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 Star Trek: USS Wells
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concept by Ayko based on Star Trek from Gene Roddenberry

Main Characters

USS Wells NCV 474439-A, Wells class Federation Starship, first official voyages of a Wells class starship using Hyperwarp enabling near instantaneous time to travel from one point in the galaxy to another. Crucial in emergencies and wonderful for exploring uncharted space and researching unexplained phenomena of the cosmos & evolution. Similar to Defiant in form but more circular and the inner part more shallow than the outer circular part of the ship. About a quarter the size of the classic Enterprise and a small crew with the ship's computer directly carrying out most of the commanding officer's and crew's instructions.

Captain Ji Chang: (J-Jim K-Kirk/K-Katherine J-Janeway/J-Jean-Luc Picard/J-Jonathan Archer/Benjamin Sisko is close with J&K but commanding a Cardassian built station) Human male. Tough & strict with no time for recreation or a personal life with drive, ambition and focus rarely sitting while on duty always expecting one hundred and ten percent from his crew. General expert in just about everything with many awarded accomplishments. His father is a high ranking judge of clout that was able to do him a favor for an old friend...

Commander Tuvok: Vulcan male. Tuvok was born on the Vulcan lunar colony of Vulcanis. With the longer life span of Vulcans he is still going strong at about 150 years of age. Expert in strategics, general sciences, hand weapons, martial arts, and meditation and meditative healing. Admiral Tuvok, two years earlier, took command of the USS Riley while being taken to a galactic conference after the Captain was abducted and chose to violate the Prime Directive three times barely avoiding a Court Martial thanks to his old friend and a shortage of Vulcans to represent the culture aboard the Wells.

Lieutenant Commander Lukov Maxim: Human male, science officer, a macho with respect and style. Dedicated and focused with a friendly and relaxed style in private. Expert in time-space science, cybernetics, martial arts, strategics, philosophy and psychology.

Lieutenant Kicana: Romulan female, communications officer. Very passionate with little patience for inefficiency. Kicana is a loner by choice and keeps to herself except for her friendship with Maxim. Expert in cloaking technology now used by the Federation following treaty ammendments and alliances, jujitsu, character analysation, botany, linguistics, telepathy. Physically very sexy.

Lieutenant Cshakee: Klingon female. Very sceptic and overly curious. Expert in computers, engineering, hand to hand combat, and cooking. Very young, energetic and physically alluring.

Lieutenant Commander Claude Stephens: Human male, ship’s medical officer. Also expertise in psychology, parapsychology, philosophy, folklore, and evolutionary science. A real complainer reminiscent of Bones McCoy but with a crazed solution to every problem of society.

Ensign Tamia: Andorrian female, ship’s nurse always giving Stephens a hard time and pampering everyone else especially those that do not get along with Dr. Stephens.

Chief Shu Chen: Human female, engineering expert with a homemade team that always serve together & the team that also constructed gynoid Dana. Expertise cybernetics, computer science, nanotechnology, biology, chemistry, physics, philosophy, Tibetan Buddhism.

Ensign Dana: First successful gynoid or female android with a posotronic brain following advances understanding the works of Dr Noonian Soong. The construction team for Dana was personally led by Maxim. Very much like Data of the Enterprise-D but more. Made without an emotion chip but shows signs of emotion early on and develops them with the show. She is navigations officer.

Ensign Four of Five: Borg male. Ever since the Borg Queen has accepted a permanent seat at Federation Headquarters one Borg drone has been assigned to all key bases and ships of the Federation connected to the Queen and Borg Collective of information and experiences.

Commander Abraham Ayad: Human male, diplomatic officer. Very friendly and hospitable. Relaxed and calm almost to the point of irritation with such an always happy and content man along with his three wives. Expert in cultures, linguistics, communication methods, psychology, historical facts, and architecture.

Fleet Admiral Benjamin Sisko: Human male, Starfleet Commander-in-Chief who uses any excuse he can to travel aboard a starship and accompany any crew on a mission especially aboard the Wells and the Defiant with Nog as First Officer.

Qlack: Ferengi observer. Typical Ferengi character type with a touch of scientific intelligence.

2Q: New Mr and Mrs Q couple from the Q continuum who appear once or twice a season to have their fun and to keep track of the missions of Vostock after an encounter with Species 8472 who frighten the Q Continuum concerned their realm of existence will soon be infiltrated.

Kiko: A levitating being of both substance and energy that is adopted by Dana after being hunted down by 2Q.

