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 Pandora of the Na'vi
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Posted - 04 April 2014 :  17:32:05  Show Profile Send nolimits a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Pandora of the Na'vi
story by Ayko (still in rough meant as a prequel or origin of story)
based on the film Avatar from James Cameron

approximately 5000 years ago...

Around the gas giant of Alpha Centauri is the moon Pandora which also has a satellite or moon, about a quarter the size of Pandora. That moon is not a natural moon rather a disguised space vessel left in orbit long ago. That vessel brought the first Na'vi from a twin star system in a galaxy not so far away.

The moon is actually a vessel made to look like a strange rock or asteroid from a fleet of such vessels. The leader commanding the vessel left with his crew and family before the rest of the fleet could destroy them by destroying the portal of the cosmic tunnel they travelled along. The crew was reported destroyed by the scared fleet commanders who, suddenly lost them in the chase.

The crew set down on the surface of Pandora using a teleportation device and no way to return as all crew members went to the surface to start a new life and culture.

After scouting the area the group settles in a cave. Unfortunately, the vegetation was still newly terra formed and no fruits or berries could be found. Nuts were collected but, not enough to sustain the clan. Simo, the leader, began to study the other mammal life forms to see how they survived. Brutal and bloody hunting and killing of other mammals was gory but, also fascinating to Simo. Without the jaws and fanged teeth of predators like wolves or wild hogs Simo had little chance. The first lance or spear was made for a patient Simo high in a tree before deciding to hang some bait.

The clan had never eaten meat and found it disgusting. A form of cannabalism and from a murdered native creature. Simo countered that Pandora was like a place for the gods to 'trial and error' experiment with various forms of bodily forms like a prototype testing ground. He added that the gods showed them the way to Pandora in order to survive and that is the only way on Pandora. Furthermore, it seems that the predator instincts keep the balance of the populations at amounts so all continue to survive, like a picture or video of ancestors. At first, the others only look on. Simo begins cutting the carrion with sharpened stones and cleaning it before bringing it in the cave and eventually they are all eating meat.

The ladies found the tough skin of the wildlife could be used as a bandage after a child injured himself playing. Clothing was made for the cold stormy nights. Simo was impressed and inspired to make a travelling tent home hanging the skin as roofing over fallen branches collected.

The flying Banshee was a magnificent sight to watch. Simo, as with most all the wildlife, began studying the habits of one Banshee that often napped in a huge tree. After witnessing the Banshee as a plant eater he begins to spend more and more time in the same tree. The Banshee takes notice of Simo calling at him but is unimpressed. Simo tries tossing some rocks and branches to get a reaction which comes in the form of a close screaming encounter but, without attacking.

The Banshee gives out a spine tingling roar after taking to the air and swooping down to face to face with Simo before flying off. Simo takes some time to calm down and eventually falls asleep in the tree and sleeps through to the night, exhausted from the days of missed sleep observing the Banshee. Simo awakens at dawn looking at the Banshee below sleeping in a thick sturdy area of branching. Simo wastes no time and takes a chance. He leaps onto the back of the Banshee so to get a strong grip around the neck area. The Banshee jumps to flight in shock and takes Simo on the flight of his life holding on for life until he relaxes his thoughts. The Banshee tries to shake off the 'irritating itch' with aerial moves as Simo holds on tight. Eventually, the Banshee calms as their hairs connect in a kinetic electrical bonding. The first Banshee ride takes place leading to other clan members finding their own Banshee partners.

The ladies have been making toys with colored stones and sticks, beads and shells, that the girls have fun wearing as jewelry, and more. Some even add their touches to Simo's cave wall sketches and stories.

The years go by and the clan grows in numbers while spreading out. Homes are built and metals discovered inspiring the clan to build pyramid like towers to honor the gods of nature. The goddess Eywa worshipped by the future generations of Na'vi came later.

One day grandfather Simo taps two sticks in a rythum that brings the kids him running so not to miss any of another gripping story of wonder and history. The rest of the clan follow soon after.

Simo: Many years ago the gods guided them to Pandora to escape a terrible war in a far away star system...

