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Archives Of The Devil Master Volumes 1-12
concept and stories by Ayko...Willy Muschiol except where indicated...inspired by Tales From the Crypt films and the E.C. and DC horror comic books as well as 1950s/60s sci-fi fantasy TV classics such as The Twilight Zone, Tales From the Darkside, and The Outer Limits
© Willy Muschiol...All rights reserved past, present, and future.

Archives Of The Devil Master Volume I

Greetings kiddies...thought I would never return, did you? Hahaha...sorry for keeping you waiting so long but, it has been a long night at the office with all the rapists, thieves, and killers being registered and administered to shall I say...destinies of torture, embarrassment and pain.
On the darker side of the bright side, I have a new collection of, sometimes nasty, sometimes funny, but always creepy stories from our Archives now reaching to the stars of the midnight sky.
Just a moment as I stir my cauldron of alphabet soup. I know kiddies, it is not my usual boiling and bubbling menu card but, the Countess is away. I am sure she will be back in time for the conclusion...hahaha...and dessert...

'Down boy.' *whip!* Chucky, my pet Megatarantula...'No blood in the cauldron tonite boy, mama is away, and papa is cooking tonite'

'EEH Gads!' *Chucky swiftly returns to his cuddle cushion*

He is not to keen on my cooking but, then again, neither am I...hahaha...

In any case, boys and girls, I have decided to begin our new set of Tales from the Archives of the Devil Master that ties us in with my predecessor who goes under many names and is now semi-retired. You know who I mean...

...Oh, just a moment, time to check the cauldron again... *dips wooden spoon in soup, tastes it* Mmmh, needs a dash of something...let me see... *Spoon melts and evaporates* I never understood how the Mrs arranged the cooking specialties, the herbs, spices…mmmh, this looks interesting, Claws of Cheetah...*removes a Claw from jar and puts into soup cauldron, puts jar back on cobwebbed shelf* Hopefully my soup will be ready quicker-- *cheetah claw bullets out of soup through the Cave Home ricocheting around until finally coming to rest at the edge of Chucky's cushion who places it with the rest of his toys*...

Well you see why I prefer when the Mrs does the cooking...It is a matter of, how did that chant go...please don't toil and please don't trouble, cauldron coil and cauldron bubble...*cauldron ingredients begin to bubble furiously overflowing and spilling out all over the Cave home as Chucky jumps to a safe shelf with his toys and eyes rolling while Deema watches the bubbling soup rise to hip level.*

Looks like I'll be busy here cleaning up for a while so why don't you all enjoy our first little diddy...

story one: I, 1%er
Three rival Biker clubs are shown in meetings discussing the hidden war to rule the territories of drugs, weapons, prostitution, and corruption. At the same time, chosen deligates are in discussions in attempt to settle things diplomatically. The discussions are led by 'Sabre', a nomad from the biggest club who seems to have a power over all members that lend them strength and a sense of relaxation and comfort in his peace. More 'rowdy' members accuse him of witchcraft. Sabre is taken prisoner by rebels of the three gangs who beat Sabre to death helping to ensure no peace. As the group of bikers stand around the burning body someone asks if they should have first cut off his head like in the old vampire stories. Just then the corpse of Sabre awakens from the ashes and announces he is going into war modus and utters the phrase, 'WARLOCK!'

Sabre grows a furious and hideous facial appearance and pulverizes the group in a brutal bloodbath. He yells out a chant. A dragon soars out of no where to pick him up. He goes on a one man warlock slasher amok ride with his dragon taking out all three gangs in a bloodfeast like never before seen screaming 'I, bass, adore! Hahahhahha!!!'

story two: Illusionist
An alcoholic street side stage magician, Angelico Blade, receives the wrong book delivered. Instead of a manual on 'Disappearing Acts' he receives Necronomicon written in German. With the help of Cynthia Braun, medium and occult expert, Blade becomes the new international magician sensation as 'The Amazing Angel', doing tricks and stunts never seen before with Braun as assistant. The two dare to attempt some of the more ominous passages for a new type of disappearing act that sends 'The Amazing Angel' to the depths of demon pergatory. The demon lord is more than wet with appetite thinking he must have done something right to now have a wannabe' angel. Meanwhile, Braun becomes a medium sensation and begins touring which exposes the public to the influence of NecronomicoN...

The scene switches to the restroom within the underground cave of Devil Master, Deema, where he is doing plumbing repairs.

Deema: Dagnabit! These toilet pipes are so clogged with crap I could croak!

Wanda: What is that racket in there, Deema?!

Deema: Ahh! I'm up to my eyeballs in crap, and it ain't mine.

Wanda: Time for a break. Come out of there.

Deema: Just a moment, me lady, I'm on the crapper and there's no toilet paper hanging on the…toilet paper holder hanging from the wall thing-a-majig.

Wanda: Hurry up 'cause Keezy will be here any moment.

Deema: Cleaning my hands now, me lady.

Wanda: No need to get all excited...she is bringing Kory with her.

Deema: Gory Kory?! What for?

Wanda: For fun.

*knock knock*

Wanda: Greet them, Deema, and make it snappy! Keezy is introducing our next tale from the archives.

Deema: Yes, me lady.

Deema (eyes the camera and grins): She is so forceful eh kiddies hahaha shhh

The four get comfortable around an antique table with smoking appetizers.

Deema: Hey, Gory--

Kory: It's Kory, Dabgaggin! You know that, Deeme.

Deema: They only call me Dimi in Greece, you knucklehead!

Kory: Oh.

Deema: Cigar?

Kory: Why thank-you, yes. Hellala originals, wow.

Deema: Here are some matches.

Wanda: Deema!

The cigar blows up in Kory's face leaving him looking like a smoldering piece of coal as Deema laughs.

Kory: Dognaggin! That's the fifth time I fell for that in so many visits!

Keezy: Kory, look at yourself! What a mess! Can't I take you anywhere without you making me look like a fool?! In the bathtub with you!

Deema: …And don't use any of my Mr Bubble!

Deema salutes. Kory salutes back.

Keezy: Cleanliness is next to messiness, you know.

Wanda: And that's good too because without the messiness clean could be dirty and never know it.

Keezy: Hahaha. You're so philosophical when you're funny.

Wanda: Deema! Don't just sit there with your boney jaw hangin' down...and stop practicing the guitar riff of Seven Nations Army with those exploding cigars hangin' out of your nostrils. Sorry, Keezy. I can dress him up but I still have the sympathy of all others. Deema! Clean the cigar ash from the ashtray and table! Throw out All the exploding cigars! Scrub the cigar smell out of the furniture! Mop the floor! But first get a bottle of vino from the cellar of our cellar home.

Deema: Yes, me lady.

Keezy: In the meantime, kiddies, you can watch some real men in our next little diddy which has flare from our comic book cousin, not as nicely styled as us with image but, tastes differ. I am talking about the superhero...

story three: Syboman
story by DUXe

As corruption and crime runs rampant in the world, and as parents become more involved with increased work hours and partying in their free time, many children continue to focus their fascination to the internet and video games.

One group of young internet specialists, led by Matt Ochs, decide they will create the ultimate video game and market it themselves on the internet. They create a superhero as the main character of their game named Cyboman who only communicates with children. Cyboman battles brainwashed war soldiers, nasty cyborgs and evil sorcerors in his quest to save the 'damsel in distress' who Matt designs in the likeness of his mother, Alicia. Matt and his friends, with help from mom Alicia, begin to market the video game as it becomes an internet hit.

One day Matt is dreaming about Cyboman. Matt's superhero instructs him to find a good hearted man that he may use to become reality and bring Cyboman to life. The next morning Matt searches for a good man which brings him to the realization that his mother has very few true friends.

Later, while searching for his play sword in the attic, Matt finds old love letters written to his mother. He goes on a hunt to find her lost love with use of the internet. With only a name, Lance Machowski, and an old picture, Matt finds his name listed as an employee of a company no longer in existence.

In his dreams Matt tells Cyboman about Lance. Cyboman is able to trace the present location of Lance and becomes permission to become Lance's alter ego. Cyboman is born for real. Cyboman and Matt work together, communicating only with youngsters, and track down all the villains of the world. One by one Cyboman goes into the villain's hiding areas wherever they may be and brings them all to justice.

Matt begins to plea with Cyboman to make contact with his mom as Lance but, Cyboman refuses explaining that nobody may know his alter ego identity because then he would never be left alone and could not fight crime.

Later, they identify the leader of all the world's villians, Dar Sinister, who happens to be a business partner of Alicia. Cyboman agrees to meet Alicia as Lance and upon seeing her again falls in love with her, and she in him. Lance reveals to her that he is Cyboman and the three work out a plan to bring Dar Sinister to justice.

Cyboman pays Sinister a visit not knowing that he has built an evil guard cyborg called Pyroman just as powerful as Cyboman. Pyroman is set loose and a climactic and explosive superhero supervillain duel takes place which leaves Pyroman destroyed.

Cyboman takes Sinister to the authorities. Alicia and Lance get married and Lance adopts Matt. They have more kids and live happily ever after.

story four: Curse Of The Mummy
A team of archeologists uncover the infamous tomb of Mudratukkana after ignoring a warning written in hieroglyphics to stay out or bare the wrath of the undying evil of Mudratukkana now lying dormant. The tomb is filled with gold and jewels more than anybody had imagined. In one open area they find the tomb and dare to open it in releasing a wretched odor and revealing a mummified corpse that they burn after clearing out all the gold from the tomb just as transport arrives. Suddenly, they are ambushed by a gang of art thieves that kill them and take away with the transports for themselves.

Later, the gang are retired on their self owned island paradise with all the luxuries and comforts including a group of ladies. An evening party along the shore turns horrific when a mummy walks out from the waters with glowing eyes and destroys their yacht as they look on. The mummy roars with echoes throughout the island pounding like thunder. They panic and scurry off as the mummy tears the sea port apart.

story five: Sounds of the Haunted House Part 1
inspired by the sound effects LP record ‘Chilling Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House’ from Walt Disney Studios
special thanks to TheHive

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Sharon drives out to the family cottage in her new Pontiac Fiero to search for the last will of her deceased step mother Claire without any luck. As the rain picks up in strength Sharon decides to head back to the city. Accompanied by lightning and thunder, the pouring rain mixes with hail and Sharon gets stuck in a pool of mud. Slime and mud begin to leap upwards in the form of a human before splashing on the windshield. Sharon darts out of her car in panic and runs out into the forest.