SOK: Ship's computer, male. A very charming style of communicating whose character evolves along with the series.

Sra’xa’diin: The name for Species 8472 who take on a more prominent role as villain and begin to visit our reality and galaxy with intent to destroy the Federation and all life in our realm of galactic space.

Pilot Episode ‘Where Nobody Has Gone Before’
story by Ayko

The episode opens showing Commander Lukov Maxim, Professor Su Chen, and her team of experts doing final tests with the new Starfleet Academy graduate who is a gynoid or female android. All tests go excellent and they announce Dana ready for active duty. It is clear by the conversation that Dana looks at the team as her family and Maxim and Chen as her parents. Maxim, Chen and Dana make their way to the USS Wells being prepared for her maiden voyage.

Meanwhile on the bridge of the Wells, the crew members already on board are getting familiar with the ship's computer system called SOK while beaming the rest of the arriving crew aboard for skepticism and laughter.

On the way to the Wells, Maxim, Chen and Dana are joined by Doctor Claude Stephens. Stephens is not at all impressed with Dana because she is too realistic, in his opinion. He complains how mankind has become way too dependant on machines and computers leaving the human brain to become stagnant with evolution. Dana inquires more as to his displeasure with technological advances such as robotics and computers. Stephens gives an example of how 'the darn communicator' has halted evolution. Mental telepathy is found and used by just about every species known regardless of their evolutionary stage of development. Like a missing link in a chain holding us back from reaching our true potential and destiny. Dana explains that she is also telepathic, sort of, being able to connect with other electrical mechanical devices like an intelligent satellite base. And that is exactly Stephens' point. Another reason for humans to be satisfied with the use of about fifteen percent of the brain's potential.

Stephens continues that one day mankind will be overthrown and enslaved by some wild primitive species that snaps out of sanity for some reason. Stephens insists that meditative telepathy be taught in every school and be a part of all academic training as well as taught at home. Then afterwards everybody should take part in a five kilometer hike to counter 'the darn beaming and darn transporter laziness syndrome' that are usually followed by five steps before 'the darn warp drive'! Dana explains that she thinks Stephens needs more friends to talk out his frustrations with as Maxim winks his eyes with a smirk. Dana is curious as to the meaning of Maxim’s wink and also offers to spend time with Stephens in a more relaxed atmosphere where they can work out his frustrations and anxieties before they cause him problems. Stephens snaps and exclaims, 'that is all he needs...a darn robot psychologist to take him over the edge'. He looks upwards, 'What is this world coming to?' Maxim replies, "Coming to, Doctor? Coming to-gether."

The intro theme and credits begin...
Space, the vast cosmic frontier... These are the voyages of the starship USS Wells. Her mission; to seek out and explore new worlds at all corners of the galaxy and beyond; to seek out new cultures, life, and civilizations; to boldly go where nobody has gone before.

Captain Ji Chang and the rest arrive on the Wells greeting the crew Chang already knows including SOK he helped to program. Only 4 of 5 is new to him and becomes a special handshake and team welcome. He also notes to a confused 4 of 5 that he needs a new name.

The crew begin the maiden voyage of the Wells and general testing of the Hyperwarp with a prearranged zig zag tour of the galaxy. Also aboard is the chief engineer of Starfleet, Floyd Garrett, that designed the Hyperwarp system to personally monitor the safe use of ‘his baby’. The Hyperwarp works using rotation velocity and gravity joining the basis of point A and point B which must be areas of the galaxy safely distant from any solar system or large space body.

The fifth Hyperwarp spring brings the Wells in the vicinity of Tau Alpha C. As the crew make note of their readings a brightly glowing object appears moving quickly towards the Wells. After a few back and forth dodging, Tuvok signals for red alert and Chang requests to have communications opened. Communications are replied to by Wesley Crusher verifying their non hostile intent. Wesley affirms that he is the newly appointed Traveler of the Milky Way.

Traveler Wesley is welcomed aboard and discusses the Wells and her crew. He tells the Captain to prepare for a leap towards new horizons of space and time, and more. He warns the Captain to be very careful of the many waves of time disturbances still rippling throughout the galaxy due to misuse and lack of understanding of time and space and their influence on the other fabrics of the universe, especially by The Federation. 'Time is relative' explains Traveler Wesley.