A large star system with 27 orbiting planets is shown in another galaxy. The planet Dora is inhabited by the Kumo, a paler blue skin tone folk that remain in one with nature alongside their advanced technological comforts and tools.

The Kumo began exploring the cosmos with bold new scientific breakthroughs organized and maintained by the male population at a desert area of Dora they industrialized. The female population remained for the most part in the villages caring for the children and elderly and were in close contact with nature.

Emperor Steek and the male population concentrated godly worship on Father God Ozar while his brides, Azina and Nika along with the clan sisters, concentrated on Mother Goddess Eywa. That is how spiritual guidance developed and lent some gifted ladies magical powers of healing and communicating with nature.

Steek began to dedicate all his time to the space programs and research. Nika spent more time having fun with her close sisters. Azina on her newly adopted son Simo whose parents were lost in a cave renovation accident intended as an arts and crafts area for Azira. Steek was not impressed having to suddenly share Azira's attention with another's son while never getting pregnant. Little Simo dealt with the loss as strong as he could and was the center of Azira's attention.

Later a teenage boy Simo was sent by Steek to the academy of space exploration which operated as a naval military system. By then Steek and the men had put together a fleet of space vessels resembling desolate moons or asteroids of ore.

Five years later Simo graduated and was urged by Steek to take command of a long year deep space mission. Simo said he would consider it but had no plans to miss his adoptive mother again for so long just after he graduates.

After a warm loving reunion of hugs and tears Simo began to see Azira for the very sexy lady she was which made him quite nervous while enjoying the close contact at the same time. The more he tried to ignore her attractive aura and physical beauty the more he knew he couldn't. He said nothing as he further investigated this new phenomena of maturing by making chances to be in close contact and kiss her.

When guests arrived made up of other spiritual leaders friendly with Azira a panic like feeling gripped Simo with worry of his wild drives and thoughts being revealed to the others who practice communicating with nature and even Mother Goddess Eywa. What would Father God Ozar do to him, he thought. What would the clan think and what if mom became ashamed of him? The situation was too much for Okim to deal with plus, there was nobody to discuss such things with. He accepted Steek's offer and departed with his crew.

Later, Steek began to experiment on forbidden and dangerous compound formulas including the influence on Quantum lifeforms. Such acts were forbidden by the guiding laws of Father God Ozar and Mother Goddess Eywa.

Steek continues with his ignorance of the holy laws and begins to cross breed the aggressive Quantam lifeforms now being driven insane. He unknowingly includes a Quantam lifeform in his cross breeding that soar in and out of physical and spiritual reality like jellyfish of the sea as if they were testing the waters of universal reality for the first time. The cross breeding gave way to an energy draining being that could slip through the spiritual and physical borders that was in a state of highly aggressive and torturous insanity. Almost immediately, this energy ingesting being entered Steek and followed the flow of spiritual energy through the conscience, sub conscience, and inner conscience (id ego superego) and latched on to his soul.

The cross breeding took on new meaning with Steek now a part of the crossbreeding and inbreeding of aggressive insanity with a new door to the spiritual realm.

After five years of deep space exploration Simo and crew are heading home to Dora with lots of boring data and images from afar and one pearl of a find making the mission a total success, a vacum like mini hole that they prayed was not their doom when it enveloped their moon vessel and slid them along like a ball rolling down the lotto canal to a sudden but soft stop in this twin star system with vessel position having no coordinates to display for the crew. They quickly discover the nature paradise Pandora moon four or five times larger than their vessel. As fate and good fortune would have it returning through the cosmic tunnel was just as easy except for pinpointing the exact point of entrance and direction.

Emperor Steek now acts like an aggressive militant tyrannt. Empress Azina invokes her ancient right as empress to refuse her emperor as husband which had never been used in all of Kumo history before and considered just a tradition. Steek explodes in rage and locks himself in his space exploration and research complex.

Upon discovery of a nearby star system even larger than the one they reside in rich in nature and resources, an exploration mission is sent out and finds a species of advanced beings that prefer their privacy and make it known.

Due to further forbidden experiments by Steek and his followers that threaten and provoke war, Simo and his followers escape and make Pandora their new home.

Willy Muschiol...All rights reserved past, present, and future.
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