed rebel attack disturbs their fantasies. Rawl continues to reel in his ganja high, dodging projectile whenever necessary. The unit is demolished and only Rack and Rawl survive. Rack is close to a temporary desert base. Rawl continues the mission alone.

five years later...

In Santa Monica, underneath a major traffic route bridge, is the first Clubhouse of ’84 Hells Devils where Nomad Hyde has been called in by President Muck who is in the shadows chatting with another Hells Devils President.

Hyde: Mornin’ Muck. Hyde arrives with the tide at the side, on time, in time, anytime, everytime, but not like last time.

Muck: Mornin' Hyde. You hear 'bout the retreat to be held in Yosemite Park? All chapters around the globe must be represented. We reserved the entire Yosemite Park for three months and it will be your duty to see that each '84 Chapter is personally informed. It wasn't easy to arrange a Yosemite Park camp out meeting. Hopefully it wasn't for no reason or given away to others. Since our beloved horse, Crackers, has passed on you will be doing the global pony express.

Hyde: I look forward to showing those Brits how pool is played and how beer is kept at the appropriate color.

Muck: You have three months to complete the mission so don’t stop to smell the flowers.

Hyde: Dagnabit!

Hyde is shown travelling across the U.S. from west to east coast paying brief visits to each Hells Devils Chapter. Arriving at the Atlantic coast he parks his Harley and looks around over the ocean horizon. He takes out a thick pack of straws to create a breathing line as he begins his ocean floor stroll to Europe adding a straw to lengthen his breathing line as he strolls to the Fats Domino classic, I’m Walkin’.

In Glendale, Los Angeles County, Rack is now living in a modest two story house with his wife, Donna. She is demanding Stu (Donna refuses to call Stu 'Rack') get with it serving brunch as she reads the newspaper. Donna comments on the article about a lost soldier found with amnesia trapped in a deep hole that he fell into. Rack makes jokes about the unknown soldier to ensure Donna that he is just as amused as she. Donna and he are still like 'two peas in a pot'. Donna corrects Rack, 'Not poT. Pod. Paaaaawwww-D!' Rack continues to practice his new favorite expression over and over, 'Paaawww-D. Paaawww-D.'...until he glances at the newspaper picture of the soldier. It’s Rawl, still alive! Rack excuses himself and leaves in a hurry.

Elsewhere in L. A., Adela is shown reading the same article in the newspaper. She is at her mother’s house after being kicked out of her boyfriend’s apartment. Her mother assures her that she cannot stay with her. Adela responds with a nod of agreement as an idea strikes her and utters the word 'amnesia'.
© Willy Muschiol...All rights reserved past, present, and future.

Main Characters
Stu ‘Rack’ Lorelle, Rack & Rawl are best buddies since schooldays
Donna Lorelle, wife of Stu, they reside in Glendale, California
Harry ‘Rawl’ Oliver rents out basement apartment in the Lorelle house
Adelina claims to be Rawl’s wife before he had amnesia and moves in
Jive, skid row gang elder, rapper and rhymer, guide and friend to Rack & Rawl
Ma Sissy, skid row resident, elder and trusted confidante to women of skid row
Julius Oswald, director of ARM Allied Rescue Missions for skid row shelters and programs
Howie, the baddest bad ass peddler leader bent on keeping skid row under his drug dealing power
Winnie Lamont, LAPD arranged diplomat who chats with LASR (Los Angeles Skid Row) regulars
Finnie Jameson, Ed-Fex driver in Glendale and arch street rival of Rack
Drago, president of the Changlers MC, motto: Every city has a China town
American President Hells Devils ‘Muck’
German President ‘Oreo’
Turkish President ‘Boko’
Nomad ‘Hyde’
Susan J. Kill ‘Psycho Su’ of the Hells Battleaxes, motto: 82 before 84, former FIB agent gone rogue

© Willy Muschiol...All rights reserved past, present, and future.

Price to film is negotiable.
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