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 Triangle Of The Dragons
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Posted - 14 October 2013 :  09:04:16  Show Profile  Visit Ayko's Homepage Send Ayko a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Triangles of the Dragon
story by Ayko...Willy Luke Muschiol suggesting a Japanese director
inspired by the 1954 film Godzilla written by Takeo Muratan and Shigeru Kayama

Media reports show the escalating frustrations among China, Japan and Taiwan over the Pinnacle Islands known as Senkaku in Japan, as Tiaoyutai in Taiwan and as Diaoyu in China. The islands are uninhabited but are reportedly rich with oil reserves and lie directly in a busy shipping area. Military presence is shown on and around the islands.

A Japanese patrol ship is doing manouvers northwest of the islands as a stealth Taiwanese submarine begins to test and play radar games with the Japanese crew luring them out to more open waters within the Devil's Triangle.

A sudden hurricane force storm interrupts the events and severely damages the Japanese ship now adrift. The Taiwanese submarine is also dealing with the underwater currents and strange console readings as well as a communications blackout. Drifting further out to sea, the ship's crew discover an uncharted island. They dispatch a team to investigate as the waters calm. The Taiwanese crew look upon the incident as an opportunity to surprise the ship's crew and take over their ship.

The Japanese soldiers now on the island set up camp at the beach and separate into three teams to investigate the island which seems normal enough except for the fact that everything is five times larger than usual. Stones instead of pebbles. Trees of unimaginable height. Cliffs with holes the size of a house. Strange animal sounds are heard throughout but no sign of wildlife is to be seen. A deep thrusting of air is heard, like the flapping of giant bat wings, by the bewildered soldiers.

With long range communications still out the Taiwanese crew decide to attack the Japanese ship to take it over. A crazed stealth sub versus military ship battle takes place. Directly under the battle area moving down to the bottom of the ocean floor we see sea life that is suddenly disturbed by a muffled thundering tremor that produces a giant methane gas bubble the size of a football stadium. The giant bubble rises quickly to the surface shoving the submarine out of the way with such a force that leaves the sub a wreck as it sinks. The giant bubble continues rising and is ripped open by the Japanese ship and explodes like a giant balloon along with the ship.

On the other side of the globe, on the sea floor in the heart of the Bermuda Triangle, another giant methane gas bubble is released. It rises quickly to the surface and rises above the surface of the water upwards. A fleet of military helicopters is struck exploding the huge gaseous bubble. The fleet is destroyed and crashes on the mountain forests of an island. In a mountain cave a dragon is awakened from hibernation. He jolts up and out of the cave leaping into flight and then diving into the deep sea where he swims among the sea life. Military forces in the area take note with their radar of 'the bogey' and send a jet air unit to investigate.

Media reports show the threatening dialogue of politicians and diplomats from all sides of the Pinnacle Islands conflict. Military posturing intensifies.

On the island in the Devil's Triangle the marooned soldiers discuss their predicament, communications now totally out. Suddenly, a soft but deeply loud buzzing sound is heard in the distance. The soldiers freeze and focus their senses as the buzzing quickly increases. A very scary picture comes into view as a swarm of huge Dragonflies, each the size of a small car, swiftly approaches them. They reach for their weapons and fire haphazardly as the Dragonflies swirl around the soldiers before brutally attacking and killing them. A group of Taiwanese military helicopters enters the area and opens fire on the swarm. An awesome air battle breaks out.

A loud screeching howl is heard. Suddenly, one of the helicopters is engulfed in flames. The other pilots look in shock as they witness a huge dragon flying in their space breathing balls of fire. The Dragonflies leave the vicinity and vanish into the forests. The dragon sores into one of the giant cliff side holes. She cuddles around her egg and gazes over at the piles of broken egg shells lay around her nest before closing her eyes.

Media reports show more threatening political talk as all sides blame the others for the missing teams of elite soldiers and their high tech transports. Search and rescue teams are dispatched as concerns of all out war dominate the news.

The next morning the dragon awakens and studies her most recent laid egg trying to find some sign of life. She begins to gently scratch the egg with her claws while softly screeching. Eventually, the egg cracks open slightly letting out a slime of egg white and yolk but, no developed fetus. The dragon screeches out loudly as if crying.

The American Forces are ready to give up their search for the bogey when the dragon is suddenly encountered. More air crews are sent but the dragon vanishes in the clouds and from radar again. The hunt is on until the dragon is found and another awesome battle breaks out with this other dragon not having motherly instincts to protect her egg and accepting the challenge with aggressiveness.

Taiwanese Forces are the first to find the cliff side entrance to the dragon's lair and promptly surround it. Eventually they decide to send in some scouts. They slowly enter and search...and search...and enter deeper...and search. Back up is requested as they continue deeper and deeper into the cliff passage. They finally come to an opening and a gigantic hideaway complete with water for swimming and drinking, space to fly around and dry land for her nest as well as other creatures sharing the lair. They find the broken egg shells but no dragon. They continue their search.

As more air forces are sent to attack the dragon of Bermuda he becomes injured and flies off to the open waters of the Pacific. The air crews follow and continue their attack. One connecting weapon fire sends the dragon swiftly downwards in a dive and into the ocean depths. The hunters lose the hunted.

