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Posted - 07 November 2012 :  09:11:51  Show Profile  Visit Ayko's Homepage Send Ayko a Private Message  Reply with Quote
story by Ayko...Willy Luke Muschiol
with inspirations from The Trollenberg Terror by Peter Key and Jimmy Sangster, The Fog by John Carpenter and Debra Hill, and Alfred Hitchcock Presents...

Three deer hunters are in the California mountain range. A dark cloud of smoke forms and drifts towards the hunters as they run to escape it. They shoot their rifles haphazardly as they are overtaken and enveloped by the cloud. An avalanche is triggered as the cloud moves away. The hunters are engulfed in the plow of snow.
FBI agent Mark Collins is chosen as an undercover operative for a mission in a detention facility in the deserts of southern California for illegal aliens awaiting deportation. A leading member of a powerful Mexican drug cartel, ‘Lobo’, is being held there. Collins is to make contact and collect information, names and an admission of guilt, if possible. He is fitted with the most modern FBI spy devices and sent in as Klaus Schmitt awaiting deportation to Germany.
The shared cell at the detention facility is a two story 5000 square foot enclosed area with a television viewing area, a dining area, solitary cells for dangerous or misbehaving detainees, a staircase to the second floor shared sleeping and washroom areas. Seven detainees, including the cartel member, are present plus three in solitary when Collins is admitted by duty officer, Ms Davenport. The super heavy and thick sliding entrance door with no keyhole can only be opened by electrical remote control requested per intercom. An emergency door with lock and key is also present.
On a train, Janie is doing mind reading demonstrations with a curious passenger she finds cute. Her sister, Jini, is reading cards for an elderly lady when she suddenly screams and faints. As she awakens, shaken but fine, one of the deer hunters crawls out of the snow with a sinister look and begins to walk.
Collins has cocaine 'smuggled' into the facility to help him get closer to the cartel member. Collins is able to collect the necessary information with admittance of identity and guilt. On what is supposed to be Collin's last day nobody comes to pick him up. Evening meals do not arrive and Davenport cannot reach anybody on the intercom or on her radio. Minutes become hours as detainees become irritable. They eventually figure out that contact has been lost to the outside. Lobo has the other detainees strip Davenport of her radio, keys, boots, belt and they lock her up in one of the empty solitary cells. Unfortunately, for Lobo and the others, none of the keys works on the emergency exit door nor to the electrical and plumbing control room on the second floor where a strange humming seems to be coming from. Collins' devices are also not responding. He stares out a very narrow window on the second floor looking out at a dimly lit staff parking area which is totally empty as a fly buzzes by his ear and lands on the window.
The sisters arrive at the barren and scary village train station and take a taxi with a weirdo driver to Hillside Hotel along an eerie mountain road. The driver tells them about the weird Hotel and the recent avalanche area to stay clear of. At the hotel they settle into room 322, a family suite. United Nations Troubleshooter, Owen Brooks, in room 321, introduces himself to the ladies on his way out as they arrive. After a long and desolate drive he comes to the next mountain road to the UN observatory. There, over a brandy, Professor Mitchell tells him of the number of people gone missing in recent months along the mountain range and the mysterious radioactive cloud associated with each incident.
Impatience and frustrations increase at the detention facility. Davenport is being taunted and threatened with beatings and rape. Complaints of hunger and detainee arguing, intercom static and strange sounds from the walls fill the second day as the humming loudens. In the evening, Collins is able to find a moment alone with Davenport and confides to her who he is as a couple of flies buzz around them.
The next day, the sisters are doing a séance for a mafia father and his closest family wanting to contact his dead mother to the dismay of a skeptic mafia son. A wild and scary séance is seen that is destined to be a classic.
The third day begins at the detention facility with more complaints including no soap and the stench in the air. A fight breaks out. As the day continues objects, tables and chairs seem to vanish and reappear elsewhere. A deep, scary voice shocks Lobo on the intercom with a foreboding hello before a third of the lights go out. That evening, Collins is thinking with the TV on and the late movie showing the original film of The Amityville Horror. The fly scene is shown when the priest is ordered to GET OUT! A few flies buzz by the TV monitor.
