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 Star Trek: Ambassador Of Gothos
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''You and I are of a kind. In another reality I could have called you friend.''
Romulan Commander to Captain Kirk in Star Trek TOS: Balance of Terror

On Nimbus III, the planet of galactic peace, at an undisclosed location, a secret meeting of the Romulan and Klingon High Commands is taking place. They are discussing the material collected from espionage networks that show the Romulan Empire is doomed due to a Supernova in a couple of centuries. Although plans will be made to save the Romulan Empire, the lack of information from the Federation would have left them to be destroyed just like the foolish Vulcans. By combining the warp drive technology of the Klingon fleet with the new cloaking technology of the Romulan fleet and with the Federation now weaker than they realize without Vulcan invasion and take over of the Federation would be successful. All agree to a round of Romulan Ale. The young Nero does the toast.

Star Trek: Ambassadors Of Gothos
story by Ayko...Willy Luke Muschiol
based on Star Trek from Gene Roddenberry

Captain's Log, Stardate 2124.9, James Kirk reporting. We have interrupted our star mapping and are on course to Starbase 12 for crew exchange. I have granted Yeoman Michaels official leave of his duties to deal with the untimely death of his mother. Condolences go out to him and his family. We receive a new Yeoman at Starbase 12. Hopefully, the new Yeoman can assist me in bringing back some order to the crew who are getting restless, as I am. Lieutenant Scott has fallen in love with the warp coil and that is the only friend he has time for at the moment. Sulu has found a new hobby, botany, and has requested to bring his Andorrian Cactus, named Gladys, to the bridge while on duty, and I have granted him permission, to my dismay. Uhura is not in the mood to talk ever since Spock took leave to search for his Vulcan roots and a more mature spiritual awakening. Spock is on a Vulcan Sabbatical with his father and prodigy child, Tuvok, on Trypol, a remote planet not far from where Vulcan was. Following our visit to Starbase 12 we will be picking up Spock and then return to star mapping of the final frontier, the most boring duty a Federation Captain could ever wish for. In general, crew and ship are fit and ready for action and adventure.

Sulu: What's the matter, Gladys? You seem awfully depressed.

Chekov: Gladys is probably tired of listening to you whisper sweet little nothings in her ear.

Sulu: That's not funny, Chekov. She is very sensitive. I can tell when she's depressed. Her pins are a paler shade of green than usual.

Chekov: What Gladys needs is stiff shot of Russian Vodka. That will bring color to her cheeks.

Sulu: Don't even joke like that Chekov! Otherwise, when she begins shedding pins, you might find some on your navigation seat.

Kirk: How did you come up with the name Gladys?

Sulu: Have you ever heard of the 20th century music group Gladys Knight and the Pins?

Kirk: I don't think so.

Chekov: You are thinking of famous Russian girl Band, Gladys Knight and the Pips.

Kirk: How long until we arrive at Starbase 12?

Sulu: Seventy minutes present speed, Captain.

McCoy enters the Bridge.

McCoy: Everything in order here Jim?

Kirk: Just as exciting as the last three months, Bones. Hows things in Sick Bay?

McCoy: To tell you the truth, I needed to get away for a while. Nurse Chapel insists that it is time for my quarterly physical.

Kirk: I think she likes you Bones.

McCoy: I'm married to my job. You know that, Jim.

Kirk: Still, a little extra curricular activity may just be what the doctor ordered.

McCoy: That's not funny. I'm a physician, not a lion tamer.

Kirk: Sulu, increase to warp six.

Sulu: Aye Captain.

The Enterprise arrives at Starbase 12. Kirk accompanies Michaels to the Transporter Room to see him off. Scotty beams Michaels to Starbase 12. Scotty then beams aboard the new Yeoman, Janice Rand. Kirk's eyes open wide.

Rand: Permission to come aboard Captain. Yeoman Janice Rand ready for duty.

Kirk: ...

Rand: Is something the matter?

Kirk: Captain James T Kirk...Ahh...Yeoman Rand? Sorry I was not expecting a woman, Yeoman...

Rand: How many men do you know named Janice, Captain?

Kirk: Well I...ahh...meant no disrespect, Ensign.

Rand: It is Lieutenant Rand, sir.

Kirk: I beg your pardon?

Rand: I was promoted to Lieutenant just last month sir and requested a Starship assignment. I am surprised that you are not fully up to date as to the status of your crew members, especially those newly assigned to your command, sir.

Kirk: I apologize Lieutenant. I have been somewhat preoccupied lately.

Rand: Somewhat? I have been aboard the Enterprise less than five minutes. I have been awed by the Captain not knowing the rank or gender of his own Yeoman even though I have never heard of a man named Janice before. Then the Captain says he is too preoccupied to read the latest duty roster while star mapping. I would presume to say, sir, that I have arrived just in time.

Kirk: You may just be right about that, Lieutenant. Welcome aboard. A pleasure to make your acquaintance. Riley, see Lieutenant Rand to her quarters.

Rand: I will report to the Bridge shortly, Captain.

Kirk: I'm sure you will, Lieutenant.

Rand and Riley leave the Transporter Room leaving Kirk and Scotty alone.