Soaked wet and crying Sharon slows her run as she approaches the incline of a steep hill and notices a stairway overgrown with vegetation. As the heavy rainfall slows to a drizzle she looks upwards to the top and sees the outline of an old decapitated mansion through the oncoming dusk and darkness. Suddenly, a light appears in the top most window of the old house. Sharon decides to investigate and begins climbing the stairway covered with plant life.

At the top of the stairway Sharon ventures boldly on through an old graveyard covering the area leading to the old mansion. The front door is barely hanging on the hinges as Sharon tries to peer inside the house. The rain and wind pick up again. She enters. Sharon goes on one of the most chilling haunted house tours ever on hands and knees with no lighting to find except from that window and room somewhere upstairs.

After crawling up the stairs and finding the highest level room Sharon finds the light source piercing through the underside of a door to another room inside the room. A crusty hello coming from the other side of the door scares Sharon stiff. She finally answers and an eerie conversation develops between Sharon and the mysterious voice. The voice explains that he is Samuel Cage, a former soldier being held captive in his locked room as a sex slave to some crazed woman who visits him every two or three days. Sharon vows that when the rain lets up and daylight comes that she will find help and return. Sam warns her not to wait too long but that she should be safe until morning. As he describes the crazed woman to Sharon she is reminded more and more of her dead step mother. Sam further describes the loneliness he has been feeling as well as the taste he has become for dead wasps.

Suddenly, lightning strikes flashing Sharon's step mother standing behind her with a gruesome face and ugly set of apparel. A thrilling chase through the darkness of the old mansion takes place with the crazed woman swinging handcuffs and accompanied by demon ghosts of dead sex slaves under her power.

Sharon does manage to get outside but the grass and weeds surrounding the house are standing over ten feet tall now. The crazed woman snatches Sharon as she tries to run into the weeds and drags her by the hair to an old tree next to the house. The woman cuffs Sharon with her arms around the tree. The ghostly entities surround Sharon just before she faints.

Sharon awakens in the lighted room at the top story of the house where she is now cuffed to Sam, a hideous decaying old man with a rotting face. Sam is chewing on a wasp when he notices Sharon gaining consciousness and gives her a hideous smile. Sharon's screams are interrupted by the crazed woman exclaiming, with a smile, 'Now Sam has someone to play with when mommy Claire is not there.' Sharon gives a look of sheer horror and screams as Claire turns out the light.

Archives Of The Devil Master Volume II

story one: The Last Gasp
A man awakens in the dark in an enclosed wooden box of some kind that is sealed shut. The last thing he remembers is being at Jeff’s party having a good ole time. He still has a hangover so it cannot be that long since the party. After shouting for help, knocking on the inside of the box and feeling around with his hands he begins to fight the thought that he is in a coffin. He talks with himself with soothing arguments but cannot come up with any scenarios that comfort him. He wonders about the business suit he is wearing when he was in jeans and T-shirt at Jeff’s party. He has flashbacks that remind him of how he was drugged by a pair of young ladies that led him into a room to rob him and left him there to be found later and deemed deceased. He finds a brand new penlight in the breast pocket of his blazer with the name of the funeral parlor on it. His worst nightmare is true. He is sealed shut in a coffin. He has been buried alive. He becomes frantic and starts to bang and smash on the coffin roof over and over with all his might until a very slight movement jars the top open a crack for just a moment to allow a piece of ground soil to fall in the coffin and verify the fact that he really is buried alive. He cannot muster enough strength to move the cover again as he begins to panic and breathe heavy. Breathing becomes more difficult as he realizes that he is running out of air and any panic and heavy breathing is wasting his last amount of oxygen. How long does he have? He becomes enraged and then panics again before reminding himself that he must stay calm but, for what, to delay the inevitable and increase the duration of torment before he…suffocates…

A real time short film of how it feels to awaken in a sealed coffin and slowly suffocate.

story two: Splitting Image
Professor Doctor H. Richter is working on experiments with neutrino electronics combined with light wave bending that opens a portal of darkness like a black hole in space within his lab. Objects thrown in immediately vanish and return with the same mass but in a dissimilar form. Richter dares to test the waters with his fingertip. Suddenly, a hand is holding his hand and, the 'tug-of-war' pulls the other Richter (from both sides) into the dark portal and back. The evil double of Richter has switched places with him. Richter arranges a private scientific presentation and invites top global scientists with intentions to switch them too. His counterpart, the good Richter, decides to do the same but with much different results.

story three: Easter Bunny
Uncle Joe organizes a huge Easter egg hunt out in the field by his country home for his grandkids and all the in-laws kids. In total there are fourteen kids involved in the awesome hunt. A few villages away an alarm is triggered at the asylum for the criminally insane. Eddie Tyves has escaped and is on the loose. Two years prior, Tyves mentally snapped and slaughtered seven people with a hand pick after watching videos of his wife having sex with numerous guys while wearing bunny ears. Now he is free and finds his way to the fields outside the country home of Uncle Joe. Joe is interrupted by Tyves about to put on his Easter bunny costume. Tyves hammer a hand pick into his skull and puts on the bunny costume. The most fright awesome Easter egg hunt ever is set to get started…

story four: Nite Shift
Gus Fawcett is a gas pump convenience store attendant doing the night shift at Rally All Night Gas. He is held up by a big man wearing a hockey mask holding a hand gun. Before the thief leaves Gus reminds him that Jason uses a machete. Thieves with a gun use a Richard Nixon mask. 'Jason' says thanks as he runs out with the loot. Gus remains calm and goes back to polishing the windows.

A while later, a sexy dressed woman approaches the counter as her sexy girlfriend tanks up the Porsche they drove in with. The roadmap she is holding is hiding a shotgun. She demands money. Gus explains that he was just held up fifteen minutes ago and that he has no money in the register. The young lady screams at him wanting to know why he hasn’t filled it up again.

Diva: You are insured, oldtimer, ain’t yeah?!

Gus: That has nothing to do with it, young lady! I take care of my duties systematic and according to plan, one after the other, free of stress. I will fill the register again when I am finished polishing the windows and not a second before.

Diva: Open the register, olditmer!

As Gus shows her the empty register she notices a certificate of repair behind the counter with a car key laying on it. She demands the key and drives off with a freshly repaired Cadillac. Her girlfriend follows in the Porsche ‘burning rubber’.

Gus takes a moment to calm down. He lights up a cigarette as he goes into the second back room and opens the digitally locked safe. Just as he is finished filling the register, the next customer pulls in with a dark BMW and sets up the pump to fill the tank on its own as he waits with his back to Gus. The filling goes on and on… *click* The stranger comfortably places the nozzle back, gets into his car, and speeds towards the store hut skidding to a stop at the window. He speeds away without paying. Gus rewinds the video surveillance recordings showing a face wearing toy glasses with a big nose and moustache. The license plate is taped over. Gus turns on the radio and begins to dust the counters.

Later, a Suzuki motorcycle pulls in to the station. The driver parks and removes his helmet before tanking up. He walks to the counter, orders a pack of Lucky Strike and pays in cash with a neutrally polite style before driving off. Gus waits until he is out of sight before calling the sheriff. While doing that, he rewinds the surveillance video for a clear shot of the license plate on the back of the bike.

A few minutes later, a Suzuki is hailed down by a deputy on the side of the road. The deputy asks to see his drivers license and knocks the biker out as he reaches inside his jacket. He awakens with broken bones, bruises and blood swollen eyes in an interrogation room. The sheriff watches his deputies beat the biker until he 'admits' what they need or want to hear...then he is admitted to a clinic for the mentally unstable. Counselors use brainwashing to bring him to his senses.

story five: Sounds of the Haunted House Part 2

Shawn is driving his new Chevy Camaro out to the family cottage to see if there is any sign of his missing sister Sharon. He discovers her abandoned Fiero half buried in mud and sand. Finding no clue to her whereabouts in her car he rushes on to the cottage but finds nothing out of the ordinary. Light drizzle turns to pouring rain. He returns to the Fiero and decides he needs to notify authorities. Unfortunately, his car suddenly won't start. He begins to curse as the rain and wind pick up in strength.

Suddenly, loud thudding scares Shawn as he looks up out of his Camaro at mud balls shooting at him coming from the direction of the Fiero. Before long the entire car is covered with mud and slime leaving Shawn feeling trapped in the darkened interior.

The thudding stops and Shawn opens his window slightly. After a moment of stillness what looks like a mud monster leaps up moaning. Shawn screams in horror and shuts the window as smashing against the car joins the ghostly moaning. Shawn tries again in vain to turn the ignition but to no avail. The smashing and moaning suddenly stop. After a moment of silence the mud monster smashes through the back window. Shawn darts out of his car and runs as fast as his legs will take him and gets lost in the forest as the rain again turns to drizzle.

A light appears in the distance and Shawn focuses his vision to see the outline of an old mansion on a distant hill top. He makes his way in that direction. Suddenly, out of hillside hole, a group of bats fly out. Shawn freaks and runs along the hillside and falls at the foot of the stairway overgrown with vegetation. He instinctively breaks his fall with his forearms now scraped and bleeding. The bats go wild at the smell of Shawn's blood and are all over him competing for a lick of his blood. He jumps up and takes off his jacket using it to swat away the bats.

The drizzle turns to hail chasing away the bats. Shawn rips his T-shirt apart to bandage his forearms and puts his jacket back on before climbing the stairway. Shawn looks over the graveyard at the top of the stairs and the lighted window beyond and remarks that it never rains but it pours. Shawn makes his way through the eerie graveyard and is greeted at the mansion entrance by a door haging from the hinges. He lights up his BIC and uses it as a flashlight. He calls out as he makes his way to the stairs. He hears a young woman's voice coming from upstairs and begins running up the steps. As he turns to go up the next flight of steps he is greeted by an ugly old naked lady. She gives hm a big hug and kiss and exclaims, 'Ohh how wonderful. Fresh flesh.' She cuffs Shawn before he can think and cuffs the othr end to herself before dragging Shawn into the next bedroom.

The crazed woman's cries of lust are heard mixed with Shawn's screams. Sam is laughing while Sharon sobs. The scene fades out.

The next morning the light goes on and Shawn awakens cuffed to Sharon who is still cuffed to Sam who is still chained to the heater. The crazed woman is all smiles in her mini dress exposing decaying skin and flesh. She puts on an apron and states that 'mommy is going to cook up a storm for our big happy family'. Shawn freaks and vows to kill the psychopath as soon as he gets out. The crazed woman's smile is replaced with a sneer.


