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 Friday the 13th: The Return Of Pamela Voorhees
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Friday the 13th: The Return Of Pamela Voorhees
story by Ayko...Willy Luke Muschiol
based on Friday the 13th 2009 written by Damian Shannon, Mark Swift and Mark Wheaton
based on the original Friday the 13th written by Victor Miller, Friday the 13th Part 2 written by Ron Kurz and Phil Scuderi, Friday the 13th Part III written by Martin Kitrosser, Carol Watson and Petru Popescu and Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter written by Barney Cohen and Bruce Hidemi Sakow
Partially based on the comic books Friday the 13th: Pamela's Tale, Vol 1 and 2 written by Marc Andreyko
Additional concepts by Steve Miner, Noel Cunningham and Sean E. Cunningham

Friday, March 13th, 1964...

Pamela Sue Voorhees is home in Cadiz, Ohio reading the Robert Bloch novel 'Psycho' when her husband Elias, a miner, comes home in a drunken rage. After beating her, he brutally rapes her. She gets pregnant.

Over the next few months she begins to share thoughts with her unborn child. After discovering he is a boy she names him Jason. Jason hates Elias and begins begging his mommy to kill him. She refuses although she does consider it.

Friday, November 13th, 1964...

Mrs Voorhees is eight months pregnant at home hanging the laundry in the backyard when Elias storms towards her for no reason and begins beating on her yelling she should be done with her chores. One punch connects with her belly. While she is lying knocked down Jason begins screaming in pain. He has been hurt in the head and Elias must now pay, with his life.

Mrs Voorhees looks around until she finds the axe in the tool shed. With Jason's voice calling through Mrs Voorhees to 'kill him!' she finds him and chops him up into small pieces with an evil grin.

She sets the house on fire, pours Elias' remains in a nearby pond and leaves town heading eastward.

She is picked up hitch-hinking by Louise and David Christy, owners of Camp Crystal Lake. Concerned, they persuade the pregnant Mrs Voorhees to tell her tale of pain and suffering at the hands of her brutal husband and how she finally left him scared for her unborn child, but with nowhere to go. The Christy's offer her a job as cook with a place to live at their camp lodge at Crystal Lake and make their way there.

Arriving that night at Crystal Lake Mrs Voorhees goes into premature labor. The car doesn't start and the birth comes swiftly, right there at the Christy's Crystal Lake Lodge, to a derformed Jason with an enlarged head and strangely formed eyes. Mrs Voorhees sees no deformities and is overjoyed with her perfect baby boy.

Friday, June 13th, 1969...

Jason is being sitted by his nanny, Mrs Cunningham, while his mom is at work. He is playing outside and meets one of the neighbors who shows Jason her cat and litter of kittens in her garage. Later, when Jason is alone, he goes back in the garage and kills the mother cat with a garden chopping tool. He then begins torturing the kittens with a lighter. When they are close to being burned alive he chops them up too.

Working as a cook at the Christy Camp Dave Christy approaches her after receiving a phone call from Jason's nanny. He tells her she needs to get to him as soon as possible and excuses her from work.

At home Jason explains it was all Mrs Cunningham's fault for smoking so much weed and during a hefty argument Mrs Cunningham gets her throat slit with a large kitchen knife.

Friday, July 13th, 1979...

Because of Jason's deformity his mother doesn't send him to school and is very protective of him. They do everything together including sleeping together, later intimately as Jason (now 14) enters puberty.

On Friday evening Jason is scouting the woods when he comes across two counsellors making out. First he watches them from a distance. Then, suddenly, he decides to join in with a rough hand scaring the two counsellors to screaming. They beat on Jason and chase him into Crystal Lake where he drowns. His undead spirit and evil thoughts begin to share the body of his mother causing Mrs Voorhees to really 'snap the big one' realizing her only child is now dead.

Jason begins talking through his mother again, "Kill them mommy. They hurt me real bad and seperated us. They must die, painful and bloody. Get them mommy. Kill them!", "Dont worry Jason. Mommy will deal with the bad counsellors." Mrs Voorhees grabs a machete and makes her way to find the two counsellors. She finds them in a barn making out and slashes them to bloody bits. She then drives off in her jeep and is shown leaving the city limits.

