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 Spirit Of The Dragon
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Posted - 16 October 2013 :  08:43:00  Show Profile  Visit Ayko's Homepage Send Ayko a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Sincerely dedicated to the life spirit of Bruce Lee we still honorably remember and love.

Bruce Lee Spirit: This movie story remake is no longer available for filming unless Ayko is paid between (*oops*) one and ten million dollars (whatever you think is fair) for his time & work and a public apology is made by China to Ayko, Buddha, the worlds of Arts&Crafts, and to the GODs of Nature.

Spirit Of The Dragon
story by Ayko based on the Golden Harvest Concord Productions & Warner Brothers film, ‘Enter the Dragon’ from Michael Allin, Raymond Chow & Bruce Lee
opening credits music by Steven Seagal

The background story involving Han as a young pupil are shown in flashbacks...

Intro: Shaolin Abbott & Mr. Lee

Abbott: I see your talents have gone beyond the mere physical level. Your skills are now at the point of spiritual insight. I have some questions. What is the highest level of technique you hope to achieve?

Lee: Technique is another word for style. I do not allow my style to become complacent or routine. Technique is a companion or partner to my martial arts achievements with diversity that is constantly changing and growing with me. In other words, there is always a higher level.

Abbott: Very good. What are your thoughts when facing an opponent?

Lee: There is no opponent.

Abbott: And why is that?

Lee: Because opponent is another word for enemy and an enemy is manufactured by criminals with minds possessed by evil to invade, steal, plunder, and hurt others and the spirit of life. I do not make an opponent my enemy rather the opponent attacks me, my family, my home and I must stop it in order to stop the crime, the conflict, the war. We do not wage war rather we fight to prevent war before it starts or, if not, by engaging the source that has made me their enemy to stop the crime or war. To the enemy, I am the enemy but I know that I am not an enemy to them or anybody else. We must realize that there is no enemy except the obsessive lust for power over the fate of others as if to be a god which is blasphemy and the path to self destruction. The only enemy in reality is an illusion creating fear and shame of facing the truth and justice born of choices and actions.

Abbott: That is quite correct and well put.

Lee: Thank you, Teacher. Also, with that concept, in such moments there is no me or I. When clearing the mind of thoughts, we channel and process actions and reactions to stimuli at the spiritual level in a more vast and better way. The conscious state of being in thought is gone allowing feelings to act and react with instincts effectively, accurately, and with much more swiftness and power that cannot be achieved with the physical mind alone.

Abbott: How about when facing an opponent in friendly competition of training?

Lee: A good fight should be like a small game but played seriously. A good martial artist does not become tense but poised and ready. Not thinking or dreaming but having an open consciousness of thought waves or paths ready to react to whatever might come. When the opponent expands, I contract. When it contracts, I expand. I do not hit. It hits all by itself.

Abbott: Now you must remember that the enemy or source of conflict has only images and illusions behind which it hides itself and its motives. Break the illusions and you break the enemy attacker. The ‘it’ you refer to is a powerful weapon easily misused by the martial artist who deserts cause, family, and honor. For centuries now, the code of the Shaolin Temple has been preserved and the honor of our brotherhood has been held true--Tell me now the Shaolin Commandment number thirteen.

Lee: A martial artist must accept responsibility for himself and the consequences of his own doing.

Abbott: I am ashamed--

The Shaolin Abbott takes a moment to compose himself and hold back tears.

Abbott: I am ashamed to tell you now that among all the Shaolin men I have taught, there is one who has turned the ways of knowledge and strength to his own immoral base ends. He has perverted all that we hold sacred. His name is Han. In defiance of all our beliefs he has brought disgrace to the Shaolin Temple. It is now time for you to reclaim our lost honor.

Lee: I understand. You know that you can always rely on me.

Intro Mr. Roper:

Mr. Roper is the son of big business tycoon L. J. Roper of Roper Industries Ltd. and official President with little interest in his ‘paper pushing’ duties at the head office where his father is CEO and looking to retire soon hoping his son will finally learn to take his position in the firm, and its future, more seriously. Unfortunately, Roper is addicted to gambling. We see him having lousy luck at the casino and lousier luck with the ladies afterwards at the local night club.