Shawn's free hand is now laying next to him on the ground severed from his wrist now bleeding profusely. 'Disrespect for your elders will not be tolerated sonny boy.' He faints. The crazed woman bandages the severed wrist tightly to stop the bleeding. Sharon cries and becomes delirious. Sam grins. The woman blows him a kiss and leaves the room. Sam pulls out a small jack knife and opens it. Sharon pulls away from him. Sam tells her not to be worried and that he is only angry with Shawn for breaking the link in their chain which means no more family additions. For that Shawn is going to have his eyes carved out when he wakes up. Then he plans to carve Sharon's name to his breast and his to hers.

Sam grabs a spider running along and eats him just as the door suddenly slams open. 'Almost forgot to shut the lights. Waste not, want not.' *click*

The hysterical cries of Sharon combined with the laughter of the crazed woman end part 2 of 'The Sounds of the Haunted House'...

Archives Of The Devil Master Volume III

Countess: Hello kiddies. Most mortals call me Master Wanda. *holds up a magic wand* which I prefer to make things simple hehehe. The man of the abode is out getting ice cream for the kiddies including us of course. There there Chucky, Deema would not dare forget any favorite flavors, or else! Chucky is our pet Mega-Turantula. Do you know what Chucky's favorite flavor is, kiddies? Caramel, with lots of Wallnuts, after all, you are what you eat, héhehe. I got him in the habit of course. Now go play with the kiddies, Chucky. It is time for mommy to introduce our next little diddy--

*Knock Knock*

Wanda: Wanna' bet Deema forgot his keys. Go on Chucky and play with the kids. Mommy loves you. *Chucky grins*

Deema: Sorry me Lady but, dagnabit, I forgot me keys.

Wanda: What else is old and not new.

Deema: Me?

Wanda: Get inside before you catch a cold.

Deema: Thanks, me Lady, and yes I remembered everybody's favorite flavor, except for mine, which was glueck auf unglueck. I have been sweeping up on my German.

Wanda: What does it mean?

Deema: Well, Crawly's Allnight Ice Cream Parlor was sold out of my Smoothie Ice Cream Mix. Ever since they started advertising the flavor they can't keep enough in stock. In any case, a brownish flavor in the corner caught my eye, maple. I forgot all about that flavor from way back...ohh, it must be an eon now. That ís an example of glueck auf unglueck, which is a German expression describing how sometimes something unexpected lucky happens when something unlucky happens. It is related to the philosophy of everything happens for a reason even when it is considered unlucky. In any case, making a long story short--

Wanda: Or a short story long...

Deema: I then took out my list of our wishes for flavors and, as you can guess, Maple wasn't on it.

Wanda: I understand. Now take that silly jacket off before we begin with our first Archive Tale for tonite.

Deema: Right away, me Lady.

Wanda: Bring Chucky and the kids their ice cream and return with ours...and use the dusty ole Chalices from our first Samhain together. I am sure Deema will be back soon enough, kiddies. Our first story tonite is a favorite of mine titled ‘Mother’s Day’…

story one: 'Tis Mother's Day
inspired by ‘Father’s Day’ by Stephen King from the 1981 movie ‘Creepshow’

The young adults Paul, Winona and Beatrice hate their new step mother Helen who is a slave driver, cleaning fanatic, arrogant and bossy. Her husband George acts like he enjoys being her puppet to the dismay of his kids.

Mother's Day comes along and the three youngsters plan an ugly surprise for Helen who is first presented a bouquet of roses from George. Helen freaks and whips George with the roses and smears the buds in his face yelling at him questioning how anyone could symbolize love and loyalty with a gift of dead flowers ready to wilt in a week, perhaps like their relationship?! At least a box of sweets help brighten her mood. And she is not getting fat!

The three youngsters interrupt with a wrapped present, to george and Helen's surprise. She opens the unwrapped box to find a couple of rats. Helen has a rat phobia and freaks, to the delight of the adult children, as she darts out of the room screaming and crying. George is scolding the kids trying to gather the rats when Helen again enters the room carrying a loaded revolver. She shoots wildly at the rats as George wrestles her for the gun causing it to fire unexpectedly killing Helen.

One year later, George is getting drunk while the kids try and comfort their sensitive dad. He announces he is going to visit Helen's grave. The kids do not accompany their dad and begin to party and get high after George drives off.

George finds Helen's grave dug up and empty. He quickly gets back in his car and drives off. As he tries to dial with his cell phone an eerie voice from behind him demands her box of sweets for 'Tis Mother's Day. He looks in the rear view mirror to see a decaying Helen zombie monster glare at him. She grabs his head and twists it off with a pop.

Back at home the three youngsters are high and celebrating the anniversary of 'no more Helen'. Beatrice goes to the kitchen to get some more beer and is greeted by the monster Helen demanding her box of sweets for 'Tis Mother's Day.

Paul and Winona hear nothing over the loud rock music they are dancing to. The song Round and Round from R.A.T.T. is playing when they notice a third dancer has joined them, the monster that was Helen. The two freak as she demands her box of sweets for 'Tis Mother's Day.

The conclusion shows the monstress Helen sitting at the kitchen table behind an open box munching away. She suddenly stops chewing and peers over the open cover with a creepy smile...

'I got my box of sweets. 'Tis Mother's Day you know. Want some?'

She turns the box to the audience to expose an assortment of eyeballs, fingers, toes, tongue...

story two: Demonic
A Bishop, a priest and a nun are in the living room of the newlyweds, Gordon and Helga, discussing the final phase of the exorcism to be performed on 15 year old Gord jr, from deceased wife Anita. Helga is unimpressed from the whole thing as she recalls the secret ouija board sessions she had with Gord jr at nights before he suddenly went...ill as the sessions led to sex. The discussion is interrupted by thumping and shouting from Gord's room with warnings and dares filled with laughter from the demonic force possessing Gord upstairs.

A wild exorcism is shown when suddenly, the possessed Gord decides to get out of bed and roam the rest of the house. Knives, fire and summoned demons get involved after all exits are sealed.

The nun attacks Helga in the kitchen and is about to kill her with a butcher knife just as Helga is able to grab a kitchen mallet and smash the face and skull of the nun in the struggle. The priest attacks Gordon as Helga runs in with the knife and kills Gordon as she turns to the attacking priest.

The bishop is in the basement trying to escape when he is suddenly approached by Gord. He calls on the demonic forces present to join in him. Just then the bishop pulls out a collection of rosaries out of his bag and ties Gord down with them. The bishop chants words that are able to cast the demons out of Gord and into a scary cloud in the basement that envelop the bishop and enter him before being coughed out a window.

The police give the blame to Gordon Sr who is said to have mentally collapsed after too many personal hardships. Helga is in bed getting it on with her new son Gord jr when the bishop bursts through the window and brutally kills them both.

The conclusion shows the bishop at the Vatican preparing the Pope for his speech to come and shown all over the world as the eyes of the Pope darken.

story three: Cancer: End Stages
Dr. Lydia Carter is a Cancer research scientist studying cancer cells residing in primates that never become ill and also have greater longevity as compared to primates without Cancer. Carter inadvertently activates a dormant region of a larger cancer cell. Over the days that follow, the feelings and images of the cancer cell fill Carter's day to day routine and a communication forms between the intelligent Cancer cell and Carter. Carter is able to rearrange shifts and vacations so she is clinic boss and spokesperson for the industry. Cancer King suddenly has a voice to speak and a body to act...

story four: Bug Off!
In the year 2026 AD...

The crew of the Earth space vessel UESS Horizon have landed on Mars with a group of advanced and revolutionary robots to build the first enclosed laboratory and research facility with the ability to create an environment sustainable for human life. The robots work fast as the crew settle in.

On another part of the planet a cylinder shaped spacecraft lands. A family of advanced and intelligent beings resembling insects make up the crew and family of three; mother, father and son. The beings walk on six legs when running, four legs when walking and two when standing and working or gazing out to the distance.

The father exits their spacecraft with his son and uses telepathic communications to remind him to behave and to stay close while Dad scans and takes samples of the red sand. He then communicates to his wife that initial readings show the ship's sensors were correct and that the red sandy ground is optimal. She telepathically indicates her excitement as she prepares nourishment and reminds Dad to remind Junior to finally clean up under his bed.

Junior is running fast on all six legs when he discovers the human colonist base facility. The insect species are a hundred times larger than humans. The opposite situation as on Earth. Junior is fascinated by his find and tries to telepathically communicate with the tiny creatures, 'Hey there, tiny ugly bugs. Blahh! Haha. Don't understand me, do you. Weird looking things, for sure. Interesting nest you have there bugs.' The human colonists freak and run for shelter.

Dad telepathically calls for Junior to return as he gets the ship ready for departure. Junior digs the entire nest/facility out from the Mars surface with the ground it was built on like a child playing with a toy shovel in a sandbox. Because the facility is self sustaining in a pressurized enclosement all colonists survive the careful transport by Junior uninjured.

The spacecraft blasts off. Junior is in his room studying his new acquarium nest of bugs. He opens his ear passages for physical sounds 'The critters seem to be making a high pitched physical screeching sound or something. Maybe it is their mating call.'

Dad checks in on Junior to make sure he has tidied up under his bed. He scolds his son for not asking permission to bring such ugly creatures aboard. 'Look, they have four legs and only use two of them to move around. And that bushy long hair growing from their heads behind tiny beady eyes. REPULSIVE!' Suddenly, a loud telepathic scream from Mom shocks the two up on their two hind legs. She demands that the hideous beasts be flushed out the toilet hatch immediately.

Junior explains to Dad that from his observations the critters are using drone type machines to scout outside their indoor hiding places within their nest. An interesting scientific study, suggests Junior. Dad explains that the hotel agency owners will be more than pleased with the small getaway planet once the underground lairs are carved out and made comfortable. Then the whole family will move their to become the executive management of the hotel holiday getaway and live in luxury. He assures his son that there must be more of the creatures and that he can study them as much as he wants another time. He instructs Junior to listen to his Mom and leaves the room to comfort her.

Junior takes the colonist facility to the toilet area and readies the hatch to flush them out. He goes back to his room to get a net not wanting to touch the creepy bugs. The colonists fear the worst and have a robot self destruct alongside the wall of the enclosement hoping the alien ship's environment is breathable for them, which it is.