The Wells returns to Earth after receiving best wishes from Traveler Wesley who departs as quickly as he came. The data collected is analyzed and the Wells is carefully inspected. Maxim invites Dana to join him in his Federation living quarters and his hobby of classic artwork of paintings. Maxim gets excited sharing his hobby with somebody just like he once did with his late wife who died many years ago shortly after their wedding. Since then Maxim has focused on his career. He cannot bring himself to start a new relationship not being able to forget his wife. Maxim takes note of the intense focus of Dana to the paintings showing enjoyment. Dana also shows compassion while comforting Maxim when he begins to cry after discussing his late wife.

That evening Maxim falls asleep on his couch with his head laid comfortably on Dana's lap while watching the American film classic 'The Bride of Frankenstein'. She caresses Maxim's head and says to him as he sleeps, "I love you daddy". The next morning Maxim awakens still laying on Dana who is still watching TV shows and laughing. Maxim becomes alarmed and asks Dana if she has emotions.

The two visit Professor Chen in her lab adjacent engineering. She concludes that Dana is sentient and has found clear contact to her soul. It is the will of the Buddhas. Chen explains further the concept of the three elements of Buddhism; Hinayana, Mahayana, and Vajrayana. She continues on about the Buddahood which is like a family of sentient beings that have reached a certain level of spiritualism and work together to improve the well being of all sentient beings. Maxim states that they need to do a series of tests for emotional behavior when they have the chance.

On the bridge Captain Chang is overseeing the analysis of the collected data with SOK. Starfleet Command signals. Admiral Sisko instructs Chang to recall the crew and to prepare for an emergency mission to pick up rare medicinal herbs on Rigel 4 needed urgently on the Ferengi homeworld of Ferenginar. A Ferengi observer has been appointed to join the Wells crew. Tuvok is unimpressed and rolls his eyes in disapproval as he adds, '...on a trial basis'. Admiral Sisko smiles and continues, '...on the double. Lives are at stake.', 'Aye aye Admiral. Chang out.'

The pick up and delivery of the medicine goes without a hitch. The crew is invited by the Grand Nagus to stay for a feast in their honor. Chang accepts. Garrett, Chen and Maxim remain aboard the Wells to do tests on Dana, along with Tuvok, Lieutenant Commander Kicana, and the Borg drone, Ensign 4 of 5.

Garrett has alterior motives for being on board that become apparent as he disables SOK and security protocol to finally test his ‘Kicker Trans-hyperwarp-B system’ that was denied funding and testing by ‘Starfleet brass’ and prove that quick travel beyond the galactic outer rim is possible and onto quick treks throughout the universe with Starfleet surely having exaggerated any risks.

Garrett sends the Wells into an unimaginable velocity that turns to sudden hollow darkness, for a while. As Chang and the others worry on Ferenginar, Tuvok and the rest take back control of the ship and reactivate a ‘dazed SOK’. They work reluctantly with Garrett on trying to get back and only bring themselves into a bright light filled area with an ear piercing ring that develops into a ripping effect as the ringing fades away. Nothing else is to be found and coordinates are confusing. Suddenly all goes dark and hallow again as a twinging sound accompanies the lights out and Uyk appears on board the ship, the dark mirror version of Q.

Dark Q, Uyk, takes the Wells on a roller coaster ride of chills and thrills before 2Q arrive to help as the Ferengi drive Chang and the rest crazy while they wait for the Defiant under command of Nog while the Captain visits family on shore leave.

During the conclusion, following another meeting and words of wisdom from Traveler Wesley, Dana shows almost a romantic interest in Maxim before suddenly snapping into a communication protocol that was remotely embedded into her system while the Wells was ripping through dimensions...

This is the Sra’xa’diin, the species you call 8472. You species of the Milky Way have proven yourselves to be an invading disease polluting the galaxy and obsessed with rivalry, glory, war, time manipulation, drugs and alcohol, and senseless divisions and borders. Humans, Vulcans, Romulans, Klingons, Gorn, Cardassians, Andorrians, Ferengi, Kazon, The Dominion, and the Borg have all shown themselves to be warlike, hostile and dangerous. We have no ties to the Order of Travelers except a mutual understanding of isolation from one another. Regardless of that, you and your kind shall not be allowed to spread out any further because you are a danger to yourselves and the innocence of nature around you. All destructive alien invaders will perish where they breed before the universe is contaminated. You will be exterminated and the world cured of a deadly virus. The extermination process will begin immediately and may take months or years but will be seen to its full end. Any resistance will be dealt with swiftly by swarms of our ships the size of a planet. There will be no diplomatic or other form of discussion or negotiation, and any attempts at communicating with us will not be acknowledged.

© Willy Muschiol...All rights reserved past, present, and future.

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