Sheriff Hoversmith does an investigation and concludes that there was some kind of altercation between the two counsellors and Jason before he was chased into the lake and presumably drowned. Mrs Voorhees must have found the two while looking for Jason, somehow found out what happened and killed the counsellors before taking off.

Camp Crystal Lake is shut down until further notice and Camp Blood, as the locals call it, is born.

A nationwide warrant is issued for the arrest of Mrs Voorhees. The search brings nothing as if she had just vanished.

Throughout May of 1980 summer camp counsellors meet at Camp Crystal Lake to ready for a new summer season.

The next half hour or so is a compact remake of the original Friday the 13th film with Pamela Voorhees doing the killing. The difference is that this time the scenes are much more realistic and gory with the killing scenes going that extra five seconds with brutally modern graphics leading to the beheading of Jason's mother on Friday June 13th, 1980.

Three decades later Jason returns full grown to continue in his mother's maniac slashing footsteps killing a group of youngsters except for Whitney who resembles his mother. The final scene of the 2009 reboot is shown when Jason snatches Whitney and pulls her with him into the lake.

A few years later...

Gypsy Helga is shown driving to Crystal Lake with her three sisters she has convinced to assist her in a peace resting ritual for her cousin Pamela Voorhees who has been tormenting Helga with nightmares again.

A scary looking guy suddenly leaps out of the forest onto the road causing Helga's van to sway off the path and stop. The weirdo stares open eyed at the complaining Helga and then warns the ladies 'to return from where they came for he has no patience for intruders and nor does she.' He screams and slaps an amputated and decaying hand on the windshield repeating that they have been warned with an eerie gaze. Helga jumps back in the van and hurries off.

Jason's boots are shown moving through the ambandoned underground mining maze at Crystal Lake. The boots find their way to a room where Whitney is chained up hanging beside the decaying head of Pamela Voorhees. Jason lights up a series of candles on a table when he suddenly senses something and leaves the room to investigate.

Helga and her sisters are finishing setting up camp and prepare for the R.I.P. ritual to help the spirit of Pamela Voorhees find peace. That night the four sisters hold their ritual to contact Pamela Voorhees as Jason watches from the distance. Jason begins to hear the crystal clear voice of his mother instructing him to take the sisters to their lair. Jason kills one of the sisters and drags the other three to his underground room. He makes it clear to the gypsy ladies exactly what he wants. Helga cries and pleads that she is only a medium. Suddenly, the hanging head of Pamela Voorhees begins talking and explains exactly what Helga needs to do. A bloody ritual is held as instructed by Pamela which leaves her other two sisters dead. The partly decayed head of Pamela is now attached to the body of Whitley, her head rolling on the floor. Pamela Voorhees is pleased with Jason and takes pleasure claiming her first victim after her resurrection, Helga.

Friday the 13th...present day

A group of vehicles are shown carrying wild youngsters. Scenes within the vehicles show the group is planning a week of party in the wilderness to celebrate the wedding of Sydney and Barney. Evident is a rivalry between the rocker friends of Barney and the punker friends of Sydney.

Weirdo guy appears along the roadside trying to wave down the group. The rockers drive by laughing but the punkers pick him up. After a strange conversation he warns them that 'he tolerates no intruders, and neither does she.' He pulls out a bundle of raggedy hair from his bag and begins tossing some in the faces of the punkers who then throw him out of the car without stopping.

After settling into the two rented cabins along Crystal Lake the group begins getting high and sexual. The rockers seperate into there threesomes while the punkers play 'girls pick a name from the hat to see which guy will be your partner that night.'

Jason and mother do not take nicely to the group's activities and go on a mother and son slaughtering rampage like never before. Jason brutally pulverising the guys while mother slices the girls in bloody pieces.

Barney and Sydney with one other punker girl escape and seek refuge in an apparently abandoned mining shaft labyrinth. A creepy look around raises their suspicions of where they are.

The ultimate Friday climax takes shape as Jason and mother go on a terrifying hunting and taunting of the three after seperating them and allowing them to get lost in the labyrinth...

TOTAL BODY COUNT IS 26...after all, twice the thirteen victims with two mad slashers.
Willy Muschiol...All rights reserved past, present, and future.
Price to film: negotiable
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