Junior returns, 'Oh oh, mom is going to--'. A loud telepathic scream is again sent out by Mom in the kitchen followed by shouting, 'Kill them! All of them! NOW! Ahhhh!' She stomps on a couple splatting them flat as red liquid oozes out of the bugs as others run off and try to hide. Dad walks in with a spray can of poison and is able to spray a couple of them. Their flesh quickly dissolves to the bone. Junior darts in and joins them with his toy shovel and smashes the rest dead like humans swatting flies on Earth.

Mom scolds Junior and demands one final time he flush the entire nest down the toilet hatch and then to go to his room and stay there until called upon.

Dad is comforting his wife who explains that she doesn't want to spoil Junior's fun and passion for discovery and research but, after all, the little monsters are probably dirty and full of strange diseases. Dad understands and promises to bring an extermination team with them when they return after the contracts are final. And if there are anymore living and breeding on the neighboring beach planet which is two thirds covered by water then they will be taken care of as well. They open their ear passages for physical sounds as they listen out of the kitchen and down the hallway...


story five: Sounds Of The Haunted House Part 3
The owner of a funeral parlor with international connections has his hearse driver take him and his protogé to an apparently abandoned cemetery to do an estimate of costs on moving a gravesite from the abandoned cemetery to Copenhagen. Needless to say the group stumbles on the stairway to The Haunted House. The climactic third part takes us to new depths of horror as the entire environment comes alive and the eerie House explodes with fury. Claire is now desperate and cornered…and definitely also ready to explode!

Archives Of The Devil Master Volume IV

story one: Potato Heads
Carol is scolding her stepson Ronnie for watching adult horror movies without permission. She takes his laptop away and leaves the room. Ronnie pouts and plays with his Mr Potato Head.

Later, Carol is discussing the psychological effects of too much horror films and creepy toys on Ronnie with father Carl. She even goes as far as to start her own neighborhood 'mother watch' group to discuss their children's obsession with horror and the macabre and the dangers associated with too much. The mother's make a pact and vow to rid their houses of all their kid’s creepy collection.

Ronnie is again playing with his Mr Potato Head made to look like a vampire when Carol charges into his room and tears it apart on a hunt for anything and everything associated with horror as the other moms in the neighborhood community watch do the same. The streets trash cans stand filled with the horror theme belongings of the kids. Ronnie calls his buddy Arnie to come over and bring his book of black magic spells for beginners. Ronnie gives his Mr Potato Head the meanest and scariest look using other toy pieces including a club and knife to hold.

Carl, as most fathers, are staying out of the way with their bottle, Canadian Club whiskey in Carl's case. He lets Arnie in and Arnie runs upstairs to Ronnie's room. 'That's one mean looking Potato Head!' exclaims Arnie. Ronnie replies, 'Mean yea, just don't call him ugly. He may snap.' They laugh.

The boys close the drapes and light up candles before turning out the lights and reciting passages from Arnie's book of magic and voodoo that is supposed to strengthen the influence of inanimate objects and incarnate them. Something spooky happens but the boys are not sure what as a whistling mist wraps around the Mr Potato Head leaving it looking even meaner than before somehow. However, they can find no sign of life, or anything else, and decide the ritual was a failure. Arnie goes home, gives his Mr Potato Head a mean and ugly look too and goes to bed as do all the neighborhood children. The fathers are all passing out drunk while the mothers telephone each other to share in their relief.

The clock strikes midnight and all Mr Poatato Heads come to life.

Crazy scenes are shown including Potato Heads with tied up moms spanking them or shaving their heads and announcing they prefer theirs mashed while hammering on them with toy clubs, or painting their face with ugly make up, etc.

Afterwards, all Mr Potato Heads take to the streets and begin collecting the thrown away horror collections, return them to their respective kids and lay them next to their beds as they sleep. They warn the moms not to ever try anything like that again otherwise next time real clubs and knives will be used. The moms agree and are freed by the Potato Heads. They return to their kids rooms and back to the inanimate life as before.

The next morning the moms are especially friendly and serving their husbands breakfast in bed explaining that they have seen the light and promise not to be so mean anymore. They also apologize to their kids before going to the kitchen taking out all potatoes in the house and begin peeling them.

story two: Magic Wand
Little sister is envious of little brother’s magic wand he received for Christmas resulting in horror only The Devil Master can archive until others may understand.

story three: Extrasy
A group of university students arrange an ecstasy party at their rented camping grounds. An exchange student from Nigeria, Nofu, takes the party to a whole new level and dimension with his ‘extrasy’. The students find a dance style that gets crazy. After a couple of hours the group hallucinates and Nofu puts them under mass hypnosis and paints them all with Tiro. The hallucinations intensify as he speaks and everybody experiences bizarre colors, waves, and creatures swimming through the air around them. Nofu calls out and the creatures gather together in Nofu. A brief calm is followed by thunder and darkness. Nofu explodes and implodes back together with the creatures. He then turns ugly and psychotic. He runs amok with the creatures among the students reaching into their minds and spirits to making their worst horrors reality, or is it…

story four: Computer Spring
story by DUXe

The story begins at the headquarters building of Megahard Software and the office of CEO Will Bates. Bates calls secretary, Susan, on the phone intercom requesting to see Al Hagler, his best software specialist and one of the best in the business.

Hagler is not answering his phone apparently away from his desk. Susan's knocking on Hagler's locked office door disturbs him as he is about to snort some cocaine. He tells Susan he needs to log out of a special project he is working on and will be along shortly.

Hagler arrives at Bates' office and, after rudely flirting with Susan, makes his way in. A heated discussion erupts due to allegations of Hagler selling secrets to rival companies to help support a drug habit and the complaints of his explicit sexual advances towards many female staff.

The evidence is overwhelming and when Hagler refuses to take a drug test Bates fires him. Hagler freaks shouting threats at Bates before charging out the building.

Over the next few days, Hagler goes on a cocaine and alcohol binge as he develops a means for crazed revenge--the ultimate computer virus. After a few weeks the super virus is ready. Hagler disguises it as a friendly E-mail from a trusted partner and sends it to Bates' private E-mail address. Upon opening of the E-mail, the super-virus silently manifests a hold on the inner core of the computer and begins to duplicate itself. Those duplicated also duplicate and continue, spreading out with the internet to every PC and electrical device all over the world and even to satellites and military forces. All virus duplicates remain dormant once they have a silent hold on their main core.

The scene switches to a futuristic uniformed alien operating an impressive communications console. He informs his superiors at UCILE (Universal Council for Intelligent Life and Evolution) that he has reached the outskirts of the Milky Way and traced the readings to a planet known as Earth which is inhabited by primitive alien beings on using advanced electronic and mechanical technology. He is told to proceed with caution by a reptilian alien and a lion like alien at UCILE.

As the space vessel approaches the Earth the crew begin taking readings, uploading information, viewing videos, etc. During the analysis, one of the crew takes note of the Megahard Software headquarters, the source of the strange readings. They scan the office of Bates and his PC. The super-virus connects and sends a duplicate into the systems of the visitors' space vessel.

The scene changes to UCILE and a group of ambassador alien species discussing universal peace, travel, communications, etc. They are interrupted by a communication from the commander of the space vessel who reports that they did manage to find the source of the highly advanced communication form that they can integrate into the UCILE systems and connect with the entire universe using instant super pulses working with light. The alien UCILE leader congratulates the vessel commander on his diligent work and orders him to return immediately. The commander signals he will arrive shortly and closes communications.

The camera zooms out and away from UCILE rapidly quickly showing a map of starlit galactic dots in the trillions that make up our universe. A faint pulsing web of light is shown connecting the galactic dots like veins. The pulses harden and intensify in color and seem to even breathe until suddenly, BIG BANG BOOM, the entire universe explodes.

story five: The 13th Chapter Part 1
The ‘first loyal order of satan’s world’ has a meeting of the NWA which represents the board of the new world alliance operating from the underground. They take their seats on the ground and hold an explosive and fiery ritual to awaken more strength and energy to the image of satan and their own. They look at each other through the smoky atmosphere and are in sudden shock to a person or being strolling along the center of the group…large, greenish grey reptilian with horns, fangs, and a deep shout for all to pay close attention. As the smoke clears, a man stands in the middle of them with a tough look and glare. He looks them up and down with disgust.

Top actor: Chad Kingpin
Top singer: Miss Mona
Top model: Helena Melanja
NATO rep: General Horace I. Joplonski
Royalty: Prince Paul Of Bales
Church rep: Minister Banner
News media rep: Saje Watts
Social Media rep: U. R. Ricky
Drug kingpin: El Mumo
Church Of Leaveyan Satan: President Ongo
Chemist Boss: O-One
Space travel rep: Cory Venus
Environmentalist: I. D. Moreaux

Devil: Good evening. Yes, it is me, The Devil in the flesh. Here, feel my arm.

El Mumo: Feels like flesh and bone.

Devil backslaps El Mumo knocking him to the ground.

Devil: I am The Devil, how dare you grab hold of my arm?!

El Mumo: Uhh…was just following your suggestion to confirm you’re flesh and blood.

Devil: Do you always follow the first order from a stranger that appears out of fire and smoke…What do they call you?

El Mumo: El Mumo, I am the drug lord emperor.

Devil: El Mumo. How quaint. What did you say you are?!

El Mumo: Drug lord emperor.

Devil: You sure ‘bout that?

El Mumo: Yea.

Devil: Drug what emperor?!

El Mumo: Lord emperor.

Devil: What kind of emperor?!

El Mumo: …L-Lord…

Devil pulverizes El Mumo to a bloody pulp and throws him out the window.

Devil: Any other lords here? Didn’t think so. El Mumo?! What the hell kinda name is that?! Why would these groups hide themselves always with EL names like Eastern Lightning, al Qaida, El Loco brothers, and all the rest. El this and ‘L’ that and all the ‘A’-‘L’ arab names pronounced EL?! What does L stand for? Lord?! Don’t be giving me any of your Lucifer crap! You have no idea who or what Lucifer is. Lucifer, Satan, Diablo, Legion, the Beast 666, the antichrist, Beelzebub…only Devil is The Devil! Understood?! Oh, wait just one moment. Hello…Miss?

Helena: Melanja. Helena Melanja. I am queen of the modeling world.

Devil: You certainly are. Not only that, I have been watching you all and you, Helena, have been the most resourceful, intelligent, and held back as well. You will be my assistant. Where was I? Oh yes. Satan stands for the Hebrew symbols that mean ‘unknown enemy’! Unknown enemy! Hell-o! If you are worshiping an unknown enemy to give strength and energy to that unknown enemy then you are outright insane. After a while your energy will create an unknown enemy if you don't already have one. Perhaps you all should pray to God because no Devil would accept you lot of losers. It's no wonder you are here. God guided you down a path to screw me up. Every time the same! I don't ever remember it being worse. How many now present here including us, legs? Thirteen?