He finds a small table alone and drifts away into visions from his childhood. He must have been nine or ten years old when dad took him along to Shanghai on a business trip to close a deal and finally meet CEO and owner of Big Ventures Enterprises, Miss Soong. All goes well and the two celebrate a little and end up back at the estate of Miss Soong who invites father and son to stay the weekend. The two get intimate. Young Roper is bored and decides to find the ‘secret passage’ that he is sure every mansion of that size must have. He finds one and tumbles into a training area belonging to Ms. Soong’s uncle, a Kung Fu Master who befriends the ‘loner geek’ and invites him to stay for a while to train and develop his skills and sensitivity that the Master sees in his aura with a greater purpose. His flashback blurs as an attractive lady joins him at his table. She puts something in his drink causing drowsiness and dizzy spells. Just as he is about to pass out a couple of thugs escort him to a dark limousine for a short ride to the mobster hideout to see the Boss.

Roper awakens on a couch and sits up. The Boss goes over the huge debt Roper has accumulated and also tells him of the wrath that he has for rival, Han, moving in on his territory, and everyone else’s too. Not only that, Han employs methods so ruthless that not even a ‘mobster maniac’ would stoop to doing. Han is also responsible for the death of the Boss’s only son. Now the Boss knows that Roper has received an invitation to the ‘M.A.T.’ (Martial Arts Tournament) on Han’s island fortress. The Boss is willing to forget Roper’s debt and about exposing the video he has of Roper’s father at the annual sado-maso orgy for the high society. All Roper must do is accept the invitation and plant a number of devices that look harmless enough but are actually high tech explosives triggered by remote that will not be detonated until Roper has left and The Boss can then give Han a call just before ‘blowing him out of the water’.

Boss: Deal?

Roper: Deal. How do I get myself into these situations?!

Boss: Just lucky, for once?!

The Boss hands Roper a drink. After Roper is taken away his old Master Soong comes into view. He and The Boss share a smile.

Intro: Mr. Williams:

On skid row of Los Angeles in the 1970s, Williams is an orphaned street kid getting mixed up with the wrong crowd. By the age of 16 he is under arrest for the third time charged with drug trafficking and, this time, manslaughter too. During the interrogation, the police chief takes Williams on a tour of ‘the big house’ prison of horrors for repeat offenders of violent crimes, many that began just like Williams and are now in there for the rest of their physical lives. Because the chief likes Williams and understands that he has been served ‘bad cards’ as an orphan growing up on the streets he makes him an ultimatum. Williams is offered a special boot camp training with the military and guarantee of five years of service to his country as an alternative option to being trialed for murder at 16 as an adult.

In boot camp, Williams shows a talent for self defense and wrestling that is encouraged becoming a positive outlet for his aggressions and energy. Following his service as a soldier, Williams learns Karate and earns his black belt. He becomes renowned as an international competitor and world champion until three divorces, drugs, and other problems sinks him into a large social and financial hole. In his luxury apartment, he reads the headlines regarding the interview his ex gave ranting about Williams’ drug problems and abusive ways that is a ruse to sway opinions her way during the high profile lawsuit she has filed against him. He throws the newspaper to the ground yelling that no sane person, or fan he hopes, would ever believe such crap! He then looks over to the table. Laying on it is the invitation to Han’s M.A.T. Then his home surveillance shows visitors, the CIA looking for somone to 'just carrry some micro surveillance equipment, nothing more nothing less, for your country, Mr. Williams.'

Upon leaving the premises the CIA agents get into a dark van driven by Williams’ old Karate Master, Drake Fuchs, now a General.

intro Mr. Brisbois

Brisbois (showing 3-D holographic images): There, that's Han. That's the only film we have on him. We know that he was a member of your temple. A Shaolin Monk. Now a renegade. That's Lao, behind him. Personal bodyguard. Tough, ruthless, as you might expect being Han's bodyguard.

Lee: Pause that! Jore.

Brisbois: I beg your pardon. Do you know him?

Lee (nods): Continue.

Brisbois: We got our hands on a demonstration film of Lao, all real (bricks and boards). There's nothing phony about any of it. This was before he picked up a facial scar somewhere.

Lee: He is fortunate that it ended there.

Brisbois: Ended there? Do you know how he managed to become the scar.

Lee (nods): Continue.

Brisbois: This is where you'll be going. An island fortress, really. After the war, the nationality of the island was uncertain. And some time after that, Han bought it.

