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Posted - 23 January 2014 :  08:16:39  Show Profile Send nolimits a Private Message  Reply with Quote
story by Ayko...Willy Luke Muschiol with Joss Whedon as director and Nicholas Brendon as Captain Marvel if willing
based on the comic book superhero Captain Marvel by artist C.C. Beck and writer Bill Parker
published by Fawcett Comics which later became Whiz Comics 1939-1953 and by DC Comics since 1972


Billy Batson is a young radio journalist who grew up as an orphan living on the streets. He is a strong-willed, intelligent and well mannered man in his early 20s now.

Doctor Sivana is a mad scientist looking for a way to rule planet Earth. To help him take control, Sivana creates an army of hybrid human beasts that help him take over the White House. He invites an international news team and announces to the world that he is their new master and how all will give him the praise and glory he so deserves.

That evening, after doing a report on the events surrounding Dr Sivana and the potential enslavement of the planet, a small Wizard appears to Billy on his way home and introduces himself as Mentor. The small wizard shows Billy some of his magic and explains that he is a messenger of the gods who chose Billy to become a champion of justice and save the world from Dr Sivana and other evil villains.

Mentor leads Billy to a secret subway tunnel and an old fashioned locomotive with no driver that take them to a secret lair at the Rock of Eternity marked along the way by seven statues representing the seven deadly enemies of man. Mantor takes Billy on a quick tour and finally to the communications area where Mantor introduces Billy to the six godly Elders that will be lending powers to Billy.

Whenever Billy says the magic word, SHAZAM, he is struck by an energy bolt and transformed into a red, white and gold caped crusader of justice, Captain Marvel. SHAZAM is the acronym of the six godly Elders that lend Billy his super powers as Captain Marvel; Solomon (lending wisdom and vasts amounts of knowledge especially of languages and science as well as the power to hypnotize), Hercules (lending superhuman strength enough to move continents and planets if need be), Atlas (lending stamina and the ability to heal from any wound and even survive travelling through the cosmos), Zeus (lending special magical powers and abilities making him resistant to all magic spells and attacks as well as aiding in inter-dimensional travel), Achilles (lending courage and bravery in any situation as well as mental fortitude), and Mercury (lending swiftness and the ability to fly even beyond light speed). The Elders explain further that Mentor will appear to Billy periodically in order to give him guidance whenever away from the Rock of Eternity.

Captain Marvel makes his world debut and takes out the army of hybrid beasts from Dr Sivana turning Captain Marvel into an international superhero.

Another super villain known as Mister Mind is the arch enemy of the Godly Elders with his Monster Society army on another planet. He contacts Dr Sivana and offers him the necessary members of his army to stop Captain Marvel. Sivana accepts and, as per Mister Mind's instructions, is able to track down Carol Danvers, the long lost younger sister of Billy Batson. She is taken hostage. Mind also calls together three arch super villains to help Sivana: Black Adam, a former Elders superhero gone renegade; Ibac, an evil magician brute; and Mister Atom, a nuclear powered android. They are transported to Sivana.

Captain Marvel arrives at the White House where Dr Sivana still lurks. Marvel is about to storm the House when the three super villains show themselves and challenge Captain Marvel. A wild super battle breaks out.

Although Captain Marvel delivers a wild and courageous battle against the three, he is finally captured. Mister Mind turns out to be a highly intelligent alien being. He communicates through Dr Sivana and tries to manipulate Captain Marvel under his control using Carol as a bargaining tool. Mister Mind plans to have Captain Marvel take him to the Rock of Eternity and give him full control of the lair with direct communications to the godly Elders and the hope to gain access to them. Captain Marvel refuses until Sivana and Mind threaten to kill Mary and broadcast it live on TV. Captain Marvel gives in under the condition that Carol is put under his protection. Mind agrees as long as Marvel remains in the form of Billy Batson.

Doctor Sivana, now with a radio helmut in contact with Mister Mind, Black Adam, Ibac and Atom follow Billy and Carol to the secret subway and escort them all to the Rock of Eternity. Billy shows them the way to the communications area revealing as little as possible. Billy explains that they cannot enter unless he takes on the form of Captain Marvel after Mentor, which only Billy can see and hear, advises him to do so.

Although sceptically cautious, Mind and the others have no choice but to allow Billy to say his magic words SHAZAM. Carol is standing beside Billy as the magic lightning bolt strikes and metamorphosizes him to Captain Marvel. Unexpectedly, Carol is transformed into lady superhero Ms Marvel and another awesome battle erupts.

The two Marvels are able to capture the villains except for the mysterious Mister Mind who remains in safety on his home planet. Following the battle, the two Marvels enter the communications area and are lectured by the six immortal gods that lend them their strengths as to their duties and responsibilities while explaining exactly what their strengths and weaknesses are.

Willy Muschiol...All rights reserved past, present, and future.
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