Antoinette: That’s correct. Thirteen after you…outed El Mumo.

Devil: Come next to me, Helena, and escort me as I sort out this trash that call themselves the new world order. The underground and higher high society controlling sex and drugs?! What a pile of shit! Sexual and drug extremes would exist in any folk or species in such population numbers after generations of war and suffering. That is to be expected. Attempting to hide and control what naturally evolves is stupid. You cannot do a better job than nature and hiding it and controlling it only slows it down or stops it from naturally evolving including beyond your boosted states. No scientists here?! Never mind. One thing at a time. Thirteen members?! Why?! Because thirteen is unlucky?! If something is unlucky then don’t be using it you fools! And if you all were lucky thirteen altogether than what am I? Unwanted fourteen, no more thirteen?! Idiots! You call yourselves my followers to lead world domination with me and witness Armageddon?! Hahahaha! Whatever happens, all of you promise not to offer to sell your souls. What a rip off that would be. I mean, look at you all. You?! What is your name?

U.R. Ricky: Ricky.

Devil: Ricky what?!

U.R. Ricky: U.R. Ricky.

Devil: U.R. Ricky?! And what does the U.R. stand for?

U.R. Ricky: Nothing. It is my code name. Like Eureka but, U.R. Ricky. Get it?

Devil: Your Icky?! I get it. I am cursed.

U.R. Ricky: I control the internet and computer systems of the underground.

Devil: So what?! Any existence among mankind will need computer specialists whether good or evil. What makes you so special to be a top member?! You look like a geek that has been doing too many chemicals. What do you call that what you are wearing? A cape with sleaves?

U.R. Ricky: This is my black mantle. It’s the goth look.

Devil pulverizes Ricky to a bloody pulp and throws him out the window.

Devil: In the dark ages, when evil was truly spreading everywhere, angel warriors would dress themselves with the 'goth look' in their underground of the underground that eventually led to the downfall of evil in the 17 and 1800s. And now he and his rebel types want to claim to be loyal to this Devil?! Rebels are traitors! They rebel or mutiny against their leadership. So what does this mean?! Are some of you reformed and redeemed goody two shoes or what?! And then you advertise with that angel warrior look from yesterday. Did you know that centuries before those warrior angels dressed gothic they dressed themselves in Arab style robes and scarves with abundant colors like Jesus Christ and his disciples. Following the crucifixion of Jesus at Skull Point, terrorist pirates of the sea decided to dress with robes and colors to add insult to injury as with the skull and cross bones flag. They eventually took control of the globe along with the criminal monarchs of the time until the pirate hunters came out of nowhere in the 1700s dressed in their gothic look, cape and all, and took out the entire global network of terrorists and their pirates. You people just never learn and everything you learn you forget. I know, you are all illiterate school drop outs. Am I right? That is just fucking great! A group of illiterate and uneducated fools want to represent me as loyal followers with global domination. What kind of membership program do you have here? And who the hell does your recruiting in my name? Jesus Christ reborn scouting for the stupidest members he can find?! The goth look?! Almost sounds like the God look, for fuck sakes! Any other gothly types here? I'm telling you all, its my way or out the window with you!

to be continued...

Archives Of The Devil Master Volume V

The Long Island Horrors!
Queen, A Night At the Opera, ‘Death On Two Legs (Dedicated to… . …’

1924-34…greater NEW YORK area...The Werewolf Of Wysteria
Albert Hamilton Fish (May 19, 1870 – January 16, 1936) was an American sado-masochistic serial killer and cannibal suspected in a series of sexual assaults and murders of boy children. He was also known as the Gray Man, the Werewolf of Wysteria and the Brooklyn Vampire. He boasted that he had ‘had children in every State,’ putting the figure at around 100, although it is not clear whether he was talking about molestation or cannibalization. He was an official suspect in at least five killings in his lifetime. Fish confessed to three murders that police were able to trace to a known homicide, and confessed to stabbing at least two other people. He was put on trial for the kidnap and murder of Grace Budd, and was convicted and executed via electric chair at Sing Sing Prison in New York on January 16, 1936.

1935...NASSAU County...Black Eyed Borgia
Mary Frances Avery Creighton, The media nicknamed her "Borgia." She married John Creighton and they had one child together, a daughter named Ruth. Mary and her husband John had been arrested for the death of her brother, Raymond Avery, who was poisened by a lethal dose of Arsenic. Mary had been named as a beneficiary in his insurance policy and also inherited his trust fund. Their parents died when she was a teenager. She was acquiited after a trial in Newark, New Jersey, within days of the verdict, she was arrested for the death of her father in law. After a trial, she again was found not guilty. After that verdict, they relocated to Long Island, New York. In the small town of Baldwin, New York, they befriended a couple named Everett and Ada Appelgate, he was 37, she was 34. This was in the height of the Great Depression, the Applegates moved in with the Creightons to save money. They too had one daughter, Agnes was 12, by this time Mary's daughter Ruth was 14. Everett Applegate started sexually molesting Ruth, forcing her to sleep with him and his wife. Soon Ruth's mother Mary, joined into the arrangement, also the Applegates young daughter Agnes was being molested as well. In September of 1936, Ada complained of feeling ill. She went to the hospital, they could find nothing wrong and sent her home, several days later she died. They listed death as of unknown causes, speculating she died of pneumonia. But Mary's past came back to haunt her. Nassau County got word of her past relatives that died mysteriously. An investigation insued into the death of Ada, performing an autopsy. It showed she died from a massive dose of arsenic.Mary Creighton and Everett Applegate was arrested and a trial began. She admitted to the crime, trying to put the blame on Ada's husband, Everett, who forced her to do it. Mary had went to the store and bought the rat poisen. They both were found guilty of 1st degree murder with a mandatory death sentence. Appeals were filed, but all failed. Over the next few months Mary became seriously ill, probably due to hysteria, her legs appeared paralyzed, she lost alot of weight. The day of the execution she wore pink pajama's and a black kimono. The back of her head shaved. She had to be wheeled into the death chamber at Sing-Sing Prison in a wheel chair. She seemed almost in a coma-like state. Partially out of fear, partially out of gaining sympathy. She had visited with her daughter Ruth the day before, telling her to take care of her daddy. Mary was just 36, a week before she was to be 37. She was strapped into the electric chair and electrocuted. Everett was next in line, head shaved, also was electrocuted.

1940s...NASSAU..."Miss Lonely Hearts" killers
The “Miss Lonely Hearts” killers Raymond Fernandez and Martha Beck went on a 1940s killing spree that earned them a trip to the electric chair in 1951.

1954...SUFFOLK...Kathryne Dammed
Kathryne Damm was murdered on October 4, 1954, and finally received justice when her killer was convicted 26 years later, giving her case the longest break between murder and conviction in U.S. history. On the night of her death, Kathryne, 52, a Lindenhurst housewife and grandmother, arrived at the Alcove Bar and Grill for her usual evening of drinking. Another patron, Otto Schaaf, remembering that night 26 years later, said he arrived at the bar a few hours after Kathryne, and spotted her dancing on the top of one of the tables, with patrons whistling and cheering. Kathryne and a companion remained at the bar until 3 a.m., when the man offered her and Otto a ride home. The three left the bar together after the man called to Kathryne, "C'mon, grandma, let's go." The driver, whom Otto had never met before, dropped him off at his son's house in Lindenhurst, then drove off into the night with Kathryne Damm. The assumption that Kathryne knew her killer was supported by her husband, a retired New York Fire Department lieutenant, who said, "She wouldn't go home with a stranger." The next morning, her mutilated body was found outside Pinelawn National Cemetery. Suffolk County Coroner Joseph Mauceri called the attack, "violent, frenzied, insane and senseless." She had been sexually mutilated and left to bleed to death. Police believed she had been attacked outside her companion's car. There was a pool of blood next to tire tracks found near the body. Her clothes were scattered about and her body was found nude, except for one shoe. With numerous clues such as a description of the man last seen with the victim, the make and model of the car he drove, a footprint found near the body, and a tire impression, an arrest seemed imminent. Fast-forward to 1979. Kathryne's killer is still unknown. An anonymous phone call from a woman who said she heard a man brag about the killing in 1954 points to Rudolph John Hoff, who was an original suspect but was released when patrons from the bar could not pick him out of a lineup. On his arrest a quarter-century later, Hoff confessed, but the confession was ruled inadmissable. His conviction in 1970 for a similar sexual attack was also ruled inadmissable. With witnesses dead and evidence missing, the only hope for a conviction was the testimony of Hoff's ex-wife. Hoff and his wife, Gurli, had married in Germany, and he brought his new bride home with him after World War II. Gurli said she never spoke of what she saw the night of Kathryne's murder because Hoff's family had threatened her with the loss of her children and deportation. Gurli testified that she awoke at 4:30 a.m. the night of the murder to find her husband washing blood from his clothes. He explained to her that he had gotten into a fight. Later, Gurli said she found a blood-stained belt that had fallen behind the washing machine in the basement. She buried the belt in a jar in the backyard as what she called "an insurance policy." She testified that years later she inadvertently dug up the jar and threw it away. While stationed in England in 1944, Hoff visited a fortune teller, who said she saw him "surrounded by bars." Twenty-six years after Kathryne's murder, her convicted killer was finally sent to be surrounded by them for life. He remains in Attica prison.

1955...NASSAU...The shooting of the century
Socialite Ann Woodward, who claimed she believed she was shooting at a prowler, kills her millionaire husband, Billy Woodward Jr., with a shotgun blast in the hallway of their 12-room mansion in Oyster Bay Cove on Oct. 30, 1955. He owns Nashua, the best racehorse in the country worth a cool $20 million. A grand jury did not indict her. Years later, she committed suicide.

1974...SUFFOLK...The Amityville Horrors
Ronald DeFeo Jr. allegedly kills all six of his family members Nov. 13, 1974, in what was dubbed the “Amityville Horror.” Two Suffolk homicide detectives lead him to his booking in Hauppauge. The crime scene inspired a controversial book and film that portrayed a family's experiences inside the home a year after the murders. They claimed the house was haunted and left less than a month later.

1979...SUFFOLK...Murder of 13-year-old John Pius
John Pius, 13, was found dead April 20, 1979, behind a Smithtown elementary school with six small stones jammed down his throat just feet away from his bicycle. The wooded area is just beyond the playground area of Dogwood Elementary School.