Scotty: Quite the personality, wouldn't you say Captain.

Kirk: Quite. Maybe just what the crew needs right now.

Scotty (grins): Perhaps just what the Captain needs right now.

Kirk (grins): I'll be on the Bridge.

Kirk and crew receive new orders at Starbase 12 to proceed on a nine day supply mission to Colony Beta VI once Spock is aboard. The Enterprise arrives at Trypol to pick up Spock, his emotions fully under control. He and Sarek have departing words. Kirk, McCoy, and Scotty are in the transporter room waiting to greet him.

Kirk: Spock! Good to see you back. How was the Sabbatical and your father? Ambassador Sarek doing well?

Spock: If you are referring to the advanced ritual of the Kolinahr Discipline, Captain Kirk, then I may only say that it was a very positive and enlightening experience. As for my father, he is well.

Kirk: Are you sure you're okay? You look and sound a little under the weather.

Spock: I fail to see the relationship between a facial display of discipline and the state of the weather.

McCoy: It's an expression Spock! It means you look ill, or upset.

Spock: As I have already indicated, Dr McCoy, my experiences on Trypol were of a positive nature and my father is well. I am in no way upset or ill. I only wish to return to my duties as Commander and Science Officer.

Kirk: Off to the Bridge then men. If I am not present when our new Yeoman arrives she may just take over command.

On their way to Colony Beta VI the Enterprise encounters a strange planet traveling in some kind of light warp on a collision course with the ship. All attempts to steer around the planet back on course are replied with the planet reappearing in front of the Enterprise on their course. As Spock analyzes readings a screen message suddenly appears...

'Greetings and Solicitations...I would add hip hip hoorah and tallyho but Spock wouldn't get it.'

As the bridge crew look at each other confused, a man suddenly appears on the bridge wearing a slick five star General uniform from 20th century Earth combined with the standard Federation uniform style.

Kirk: Intruder alert!

General: No need for concern Captain. We are old friends. You just do not remember me, at least physically. To be honest I was hoping to do this with Jean-Luc. I did take him and his crew on some wild treks. He and I are of a kind.

Kirk: We are old friends? Shawn Luke who?

General: I guess the time distortions are deeper than we suspected. Well, it does bring us full circle, in a way, and to a new start.

Kirk: Full circle? Who are you?

General: General Trelane, retired. At least that was my title and name when we first met, Captain, when I was but a child. The Squire of Gothos I had you all call me while playing make believe with your Earth history on my lonely planet of Gothos. Kids back home didn't like playing with me. Can't say I blame them, the irritating tease I was. That is why my parents spoiled me and let me play with my hobbies among the physical cosmos. My oh my, it seems like just yesterday. In any case, Captain, you and your crew may now refer to me as Ambassador Q, or AQ for short. Yes, I think I rather fancy that, quite. I come from what most refer to as the Q Continuum, a place that borders on the realms of physical and energetic reality, to put it simply. You are familiar with The Quantum World. I only wish to observe your next mission as a friendly Ambassador.

Kirk and Spock are skeptic. Before they can reply strange readings are showing another starship approaching. The strange ship does not respond to communications as the visuals appear on the viewing screen. It is another Enterprise. Instead of a beige color to the ship the other Enterprise has a dark chalk color to it with the NCC identity number across the outer hull displayed backwards. Communications attempts continue to go unanswered. Kirk demands AQ explain what is going on. AQ assures Kirk he has no idea except that the Metrons are probably the source which means nothing to Kirk.

Suddenly, the 'dark reversed' Enterprise opens fire. An awesome battle breaks out, Enterprise vs Dark Enterprise.

Major damage is done to both ships. The dark Enterprise suddenly goes into a barrage of strategic maneuvers shooting and crippling the Enterprise. A lady opens communications from the Dark Enterprise demanding AQ surrender. Kirk and Spock contemplate if the self destruct sequence should be invoked. AQ suddenly speaks out to the lady on communication visuals. AQ admits defeat as the two begin discussing their win-loss records and who is actually in the lead. Eventually, the dark lady is revealed to be 'Mrs AQ'. The Dark Enterprise vanishes and Lady BQ is suddenly standing beside AQ. All systems again show normal with no damage done.

Kirk: What is going on here?!

AQ: Captain Kirk. This is my wife, my better half you could say. You may refer to her as BQ.

Spock: BQ?

AQ: Yes, Captain, as in Beauty Queen.

BQ: How sweet x. And another win for me.

AQ: For us, shnookums *wink*

BQ: So true, sweety pie.

Kirk: I don't know what this is all about but you are interfering with urgent Federation operations, and you two are getting on my nerves.

AQ: There there. All is well. You see, Captain, you and your crew are about to set out on one of the most challenging missions any Captain has ever faced. It will either bring you and yours of age or be your defeat and downfall for good. We will observe your doings and pop up whenever bored, or whenever Q diplomacy is in order. Au revoir, Auf Wiedersehen that is...see ya' later, Captain.

*PING* AQ vanishes

Willy Muschiol...All rights reserved past, present, and future.

Trust me, the ultimate comeback film that leaves many traditional & modern possibilities open.
Price to film is negotiable and I play the role of AQ at no extra cost

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