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 The Temple Of Tareen
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Posted - 07 November 2012 :  09:12:28  Show Profile  Visit Ayko's Homepage Send Ayko a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Conan, Warrior King (or The Temple Of Tareen without Conan)
story by Ayko...Willy Luke Muschiol based on the comic book character, Conan, from R. E. Howard
inspired by the films 'Conan, the Barbarian' & 'Conan, the Destroyer'

So, did Conan return the wayward daughter of King Osric to her home. And having no further concern, he and his companions sought adventure in the West. Many wars and feuds did Conan fight. Honor and fear were heaped upon his name. In time he became a king by his own hand... and this story shall also be told.

Between the time when the oceans drank Atlantis, and the rise of the sons of Aryus there was an age undreamed of and unto this Conan was destined to bear the jeweled crown of Aquilonia upon a troubled brow. It is I, his chronicler, who alone can tell thee of his saga. Let me tell you of the days of high adventure.

Akiro, Wizard Master Of The Mounds

The Continental Island Of Tareen
Hyborian Age

A map of The Continental Island Of Tareen is seen (as in my hand sketch) to the opening credits. Scenes are shown of the silent power of nature and the beauty of the historically unnamed landmass that flourished during the Hyborian Age of Greece sometime after the sinking of Atlantis estimated to have occured around 100,000 B.C. (giving rise to ancestorial stories among Tareen folklore) and around 10,000 BC with the first historic signs of human civilization.

Emperor Raje and his fellow leaders are brutal tyrants that have enslaved thousands to mine for Marba, harvest crops, animal care, construction, servants, weave clothes, etc, on the continental island of Tareen.

Wizard Master Akiro accompanied by his newly trained wizard knights, Meer and Joshua, burst in on Raje hosting a party with other tyrants. Akiro tells Raje he must release all slaves else face the anger of God Crom who guides King Conan of Aquilonia who has vowed to rid the continent of tyranny and make it a peaceful alliance of friendly trade, skilled warriors, and artists sharing talents and resources with a one year festival with the entire population celebrating together and praising Crom. Raje laughs and calls his guards who challenge the three knights. A quick and embarrassing put down is done by the wizards bringing laughs from the guests. Raje is enraged and orders the guards to attack. They are laid down by Akiro and his fellow knights but still Raje refuses to free any slaves.

Meer and Joshua return during the night and inform the slaves to spread the word that Crom has answered their prayers. They are to pack their belongings and ready all family members and remain indoors until called upon.

Akiro is shown praying on a ridge to the Gods of Nature. Meer and Joshua flow along the royal grounds where the soldiers reside and toss magic dust all over. The dust spreads out and moves into the building structures as the wizards wait in the distance. Suddenly, the dust becomes a fog of tear gas like mist and all the palace staff slaves run out as the wizards await the soldiers.

The soldiers then exit. Meer and Joshua jump out of their places. The soldiers attack. Calm and slow the wizards gently touch in the direction of the attacking soldiers with their choice 'nature object' knocking them with ease moving in a dance like form. Raje is awake and watches from his balcony as he orders his personal guards to go out and stop the two.

Akiro appears with his wooden rod, and a pack of wolves. The wolves put down the elite guards as Akiro stares at Raje demanding his surrender. Raje remains stubborn. Akiro has wasps swarm the inside of the palace residence. Raje surrenders. All slaves are freed. The Wizards smile.

Along the border of Atrona and Derona, King Heeler of Derona and his elite guards are savoring their find of a new Morba deposit. Nearby, perched in a thick tree, a wandering Priestess observes the scene as she brings a bamboo cylinder piece to her mouth. Quickly, two, then three of Heeler's guards fall off their horses struck dead in the neck by pins laced with deadly venom. Heeler manages to escape before the Priestess calms one of the horses left by the dead guards and rides off into the western sunrise.

Conan integrates the freed slaves into a city made up of former slaves that he has founded and developed. Conan is assisted by his adopted daughter, Princess Soleria. Lu Owl joins his Wizard comrades with a gesture of satisfaction. Meer gets slightly romantic with a special present for Soleria, a talking flower, Pralla, with all the answers and an attitude, especially with Lu Owl always needing her attention to her dismay.

Conan stands by the campfire and calls all the children around to bring their parents as he tells his new citizens about his adventures that took him from one meaningless battle to another before they finally brought him to the throne of Aquilonia. Akiro picks up the sound of Conan's voice and telepathically transfers the story to elders throughout the land as many more also sit around a campfire and listen in closely to Conan. Furthermore, Conan is pushing to be made the 'Rex Bellator', or Warrior King, of Tareen in the name of God Crom, his guide and strength. That would make Soleria Queen of Aquilonia.