1982...NASSAU...The Seacrest Diner Incident
On May 28/29, five young men -- Mr. Martin, Robert Samuels, Bruce Garrison, and the brothers Michael and Robert Williams, all aged 18 to 22 -- made plans to go to ''Babylon,'' the name they used not just for the town in Suffolk County but for all of Long Island, a place they later described to interrogators as the ''land of milk and honey.'' The gang's first move, at 11:15 P.M., was to the Patio Gardens Garage on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn. They robbed and beat the attendant and six others in the garage, and left shortly before midnight with more than $2,400 in cash, eight gold rings, five gold necklaces, a portable television and a black 1981 Cadillac. Driving south into Plainview, they came to Montclair Road, where they saw cars parked in front of a corner home. By 12:20 A.M. the party was beginning to break up. The elder Mr. Reilly had already gone to sleep, and Mrs. Reilly was watching television in the living room. But there were still 22 people in the house. The gang members surrounded the house and stopped three guests who were leaving. One gang member stayed outside while the rest, armed with blackjacks, pistols, a rifle and a sawed-off shotgun, entered the Reilly home. Everyone was ordered to strip. Some were beaten, two women were raped and one woman was sodomized. A gang member urinated on one of the guests. Having stolen almost $2,000 in cash, about $6,000 in jewelry and numerous appliances, the Sutter Avenue Boys left the Reilly house and drove back onto the Northern State Parkway, exiting at Glen Cove Road, about 10 miles away. Driving north on Glen Cove past Jericho Turnpike, they saw a diner called the Sea Crest. The first thing the gang members noticed, they told the police later, was that the Sea Crest had no windows. They decided it would be a perfect place to rob. More than 80 people were in the Sea Crest that night. It was a popular place for a cup of coffee or a reasonably priced meal. The restaurant was a large one, and the grandest view was of the revolving dessert display, placed strategically at the front door. It was 1 A.M. One gang member parked the car while another went through the back door and the rest went through the front. Shouting for everyone to get down on the floor, the gang quickly took control of the restaurant. All the patrons and staff were robbed of their money and jewelry. Some people were beaten. Then the real torture began. Everyone was ordered to take off his or her clothes. Then everyone was ordered to have sex. Anyone who refused sexual contact was ferociously beaten; two patrons were shot and wounded. A waitress was raped by a gang member. Nicholas Bouloukas, owner of the Sea Crest, was severely beaten, but when the gang left the diner just before 2 A.M., he was the one who phoned the police.

1984...SUFFOLK...The Acid King
Ricky "The Acid King" Kasso murdered 17-year-old acquaintance Gary Lauwers in Northport, Long Island, New York on June 16, 1984. Two other teens, Jimmy Troiano and Albert Quinones, were present at the murder, which took place in the Aztakea Woods of Northport while all four were high on mescaline. The murder became sensational news in the New York area and across the nation due to the torture of Lauwers and the Satanic ritualistic aspects of the murder. Many people also found the pictures and video of Kasso's arrest, in which he is smiling at the camera in a joking manner, to be particularly disturbing. He often took drugs, mainly marijuana, LSD (hence the nickname "Acid King"), PCP, and mescaline. He also dealt drugs in Northport and dabbled in the occult and Satanism and was a member of a loosely-organized cult at Northport High School called "Knights of the Black Circle". They held Satanic ceremonies mostly in Northport, but they were said to have celebrated Walpurgisnacht at the infamous Amityville Horror house in 1984. The conflict between Kasso and Lauwers had started several months earlier when Lauwers stole 10 bags of angel dust from Kasso's jacket, while he was passed out at a party. Kasso confronted him soon after the incident. Lauwers gave back five of the ten bags and promised to pay $50 for the five bags that he had used, but failed to pay back the money, and Kasso beat him on four separate occasions. On the night of the murder, Kasso had invited Lauwers along, saying that he was ready to forgive the incident and wanted to be friends. After taking several hits of mescaline, the teens started a small fire in the woods, using Lauwers' socks and the sleeves from his denim jacket as kindling for the wet firewood. The situation escalated when Kasso suggested that they use some of Lauwers' hair in the fire. Kasso then scuffled with Lauwers, bit him on the neck and stabbed him in the chest. Kasso continued his assault over an extended period of time (perhaps hours). Quinones claims that Troiano helped Kasso and held Lauwers during the attack. However, during his testimony (once he had immunity) Quinones did take responsibility for holding Lauwers down as well as chasing him and dragging him back when he ran. Lauwers was stabbed somewhere between 17 and 36 times, incurred burns, and had his eyeballs gouged. His face was severely disfigured from the attack and he died during the night. In the aftermath, Kasso bragged to friends about his "human sacrifice". Kasso stated to some that he murdered because a black crow brought him a message from Satan, telling him to do so. He even brought several disbelieving teens to see Lauwers' decomposing body. However, it wasn't until two weeks went by, on July 1st, that the murder was reported to the police. On July 4, 1984, police recovered the decomposing and mutilated body of Gary Lauwers. On July 7, two days after his arrest, Kasso committed suicide by hanging himself in his jail cell. In 1991, Ricky's father also killed himself.

1984/85...SUFFOLK/NASSAU/QUEENS...devil worship cult
The mid 80s was a time for several rapes and murders aimed at teenage girls throughout Long Island with evidence suggesting that the crimes had been committed by a mobile group or cult including three or more young men.

1987...SUFFOLK...Richard Angelo, the "Angel of Death"
Angelo, 26, killed several patients at Good Samaritan Hospital in West Islip. His goal was to inject patients with various drugs to cause a near-death state, and then "save" them so he could appear heroic. Angelo failed to bring many of his victims back to life and was later caught and arrested. He was found guilty of two counts of second-degree murder, among other charges, and was sentenced to 61 years in prison.

1987...SUFFOLK...Murder on Christmas Eve
Lisa Solomon was choked to death on Christmas Eve and dumped near the Huntington Station apartment she shared with her husband, Matthew. He reported her missing, but later was arrested and confessed in 1988.

1988...SUFFOLK...Martin Tankleff's story
Seymour and Arlene Tankleff were found bludgeoned and slashed to death in their Belle Terre mansion. Police arrived at a brutal crime scene. Marty Tankleff told a 911 operator his father was still alive and "gushing blood" from the neck. His mother was nearly decapitated and already dead in the master bedroom when investigators arrived early December 7. Arlene Tankleff was already dead when police arrived, but her husband, Seymour, survived in a coma for 29 days before succumbing to his wounds. Son, Martin Tankleff, was convicted of their murders in 1990 but the conviction was vacated on appeal 17 years later.

1989...NASSAU...The murder of Kelly Ann Tinyes
On March 3, 1989, Kelly Ann Tinyes, 13, is stabbed, beaten and sexually mutilated in a house on Horton Road in Valley Stream owned by the family of Robert and John Golub. A day later, police find her body in a basement closet at the home — five doors away from her own house. For eight weeks in 1990 a televised, scientific drama is played out in court — with DNA evidence used to convict Robert, 21, of murder on March 23, 1989.

1989...SUFFOLK...Why Did Jessica Manners Leave?
STONY BROOK, L.I., On March 27, Shocked and saddened, residents of the Strathmore neighborhood here were asking one question over and over today: Why did 14-year-old Jessica Manners leave her house late Saturday? On Sunday morning, Jessica's nude body was found dumped on a rocky embankment near the edge of Setauket Harbor, about five miles from her home. The Suffolk County police said today that she had been strangled but that they had no suspects or motive in the case, the second murder of a teen-age girl on Long Island in the last month.

1992...NASSAU...The Long Island Lolita
Amy Elizabeth Fisher is a woman who became known as "the Long Island Lolita" by the media in 1992, when, at the age of 17, she shot and severely wounded Mary Jo Buttafuoco, the wife of her lover Joey Buttafuoco. She was initially charged with first-degree attempted murder, but eventually pleaded guilty to first-degree aggravated assault and served six years in prison. After her parole in 1999, Fisher became a journalist and writer, before embarking on a career as a pornographic actress in 2007. Involved in an affair with Baldwin auto body shop owner Joey Buttafuoco, Fisher goes to his house in Massapequa on May 19, 1992, and shoots his wife, Mary Jo, in the face with a .25-caliber pistol. Mary Jo survives.

1992-93...SUFFOLK...The kidnapping of Katie Beers
Katie Beers was kidnapped and sexually abused in an underground Bay Shore chamber belonging to family friend John Esposito for more than two weeks. She was found alive 17 days later on January 19, 1993.

1993...NASSAU...Colin Ferguson and the LIRR Massacre
Claiming white people are holding him down, Jamaican immigrant Colin Ferguson opens fire with a 9-millimeter handgun inside a Long Island Rail Road train as it arrives at Merillon Avenue station in Garden City on the evening of Dec. 7, 1993. He kills six and wounded 19 others before being overwhelmed by three passengers. The shootings spark national outcry for handgun reform and persuades nurse Carolyn McCarthy, whose husband, Dennis, was killed and son, Kevin, was wounded, to run for Congress. Ferguson gets 315 years and 8 months-to-life in Attica on January 19, 1994.

1993...NASSAU...Serial Killer Rifkin
Joel David Rifkin (born January 20, 1959) is an American serial killer convicted of the murder of nine women (although it is believed he killed as many as 17), mostly drug addicted prostitutes, between 1989 and 1993 in New York City. Although Rifkin often hired prostitutes in Brooklyn and Manhattan, he lived in East Meadow.

1994...SUFFOLK...The Suffolk County sniper
Peter Sylvester of Nesconset confessed to shooting five people, killing one. He targeted victims with a high-powered rifle over 13 frightening days in the summer of 1994 and was sentenced to 35 years to life in prison on September 12, 1995.

1998...SUFFOLK...Hidden in Minivan
BAY SHORE, N.Y., January 24, a 41-year-old Long Island mother who worked part time caring for the elderly was found strangled late Thursday in her minivan in a supermarket parking lot, possibly the victim of a carjacking or random robbery, the Suffolk County police said today. The body of the victim, Donna Bocklet, was discovered by a family friend who had joined a search party organized by the woman's husband, Richard M. Bocklet, after he returned home from work Thursday afternoon and found her missing, the police said. Mrs. Bocklet was last seen alive at 8 A.M. Thursday by her husband, who is a nurse, and their two children, Ryan, 9, and Dana, 6, said Detective Lieut. John Gierasch of the Suffolk police.