Lee: What do you know about Han?

Brisbois: He lives like a king on that island, totally self-sufficient. All of his efforts, seemingly, are directed toward supporting what he calls his school of martial arts. Han's only contact with the outside world is this tournament which he holds every three years. This was stewardess, Mary King, found floating in the harbor. Nothing unusual about a body in the harbor but this girl was last seen at a party aboard Han's private yacht. They reported her lost at sea before the body was found. We believe he selects attractive girls, and methodically builds their dependence on drugs, then sells them to an elite clientele around the world (among other activities).

Lee: What did the autopsy reveal as the cause of death?

Brisbois: She did not drown.

Lee: She O.D.’d?

Brisbois: Uh .....uh, yes, cause of death...was uh, heroin overdose.

Lee: I see. Well, I doubt I see any point to my getting involved at this time. I gather you still don't have enough to bust up his operation.

Brisbois: We know everything, we can prove nothing. We are to go in there as a unit of Interpol. Get us our evidence.

Lee: And come out in one piece to hand it over to your departments who will shuffle it in with all the rest and see no change. I'm not risking my neck for nothing.

Brisbois: We'll give you anything you need. Electronic equipment, weapons, anything. Brandy?

Lee: No thanks. Guns! Now why doesn't somebody pull an automatic firearm and settle it?

Brisbois: No! No guns. Look at this map here. As you know, the possession of a weapon is a serious offense here. Han's island rests partly within our territorial waters. If we were given the slightest reason to believe that he has any kind of arsenal, we'd move in on him. Besides, Han would never allow guns on the island anyway. He had a bad experience with them once and he's fearful of assassination. Can't really blame him. Any fool can pull a trigger.

Lee: I guess I won't need anything because I am not going.

Brisbois: We'll be leaving in three days, Mr. Lee.

Lee: You don't seem to be listening to me, Mr. Brisbois. I will not be joining your Operation. Not going. Not accompanying. Not accepting. Not by the hairs on my chinny chin chin!

Brisbois: You will.

Lee: Oh?

Brisbois: Our hands are tied. The princess of Greece is bloody well involved with Han's number one man.

Lee: Lao?!

Brisbois: ...and together they are creating the latest disruptions in the area to take control of the entire area, and perhaps spread out.

Lee: I see. Well, Mr. Brisbois, I repeat that I will not be getting involved in your already failed mission that you refuse to accept has failed.

Brisbois (with more images): Oh, by the way, two months ago, we managed to place some surveillance on the island. Take a look at these images, Mr. Lee.

The eyes of Mr. Lee suddenly turn forceful and focused as he gazes at the last images taken of his sister.

Brisbois: Her name is Su Lin, your sister.

Lee: On second thought, Mr. Brisbois, count me on board.

Commodore Hampton: Thank God!

Brisbois: This is Commodore Gregory Hampton of the Royal Navy fleet and leader of special ops.

intro: Mr. Pearson

Mr. Pearson is rotting in a prison cell apparently sent in undercover but, for no real mission. While meditating in his cell he is interrupted by a guard who tells him a special visitor is waiting to see him. Daeshim, a Korean Master of Sinanju and Pearson’s old mentor is there to speak with him, along with Mrs. Pearson...

Aboard Han’s luxury liner of grand entertainment, being taken to Han’s main island, Mr. Pearson is being served a drink by Tania who then tends to Roper and Williams. Pearson then drifts away thinking about the past during RCMP training at which he excelled which led to his recruitment by the CSI (Canadian Secret Intelligence) department of the ‘Mounties’. His first mission with some other young recruits goes badly as the first few agents are taken out by booby traps as something unseen seems to be playing games with them, one by one. Only Pearson has some luck avoiding the antics of the Sinanju Master, Daeshim, testing the recruits. Pearson is chosen to become his pupil.

Pearson also remembers one of the last words of his teacher including to always be sure that others underestimate you. He decides it is time to provoke some of the other competitors and see how they react while giving an image of a clod.

Mr. Pearson (staring down at Mr. Lee): Do I bother you?

Mr. Lee: Don’t waste yourself.

Mr. Pearson: Gotta' an answer for it all, I bet, eh slickster. Am I right?! H-E-L-L-O. You tuned in there sleepster?! Oh, I get it. Too high & mighty for my little world. You conscious in that nugget? Your name immediatelly, or else!