Arriving back at the hotel, the sisters grab a drink and join Brooks already in the lounge with his laptop. They invite him back to their room to assist him in his research further after UN archives show similar events in other mountain regions in the recent past. In their room, Jini reads cards for Brooks as Janie meditates and flows along the mind realm for clues and sees a forest range storage hut in the area. Suddenly, Jini has another scream to faint incident as the cloud reappears and envelops the UN observatory. Mitchell gets himself a large slicing knife from the kitchen and slaughters the other two staff members on shift before doing himself.
The unshaved and rowdy detainees begin to lose control of themselves and more heavy fighting breaks out leaving one dead and lying in a pool of blood at the hands of Lobo. Desperate attempts to break out by smashing things at the door and yelling at the radio do not help the situation. Ghostly chat with threats and laughing from the intercom increases. Outlets spark as objects fly around attacking the detainees just before more lights go out leaving only one light left on. A group of flies gather on that last light burning.
Brooks recognizes the storage hut described by Janie and they go to investigate. There they find the decapitated bodies of two of the deer hunters. The first hunter with the sinister look suddenly jumps them from the shadows wielding a glacier climbing ice pick. They are able to kill him. They ascertain that the first hunter waited for his two comrades to come to him.
The next morning, all detainees in the solitary cells are found dead as if strangled to death. Only Davenport is alive. As Collins investigates, Lobo discovers some of his FBI spy devices among his bed sheets and more fighting breaks out. Flying objects seem to target the detainees and brutally pulverize them all to death. Davenport and Collins are the only survivors. Collins frees Davenport from solitary as a twisting sandstorm erupts outside.
A frightening scene of intense horror and anticipation takes place as the two break down the door to the electrical and plumbing control room where the humming seems to be coming from. As the sandstorm picks up in fury so does the deep voice laughter. A ceiling window shielded by bars is studied by Collins. He comes up with an idea to tie the bed sheets together with a weight attached to one end to throw over the bars shielding the ceiling window in order to climb. It is the only hope of escape as swarms of flies slow down the efforts of Collins and Davenport to escape. The deep voice laughs over the intercom. Flickering lights, fly swarms, ghostly voices, sand and wind blowing, make for a very frightening atmosphere. Collins repeatedly tries to throw the weight tied to the sheets just right so it passes through the celing bars and over back down to him so he and Davenport may climb out. One throw finally finds its way through the bars as the weight shatters the ceiling window. Suddenly, Sandmaenchen enter the facility as the last light goes out. The two fight their way up the rope and outside onto the roof as the sandstorm calms.
Brooks and the two sisters, Janie and Jini, arrive back at Hillside Hotel when Brooks gets a call regarding Mitchell and the observatory. Janie and Jini tell Brooks that it is time to unite with the insects. Brooks is perplexed as they lead him outside for a bizarre ritual that calls together fly swarms to merge at their location. Brooks is in stunned in shock.
Collins and Davenport climb down the detention facility to the ground and make their way through the empty parking lot towards the nearest house which is empty. The entire village is empty and dark as the sandstorm picks up in intensity again and sounds of the Sandmaenchen again send the two running scared. They take refuge in the old chapel. The Sandmaenchen sandstorm rises upward towering above the chapel twirling around it but without penetrating as the ground shakes. Collins and Davenport take cover in the confessional. The rumbling subsides as the Sandmaenchen retreat. Suddenly, Father Greenberg startles the two and invites them in for an explanation. Greenberg’s great grandfather was a corrupt priest and helped the mob launder money, in the very chapel they are in, and had an ugly affair with a mobster boss’ lady as they ripped off the family clan. A huge golden cross family heir loom of the mobster boss, stolen from the mobster boss by Greenberg’s great grandfather, is hidden in the chapel and wanted by The Sandman, the priest tells, which is the returning spirit of the mobster boss accompanied by other murdered mobster victims from the past.
Meanwhile, along a coastal California town, a thick dark mist moves in holding the souls of tortured refugee leper victims from the mid 1800s that are restless and looking for victims to torture. The mist envelops the area and slaughters the coastal townsfolk in one huge sweep showing the audience hundreds of quickie slaughters over a span of five minutes.

© Willy Muschiol...All rights reserved past, present, and future.

the stage is set for the merging of one awesome horror film...
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