2001...SUFFOLK...Murder in the Hamptons
Ted Ammon, a wealthy banker and chairman of Jazz at Lincoln Center was beaten to death by his wife’s boyfriend in East Hampton as their divorce was days from being finalized. Daniel Pelosi received the maximum sentence, though he maintained his innocence, saying he was "the victim of media and of circumstance."

2007...NASSAU...Strangled by wife
On August 18, 2008, Kelly Forbes, 29, was sentenced in a Nassau County court to 21 years in prison for strangling her husband, Michael Forbes, 50, to death last November.

2008-10...SUFFOLK...The Patchogue hate-crime trial of Jeffrey Conroy
Jeffrey Conroy, 19, was convicted of manslaughter in the 2008 fatal stabbing of Ecuadorean immigrant Marcelo Lucero and of second-degree attempted assault as a hate crime in attacks on three other Hispanic men. The Medford teenager faces 8 to 25 years behind bars in what District Attorney Thomas Spota's office said is the first hate-crime conviction in Suffolk County in a case involving a death.

2010...SUFFOLK...Gang Boss Ross
The trial of Reginald Ross, a Yaphank man accused in the 2010 ”cold-blooded, execution-style murders” of two men in Ronkonkoma and Holbrook begins on Wednesday, Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota said. Ross, 37, is charged with two counts of second degree murder in the deaths of 51-year-old Raymond Hirt and 39-year-old John Williams. Prosecutors say Ross shot construction crew flagman Hirt to death on May 24, 2010 because Ross felt that Hirt had “disrespected” him by making him wait at a construction site on Portion Road in Ronkonkoma. Five months later, prosecutors say Ross fatally shot Williams in front of Williams’s Holbrook home on Geery Avenue. “Mr. Williams was killed because Ross had a plan to lure a friend of Williams’ to his funeral, where he intended to take the life of that man too because of a disputed drug deal,” Spota said. Spota said Ross, an alleged member of the Crips street gang, killed Hirt, of Mastic Beach, because when Ross complained of being held up in traffic at the construction site, Hirt told him there was nothing he could do. “The defendant then stalked Hirt for more than a week before shooting him in the neck as the victim ate breakfast in his car on Beech Street near the construction site,” Spota said. A Holbrook man, Luis Cherry, was sentenced to 63 years to life in prison earlier this month for his role in the murder of Williams.

2010...SUFFOLK...The Ocean Parkway serial killer
in December of 2010, a grisly discovery was made along Ocean Parkway in Gilgo Beach. Police found four sets of remains less than a mile apart -- all prostitutes in their 20s who advertised online. Since, an extensive search has led to 10 sets of remains found in Nassau and Suffolk, and has led police to believe there may be more than one killer at large.

2011...SUFFOLK...Medford Murders
In June of 2011, David Laffer 33 murdered 4 innocent people in the Haven Pharmacy.

2011...NASSAU...Daughter should die
EAST MEADOW, N.Y., A prosecutor says a Long Island woman fed her disabled 8-year-old girl candy she was allergic to, then tried to kill herself and left a note that said “her daughter should die.” Veronica Cirella, 30, of Plainview was charged with manslaughter at her arraignment Sunday at the Nassau University Medical Center. Police said both mother and daughter Julie were discovered on the floor of their home unconscious by the girl’s grandmother Saturday morning. Julie had a cord around her neck. The child had cerebral palsy. She was supposed to be a flower girl in her cousin’s wedding that very day.

story two: The 13th Chapter Part 2
A second round meeting takes place with those who survived the first meeting and were given a second chance with Devil’s RAT, Regards And Tips. Replacements with evaluations having similar results and dissimilar reactions from Devil and his new council are shown, and more.

Archives Of The Devil Master VI
dedicated to Charles’, Charlies, and Chucks everywhere…

story one: Charlie XYZ
A space vessel of the C.C.C. (Cosmic Continuum Cops) is shown leaving Federate space after a rendez-vouz with the starship, ‘S.U.U. Entertainment’. Charlie Y has taken possession of the vessel during his escape from custody. Inside, we see Charlie and a kidnapped crew member of the starship Entertainment, Yeoman Jan Ran.

Jan demands to be released and returned. Charlie explains how he needs her to show him how to get along on Earth in the 23rd century. She refuses and Charlie Y uses his telepathic rolling eyes to put Jan under his power. She is now content with the situation.

In Earth's orbit they are told to identify themselves. Jan communicates that they are king and queen of the Krypton Colony looking to make first contact after picking up communications from Earth on their way to the ‘shake n bake convention’ on a nearby parallel plain of existence. They are invited to land.

Charlie Y knocks out the security with his eye rolling telepathic power using spontaneous combustion. The bodies of the security agents burst into flames. Charlie and Jan look at each other with satisfaction.

Jan takes Charlie to a futuristic night club called ‘Backward 10’ and a party with humans, Klingers, and Cardassers. Music from ‘KC and the Sunshine Band’ is playing with Jan and Charlie Y seated at the bar. A Cyborg bartender serves them cocktails as they survey the premises for potential victims.

Jan: So Charles, when are you gonna’ continue your serial killing before you bore me to death?

Charlie Y: My cutie pie, we need a theme.

Jan: A theme?

Charlie Y: Sure. Let us consider who we have killed since our arrival. Two security officials using my power of spontaneous combustion. What else? Two friends and colleagues killed slow and painfully. That give you any ideas cupcake?

Jan: I'm not sure. Two victims? Should we stay with two victims or go to three or four?

Charlie Y: Now you get the drift. You make me proud. An important rule of thumb is not to get carried away with the body count, so let us stick with two victims. What about the victims being friends?

Jan: We look for two meanies that don't like each other this time?

Charlie: Correct! My compliments, two unfriendly victims. And since we used fire and combustion last time let's use water and drowning this time.


Charlie Y and Jan Ran take to the dance floor as music from the The Clash blasts, ‘Rock the Casbah’. They dance provocative and arrogant to see which guests are easily intimidated.

They intensify their provocative dancing focusing around a Klinger and a Cardasser slowly getting aggressive. Jan challenges the two to step outside with Charlie Y where he offers the challengers a fair fight. Because the Klinger and Cardasser are many times stronger than humans they should all fight with honor in a body of water to even the odds. They all agree and make their way to the 24th century aquarium zoo.

They enter the aquarium zoo. While looking around they notice a sign on a large aquarium that states 'Coming soon...Giant Anderrian Killer Crabs' but the sign suddenly blurs as Charlie Y rolls his eyes. Suddenly the sign reads In preparation for the coming exotic Valcon Seaweed Plants.

The Klinger and Cardasser fall for the ploy and all four jump in together. Charlie Y rolls his eyes and he and Jan just float above the water surface while the Klinger and Cardasser, swimming underneath the water, try to gain clear vision of their opponents.

Suddenly, a school of Anderrian Killer Crabs comes out of the sanded water floor. The Klinger and Cardasser are brutally ripped apart by the Anderrian Crabs.

Charlie Y: I think it is time we tried out some of the local killing methods, sweet cheeks. Any suggestions?

Jan: Let us provoke two security officers, steal their laser energy guns, and zap them dead.

Charlie Y: Cool idea, but not so quickly. Remember, the art of serial killing. Okay, let's see, two security officers. First two victims were friendly, the next two mean, and these next two...mmh... How about two strangers this time from a strange land?

Jan: That is so poetic. But how do we choose them?

Charlie Y: It's your home turf. What species fits the bill?

Jan: I know, Rolumans!

Charlie: Where do we find these Rolumans?

Jan: On the Neutral Stone.

With the stolen vessel they take off with warped velocity drive to the Roluman Neutral Stone. During the flight, they examine the hand laser energy pistol guns. They put the vessel on automatic and both go into the weapons closet and shut the door behind them. Then the door opens slightly again as Charlie hangs a ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door.

Later, a light flashes signaling their proximity to the Neutral Stone in the Nimbo System.

Charlie switches control back to manual and orders the computer to scan the Neutral Stone for Rolumans. The computer complies and they teleport two Rolumans on board. The two Rolumans look oriental with extreme pointed chins.

Roluman 1: Who are you? What is the meaning of this?

Roluman 2: I warn you, we are expert martial artists and impervious to pain.

Charlie Y: Oh yea? That and two credits will buy you a bag of chips.

Charlie Y activates the vessel's inner defense system to target the two Rolumans but they vanish.

Charlie Y: That's it? This 23rd century technology is just too boring and unimaginative for a true serial killer. It's way too easy.

Jan: What do you suggest?

Charlie Y takes out a Roluman sword and smiles with satisfaction.

Charlie Y: I suggest the old-fashioned styles and methods.

*SLICE* ...and Jan's head is decapitated from her torso and rolls into a corner.

Charlie Y: A corner in one! I still got it. Computer?!

Compu: Compu ready to receive instructions.

Charlie Y: Initiate time warp heading 21st century Earth.

Charlie Y plays with the navigation programs of the space vessel, looking at the big cities of Earth, and then he grins at the views of Los Angeles, California.

story two: Helter Skelter
In California in the late 1960s Charles Manson formed the "Manson Family", an insane apocolyptic religious sect of drugs, torture, and murder. Manson was arrested and sentenced to death, which was changed to life imprisonment, and remains in custody at the Corcoran State prison. Manson gained international attention when his murders began to include celebrities and during the high profile trial after his arrest.

This film short creepshow begins with the full length version of the Iron Butterfly song "In A Gadda Da Vida". There is no real written script to this episode. The film shows a psychedelic music video of morbid colors and gruesome scenes of brutal orgies, bloody beatings and twisted initiation rites that make you laugh while gagging in horror. I have the disgusting but artistic scenes in my mind that would be put together in rhythm to the song which is about 17 minutes long. Enough time to show a funny disgusting film short in forms of colors, shadows, and behind the scenes lunatic behavior of the Manson sect. With the right team helping me it would be a wild ride.

story three: Rhymes And Chimes
In the 1980s, serial killer Charles Ng escaped the nationwide police manhunt and blended in with the China Town of Toronto, Canada. As he settled in to the lifestyle, he finds Inspector Chang of the Toronto Police a fun target. As the body count rises in China Town Toronto, a mix of prose and provocation begins to crawl under the skin of Inspector Chang of MTPD as Ng leaves poems reminiscent of The Joker and Batman in the comics that tantalize, insult, and leave clues for the next round. The climax leads to a Halloween who's who of goblins and serial killers...or are they Chang's men???

story four: The Choker
Around New England in the early 1960s fourteen women were sexually assaulted and murdered usually by strangulation using the victim's nylon stockings. On October 27th 1964, a stranger entered a young lady's home posing as a detective. After he tied the lady to the bed and sexually assaulted her, the stranger began to cry and left the premises after saying 'sorry'. The description of this man led to the arrest and conviction of Albert DeSalvo after he also allegedly confessed the crime to a prison cell mate. He was reportedly murdered in prison by fellow inmates that were never identified. Since then much doubt has filled the case as to whether DeSalvo really was the ‘Boston Strangler’ or just a scapegoat used to fool the public after the true events that led to the end of the Boston Strangler serial killings were covered up. Most experts now conclude that the real Boston Strangler, also known as ‘The Phantom Strangler’, was never caught.