Meer's father, King Oldenard of Khanda neighboring Aquilonia, arrives greeting his friend, Conan. Conan continues to speak to the folks regarding his plans to meet with the other Kings and territorial leaders of Tareen to discuss an alliance of sharing resources & talent to develop their lands and train warriors for protection and to keep the peace among the folk especially during feasts that shall unite all. Also, a great Temple will be built to honor and worship God Crom with thanks for freedom and tranquility among a strong and healthy folk, and for periodical wars to keep the edge of your sword always facing towards victory.

Conan and Oldenard depart on horseback to meet with King Heeler of Denora who is very cautious and skeptical of the other rulers after having survived three onslaughts by invaders keen for the abundance of Morba in that land.

A wandering Priestess is seen coming along the border of Ruumas and Nomah of Vorga-Pochua. She is confronted by the border guard patrols leading to drawn swords and five efficient slayings by the priestess, swift and accurate. As more guards approach, she vanishes without a trace.

Empress Korza of Vorga-Pochua is reminded by her First Elite Guard, Ploi, about the scroll message (he holds open) with an invitation from King Conan to attend a meeting of Tareen rulers and monarchs to discuss an alliance of lands with potential for a lifestyle of wealth, comfort and fun for all having the biggest and best guard forces ever with newly conceived defenses and the Wizard Knights of Master Akiro. Also, his God, Crom, is willing to guide the evolution of the folk in exchange for worship and praise as their sole God of worship. Korza laughs at the very idea and assures Ploi that they are not going to waste themselves and precious time to listen to some ego driven tyrant looking to become Emperor of Tareen. Korza is an empress and needs no emperor rival. They kiss passionately.

Meer and Soleria are having an intimate moment but he must depart to the training den and cannot take her along as she wants. The training exercises of sorcery that take place there can be dangerous and the location is a great secret. Plus, as she poignantly reminds herself, no women may learn the certain skills that Akiro teaches. And he adds, ...that include extremities within and without of nature and can call influences and forces of nature only a very experienced man of deep meditation with true discipline of mind and emotion may dare after a lengthy induction ceremony of inter dimensional drifting.

In the secret den entered through a smoky passage or portal that appears at changing locations and reached by telepathic contact to a crystal stone inside, Akiro greets Meer and the two discuss small pockets of guards posturing along the border of Ruuma and Denora that have included isolated incidents. Joshua and less active since his injury, Sir Brok (blind in one eye), are practicing new concoctions to raise hair pigments and simulate an attack from behind an opponent with nothing there to strike. Meer joins them as Akiro reads passages to help prepare the great ritual of sacrifice and offering of exchange for Conan to perform upon his return.

Princess Soleria arrives at her palace and plauders with her younger sister, Yohana, who was also left orphaned after Conan beheaded their parents and took possession of the land from the evil and brutal royal couple who kept them in dungeons. They discuss their secret passion for sorcery and magic displaying small talents of witchcraft learned from their elders before their deaths at the hands of Conan.

Conan and Oldenard arrive at the meeting hosted by a resistant King Heeler trying to keep King Zaan of Ruumas and King Ztuke of Atrona from fighting over bad blood of the past. The meeting is a failure. Heeler is reluctant to trust anyone after spending decades with his folk restoring the war torn territory to adequate standards after decades of aftermath cleanup accompanied by Morba looting in a series of one night attacks during the rebuilding of their villages. His people would not understand or trust outsiders so quickly. All they want now is to be left alone with time to heal.

Ztuke of Atrona is abundantly pleased to see Conan and assures him that his land of Atrona is behind Conan and that he would make a great 'Rex Bellator' for Tareen and to give Crom his best and to tell him to forgive the over indulgence of wine and women Atrona has had of late but, that's life, he says with a big smile. 'It's good to be king.' However, the smallest land is his with ocean shore border on one side and the ominous and often mysteriously silent land of Vorga-Pochua to the North and the always mistrusting King Heeler of Denora that 'wants nothing to do with nobody' to the west leaving Atrona and his land of rule cornered and little help on its own. Conan inquires as to the whereabouts of the Vorga-Pochua representative. King Ruumas exclaims that they will not come and have not had outside contact with others since months, at least. Rumor has it that they have found new abundant reserves of Morba and hording it for themselves, or are victims of a deadly disease. Zaan has no intention of swaying from tradition by poisoning their fine culture of artisen wonders and more with primitive barbarians who still smell bad even after they have bathed. He storms out. Atrona offers Conan and Oldenard a drink as Heeler calls his guards to escort the power hungry aggressors to their borders as Heeler gets word of added troop build up by Zaan along the Ruumas-Denora border. Heeler orders his troops to match the soldier build up and to fire warning cannon shots.

The wandering Priestess watches Conan and the others be escorted out of the land and silently follows from a distance after killing their escorts unnoticed.