Taiwan units in the dragon's lair are studying the egg shells while others poke around deeper in the shadows. They disturb a giant porcupine sleeping in a ball in one area and are startled into firing. The porcupine tightens himself in his ball as the dragon comes out of her hiding and attacks the interlopers before fleeing out of the lair and to open Pacific waters. All air forces in the area follow. As they open fire, the dragon swiftly dives downward and into the depths of the Pacific uninjured. The hunters lose the hunted.

A romantic song plays as the female dragon finds the male dragon nursing his wounds. She approaches him and the two instantly follow their instincts and wrap each other around their necks and narrow torsos in a romantic greeting. The male dragon forgets his injury and the two are just like being reborn.

(note: Kaoru Amane with a romantic song...)

An international council is formed by the United Nations. A meeting is held in Japan with representatives from China, Taiwan, Japan, Russia, America, England, France, UAE, as well as other international experts. A team of volunteers is chosen to stake a camp in the lair with research surveillance equipment and they wait.

Eventually, the female dragon scouts the area of her lair and decides all seems again calm enough and escorts her mate to her lair. They make themselves cozy and take notice of the observation area set up by the team of specialists. The dragons get very close but stay calm and after sniffing the group and watching their reactions decide there is no danger and leave them be.

Scientists from all over follow the events being transmitted worldwide. As they study the habits and lifestyle of the dragons a young lady volunteer, Umiko, becomes ever friendlier trying to communicate and bond with the dragons. One night she ignores protocol and exits the safe observation area. She dares to slowly move next to the sleeping dragons taking a closer look at the healing wounds. She startles them awake and is given an orchestral like howl of surprise as the dragon breathes heavily over her. The dragon calms and resumes his sleeping position with the female dragon. Umiko cuddles up with them.

A few weeks later the female dragon lays an egg that is, this time, fertilized and protected by an again healthy father dragon. By now, Ryuu, Umiko's fiancé, is tired of waiting for his bride and had enough of listening to her parents who are very worried, as is he. He convinces the researchers to allow him to visit the observation area.

Once inside he irritates and lectures the scientists for letting Umiko get so close to danger. He ignores orders not to leave the safety area and goes to Umiko while the male dragon is away gathering food. The two begin to argue. He demands she leave with him at once. He grabs and pulls her to come with him. The dragon reacts angrily and threatening. Ryuu pulls out a gun and begins shooting at the dragon. Once he realizes that the bullets are merely ricocheting off the hide of the dragon, enraging her, he begins firing at her egg piercing small holes and cracks in the shell. As the mother screeches and howls the couple run back to the safety area, no longer safe. The dragon studies her egg and sees movement within. Quickly she cracks the egg open full to watch her baby make his first and last movements. The baby dies not fully formed. The dragon lets out a scream that echoes around the globe! She sobs and screams again.

Further away outside the male dragon hears the cries of his mate and swiftly makes his way back as military units prepare for the worst. He arrives at their nest to see his mate 'crying' sniffing at the egg white oozing out the crack. She uses a tooth to crack the egg fully open to watch their partly developed fetus take her first and last breath. She becomes frantic with and desperately tries to clear away the egg shell and perhaps save her baby. She licks and sniffs at the corpse only to establish death. The male dragon is staring at his mate who is panting rapidly with stuttered cries. He remains still as his eyes slowly form a very aggressive gaze. His breath rate quickens as he suddenly jerks his head upwards and gives out a dragon's roar that deafens with bass and vibrates the entire mountain. He takes flight and exits the lair. As Hong Kong comes into view his mate joins his side.

The dragons lay Hong Kong to rubble and ruin and then vanish without a trace.

Elsewhere, in The Highlands of Scotland, below the deep sea floor of The Loch Ness, a third giant methane gas bubble is released. It rises quickly to the surface straight into a huge fishing boat that is really a pirate ship filled with drugs and hand weapons along with fine dressed pimps and their high society whores using Africans as the crew and another front. The ship explodes with the methane bubble just as a Dragon, known as 'Nessie' in the area, is about to grab a quick breath of air. The explosion blasts away some of the facial Skin of the Dragon and blinds her as she dives back down into the depths of Loch Ness. As her sight returns, her face and neck wounds stinging in the water, she shoots out of the water and takes flight following the scent of where the destroyed pirate ship came from.

Still lots to happen as militaries battle to save Tokyo and global scientists come together to try and befriend the dragons and help find a new Habitat and a third Dragon, very aggressive, suudenly appears...action, suspense, mythology, magic, suspense, romance, conflict, and song are some of the ingredients for a very memorable and touching entertainment experience for all types of moviegoers...hopefully starring Erika Sawajiri as Umiko and Darrly M. Chan as Chinese Military Official, Cho Hsu, put in charge of the Operation of international allys working on solutions while Hsu works on his pride bordering on or over to prejudiceness and despises clerical and long lived diplomatic assignments while being overrun by the energetic and independant Umiko with a small role for Ayko as the Canadian delegate and reptile expert that continues his flirting with Umiko, politely and diplomatically, not taking no for an answer.

© Willy Muschiol...All rights reserved past, present, and future.
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