Mr. Lee: Or else what?

Mr. Pearson: I won't tell you my name.

Mr. Lee: My name is one of your concern.

Mr. Pearson: No, not at all. Yeah, who gives a care. Not me. You? I bet you don't. Am I right? I bet I am. Tell me the name of your style immediatelly, or else.

Mr. Lee: None of your business.

Mr. Pearson: I’m making it my business!

Mr. Lee: As I said, don’t waste yourself.

Mr. Pearson: What's the matter, you forget slickster?. What is it? Being 'smug and smelly' style?

Mr. Lee: I suppose you could call it the style of avoiding conflict to keep the peace, but you may call it the art of fighting without fighting.

Mr. Pearson: The art of fighting without fighting?! Sounds more like the art of a fool.

Mr. Lee: That is your sound.

Mr. Pearson: Show me some of your f'n without f'n style, or else!

Mr. Lee: Some other time.

Mr. Pearson: No! Right now!

Mr. Lee: Okay, okay. But wait! Two things.

Mr. Pearson: What?!

Mr. Lee (points): One, your pant zipper is wide open.

Pearson looks down and is thrown overboard by Lee who shouts down as he falls...

Mr. Lee: And two, don’t you think we need more room?!


Main Characters

Mr. Lee: Shaolin Monk who escaped his father’s dishonest business empire and found refuge as a monk, recruited by Interpol to join in a international mission of justice & family honor...Tony Jaa

Mr. Han: Villainous & barbaric big time gangster boss bent on ruling the global mafia on his own and combining it with the terrorist network now operated from his own a global network of islands, a former Shaolin who claims he was driven to betray the Order after finding scrolls & discovering the true fate of his ancestors...Jet Li

Jan: Mysterious leader & trainer of an all female coven of elite daughter guards...Michelle Yeoh

Su Lin: Half-sister to Lee that went missing on an Interpol mission to infiltrate Han’s main island base...Kelly Lin

Mr. Roper: Jr. Business Tycoon hired by the Mob after building a significant amount of gambling debt, forced to accept an invitation to Han’s Tournament bringing a surprise or two for their Mob rival, Han...Keanu Reeves

Mr. Williams: L.A. drug dealer turned Karate expert and then World Champ needing money after third high profile divorce, an old buddy of Roper after becoming friends in Army basic training, wired by the CIA to gather ‘first hand intelligence’ of Han’s involvement in an international crime ring of global proportions...Will Smith

Mr. Brisbois: Interpol Agent leading Undercover Intelligence Mission without realizing CIA, and other agencies, are present with their own agenda plus surprises without end...Jason Statham

Mr. James: 'The Boss', American Underground Mafia Boss and arch-rival of Han ...Chuck Norris

Mr. Lao: aka ‘Jore’, personal bodyguard and right hand man to Han, 2nd in command with a past involving Lee & Su Lin...Lee Byung-hun

Mr. Huang: Personal bodyguard, 3rd in command that just may sympathize with the mission of justice, or is it all a ploy to take the whole prize from Han for himself...Jung Woo-sung

Mr. Smirnov: Mysterious Russian competitor trained in parts unknown recruited by Han's talent scout...provided by Seagal/Putin

Mr. Turan: Another recruited competitor from Turkey and current heavyweight kickboxing champion with a tough & sarcastic style his fans love...Þükrü Özyýldýz

Mr. Pearson: Retired RCMP Special Agent is doing time in Pavilion 5 of Mendoza prison and is visited by Shiva just before guards arrive to take him to visitors area where his adoptive father, Sinanju Master, Baek Hyeon, awaits...Ayko

Tania: Hostess of Ceremonies & Guests & personal secretary to Han and his council of Mafia members who gets romantically involved with Roper who must cope with one twist of fate after the other...Kylie Minogue

Council members of Han’s empire of mafia members infiltrating the growing global network of traitor business leaders & politicians, mercenary soldier units, drug markets, high tech sex divas, brainwashing, weapons, and more, that is planning to expand...Sarah Michelle Gellar, Tim Russ, Steven Seagal, Yuen Wah, Bolo Yeung

Shaolin Abbott: Mr. Lee's teacher that himself enters the island fortress after ‘all craziness breaks out’...Jackie Chan

© Willy Muschiol...all rights reserved past present & future

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