Conan arrives back and demands that Akiro begin the sacrifice ritual to forge a deal with Crom promising his god respect and the collective worship of all Tareen folks once he can form an alliance, but he needs his Valeria for support and inspiration. It is her absence all the years that keeps him back and a frown across his troubled brow. Akiro gets things underway.

In an uninhabited mountain range of Tareen is an old, abandoned tower overgrown with vegetation. Inside, Emperor Raje and other tyrants that have been cast out and left with nothing except themselves as remnants of a continental ring of families and bloodlines that ruled Tareen with brutal force for ages and now lies in ruin on the heels of extinction. All because of that--CIMMERIAN! However, Raje is not so readily and easily finished off as he shows the others his 'trump card', Sir Brok of the Akiro Wizard Knights of the Mound--a traitor. Brok enters the room with accompanied by two diabolical and seductive ladies, Wispa and Tamara, for a demonstration. They have been trained in the ways of Brok's own sorcery, dating back to his former identity of Elker who was once a childhood companion of Akiro, combined with their own brand of family witchcraft passed down to them and collected from many lands and sources, as well as the superior and dangerous wizardry of Master Akiro (as taught by Brok) taken to extremes.

Brok has a quick word with them and sends them on their way. They take flight. Tamara finds her way to a mountain side and stealthily follows her senses through the dark and murky shrubs and bushes until she comes to a swampy area where Joshua is submerged meditating with the gods of water and mountains. She threatens Joshua with furious bouts of energy balls and awesome conflict erupts. Meer is hanging upside down, meditating nearby in his favorite tall tree when the disturbance to Joshua is signaled to him telepathically. He takes to his horse as Wispa arrives to assist Tamara leaving Joshua to be hammered badly and killed as Meer arrives. Meer puts together a good effort but, he is no match for the two and is laid down hard as well. The two divas glance at each other with satisfaction as they discuss their next course of destructive such as King Conan. Akiro arrives and surprises them from behind. He too puts on a tough show but is also put down and out. The sorceress pair check the three corpses to be sure and then depart the area.

As reports of dead soldiers along all borders accumulates, it is not long before full battles of swordsmen break out all over the island as Tamara and Wispa wreak havoc and panic and mayhem break out among the folk. Conan, by far with the most amount of troops, can only hold back forces from penetrating his land as all borders must be engaged. Conan and Solaria cannot find Akiro or the other wizards anywhere. Solaria charges off to find them as Conan joins his men in battle. Solaria uses her keen intuition to find the wizards. Akiro she finds to be barely alive. She takes him to a safe cover as the island becomes louder with battle cries, and more as King Zaan brings out the heavy artillery in the form of newly invented portable wagons holding slingshot style devices the size of five elephants. They are put strategically in position close to rock and boulder formations along the borders and made use of.

As Conan watches from the rocks, Brok commands Tamara and Wispa to get in line behind him so he may soon parade around the island as ruler while Raje enslaves the survivors and has them rebuild the island in their honor starting with his new super palace. Tamara grabs Brok by the throat as Wispa forms a circle on the ground throwing magic dust inside that explodes and sparkles. Tamara throws Brok into the sparkling smoke. Shuuna suddenly appears out of nowhere and begins to recite strange words that cause Brok to scream and then scorge in flames until his singed body reshapes itself and begins to grow and grow. A giant horned Cyclops joins in the amok run of the island taking villages apart.

Empress Korza of Vorga-Pochua is informed of the terror laying waste to the island. She smirks and has Ploi inform her elite units to get into position.

-Will Solaria convince Akiro to betray his oath and teach her sorcery and, if so, will a crash course be enough for her to stand up against three sorceresses mightier than hell plus one gigantic Cyclops in a fury of destruction while battles rage throughout the island?

-What is Empress Korza planning with her elite task force amidst total anarchy?

-How will Conan ever secure peace now if anything remains intact on the island among how many homeless survivors? And what of Valeria now that Crom has brought her soul out from the realm of the damned awaiting results that fuel spiritual energy such as victory over the enemy and worship from the folk?

-Will Pralla ever be able to teach Lu owl to land in her presence without creating a wind shot of dust and smudgy feathers that just pushes her patience to the limit? How does she get through it all while trying to keep Lu out of trouble, and just a little less clumsy?

...that should be enough to strongly crave the second half...

Main Characters(...potential cast member I would offer role to first)
Soleria, Princess/Queen of Aquilonia...Angelina Jolie
Akiro, Wizard Master Of The Mounds...Jackie Chan
Meer, Prince of Khanda/Wizard Warrior...
Sir Joshua, Wizard Knight...Will Smith
Sir Brok, Wizard Knight...
Tamara, Evil Sorceress...Taylor Swift
Wispa, Evil Sorceress...Cara Delevingne

Willy Muschiol...All rights reserved past, present, and future.

Price to film is negotiable
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