Here is the third alternative to the events that led to the series of strangulations…

Big business tycoon Chuck Banks is flying home first class aboard a commercial flight in his business suit and the necktie he only wears on the day of a return flight, bright red with a black knife pointed down.

He daydreams about his nagging wife at home complaining before leaving and the three kids terrorizing him. He also dreams of his stressful business ventures. The meetings, the boring parties, crooked cab drivers, lousy food, being pressured by hookers he refuses because of his wife while she is cheating on him with his best friend during his constant traveling, etc. Also, the dog doesn’t know him and attacks him. It’s all in good deed though and so he can get a signature for a business contract.

The sexy stewardess recognizes Banks and begins to flirt heavily with him and invites him to the lavatory. Banks declines leaving the stewardess very insulted. He orders a few whiskeys. He dreams some more about his violent childhood and abusing father. The only thing Banks enjoys at the moment is his 100 piece tie collection his wife hates. After landing, Banks realizes his carry-on briefcase is gone and the stewardess cannot help him. He is told to wait and see if another passenger took it by mistake. If not, he surely has insurance.

Banks is upset and angry now that his important signed contracts are gone. His frustrations increase as the last of the baggage claim is brought and still no sign of his. He reports his luggage missing and the customs officials become suspicious of Banks having absolutely no luggage. They take him aside and strip search him. He is released with an apology and told his luggage was loaded on the wrong flight. He decides it is time to go home when he realizes his priceless gold watch is missing but customs officials have no idea what he is talking about.

Banks exits the airport into the pouring rain and jumps into a taxi. They get stuck in a huge traffic jam when the highway is closed down for five hours due to an oil truck accident.

Once home Banks makes his way to the front door when a poodle jumps out from the bushes and bites his knee bloody before running off. Inside, Banks finds the house empty and a letter from his wife stating she and the kids have left him for his best friend. He finds his secret stash of whiskey and gets drunk.

Banks is awoken the next day by the police who question him about allegations from a stewardess claiming Banks tied her to a hotel bed with her nylon stockings and sexually assaulted her. They tell him not to leave town while they check out his alibi. He attempts to continue with the whiskey finding only a drop left. He turns on the TV to watch the business news. The headlines are all about the famous entrepreneur, Charles Ludwig Banks and the allegations of sexual misconduct. 'There goes my career even if I disprove the allegations' he thinks and makes his way upstairs to the shower. He opens his closet to find his 100 piece tie collection cut up to threads. He stares at them for a while, caressing the pieces, when suddenly he begins to 'snap'.

His surroundings become black and white and somewhat blurred. The series of unlucky events from the last few days play out in his head as his new purpose in life come into focus.

An amusing but brutal three minute collection of the fourteen Boston Strangler murders are shown ending with victim Mary Sullivan in January 1964. Most victims left with their nylon stockings tied around their neck like a business tie.

While Banks is getting drunk later in a hotel room he is visited by the goblin from the Charles Ng episode. The goblin reveals himself as a spiritual hunter that has been after 'Charles' for a long time but has never been able to catch him because of his backwards time travel through history. The two begin a telekinetic magical fight which spreads out to the streets bringing the police who try to get involved but soon realize they are powerless against the two. They look on as the two continue to fight with a wild explosion of magic. As the goblin gains the upper hand the police again try to capture the two distracting the goblin and allowing Chuck to escape with a roll of the eyes. The goblin becomes angry telling the police who they let escape before vanishing himself.

The scene switches to Albert DeSalvo being arrested and how the police faked his guilt to relieve public tensions and take credit for stopping the Boston Strangler. Later, as DeSalvo decides to fight his case the police have him killed in prison.

story five: The Thirteenth Chapter Part 3
Two challengers put themselves between Devil and Devil’s way. Devil is not amused in the least especially with his She-Devil now on his side nagging and correcting every little thing.

Archives Of The Devil Master VII

story one: Marabunta
Seven Green Beret soldiers complete a successful mission in the jungles of Panama closing down a terrorist workshop hidden underground. The explosions destroying the terror nest also disturbs another nest being polished awaiting the Queen army ant being delivered by army ant guards as mating season is about to start. The disturbance puts the colony of 25 million ants on the alert warpath. The soldiers await pick up as they find themselves surrounded, and greatly outnumbered.

Sullivan: Holy fu--fuzz ball! Marabunta!

Ortega: Mara- who?

Sullivan: Marabunta. The native word for army ants.

Millovich: They dangerous?

Sullivan: The average Marabunta colony has a population of 15 million. When on a forage raid, on the warpath you could say, Marabunta leave nothing alive in their path that does not fly or run away in time, or is tree bark. They can devour or dissolve 500,000 animals a day with their regurgitated intestinal digestive fluids if they choose! Just one sting of their pincers are painful enough to cause the toughest macho to scream...if a swarm attacks...well, you can say your last prayer if you can ignore the excruciating pain while being dissolved alive. Shit--I mean, shoot!

No need to go on to know what an awesome horror that short would offer…

story two: Babysitter
based on a true story
18 March, 1950, Columbia, Missouri

Janett Christman is a mature and sexy 13 year old girl with energy and spunk. She arrives at the Romack family home on West Boulevard and Stewart Road to babysit three year old Gregory Romack. She is early and briefly joins the conversation the Romacks are having with close friend Robert Mueller who notes the sexual allure of Janett. Later that rainy night, a short while after Janett lays Gregory down for the night, she begins watching TV. Telephone terror warning Janett to check on the child scares her but she finds Gregory resting in peace. Back to TV, the telephone terror is getting so frightening she alerts Officer Roy McCowan who puts a trace on the next call coming from, as it turns out, inside the house. She screams, ‘Come quick!’ and charges out the front door into the arms of Robert Mueller there to retrieve his hat he left behind. He forces her back in the house and clubs her with his umbrella before raping her. She again struggles with him. He wraps an iron cord around her neck and kills her. He barely escapes leaving the place looking like an unknown intruder broke in as police arrive on the scenenearly a half hour after the phone call. The McCowan’s return home to a police barricade and Janett being removed from a pool of blood by the piano into a body bag. Robert Mueller has an alibi and sues the police for illegal arrest and holding.

That is where the story ends in the police archives but just begins in the archives of The Devil Master.

story three: Outside The Stillness
story by DUXe

Udo Dodge is a starving musician and hobby computer expert. Between gigs he spends most of his time experimenting with the internet. One night, while drunk, he stumbles on a glitch in his instant message experiments allowing him to stop messages while they're being transmitted, read them and then send them back on their way without registering a pause to the communicators.

The next day he shares his findings with his band members and they investigate the phenomena further. As the days go by they decide to tap into messages and information related to big music companies. They could find a way to manipulate the system and launch an international career.

The group begins with Sunny Music Entertainment who secretly work with the military on advanced interstellar communications. They uncover information that seems to indicate contact with extra-terrestrial life incorporating music as a form of communicating. They steal as much information as they can.

One day they tap into communications between military specialists and alien life forms. While using their freezing of message sending ability they realize that time all around them is also somehow frozen. Outside the apartment, cars, people, animals, clocks, all frozen in time. They devise a plan to change the names of the up and coming new musical talent of Sunny Music with their own names while time is frozen in their area. They do not check to see the range of the time freeze.

Huge ripples of timeline displacement begin to radiate outwards from Earth. Each ripple passing alien worlds cause devastating changes. An alien child is having breakfast with her mother and suddenly vanishes, leaving her mother never knowing if her daughter is alive or dead or what. An alien law enforcer vanishes just as he was arresting a criminal. A young alien home builder ages very old instantly.

The aliens track the ripples back to Earth and begin to consider if they are being betrayed by the humans. They launch an army of protective assault teams. After surrounding the Earth they identify the humans responsible and wait. Dodge and his band, now famous, begin a July 4th live concert broadcast on TV, radio and the internet. The aliens begin to torture them for all to witness live.

The military try to stop the aliens, in vain. The soldiers are also captured and tortured live for all to see. The aliens make an announcement explaining that humans have shown their criminal and betraying ways and how history shows the innate human obsession for war and enslavement of other lifeforms as well as their own. All humans are forbidden to have anymore internet access. All space research and travel is also strictly forbidden. Anybody attempting to do so will be tortured five times worse than the person before and left as an invalid. Murder, or killing of any kind, is against their laws.

The entire internet shuts down and the aliens depart. An asteroid shower is shown headed for Earth.

story four: Warning Warning
story by DUXe

August 18, 2011;
Craig Major is a young man in his 20s living in Manhattan working in a factory warehouse after successfully going through a heroin addiction therapy. Although clean and working, the experience has changed him and caused him to withdraw from the rest of the world. He finds refuge surfing the internet chatting with anyone willing to chat with him. Today he is looking through a chat room and stumbles on someone with the same chat name as he has, Bezy, which he finds odd and a little irritating.

August 21, 2011;
After a couple of days of arguing with the sometimes oddly funny, sometimes strangely depressed other Bezy, Craig begins to recall doing some internet surfing in his junkie days while on the streets of New York also using the nick name Bezy and chatting very similar messages as this Bezy especially those depressive messages made when in withdrawal.

September 9, 2011;
Craig discovers that somehow he is chatting with himself out of the past exactly ten years prior to the present date. That would be September 9th, 2001. Craig freaks and does his best to convince his other self about the upcoming terrorist attack targeting the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the White House. Eventually, he convinces his other self in the past to warn the authorities and gives him the airlines and flight numbers. After all, if untrue what can happen if he warns the authorities anonymously?

September 10, 2001;
The past Bezy finally calls the authorities anonymously and warns them. The authorities follow the anonymous lead and are actually able to prevent 9/11 from taking place. Bezy's telephone calls are traced, however, and suddenly Bezy has the CIA after him and goes on the run. Bezy is able to dodge the CIA agents as TV reports show president George W Bush discussing the failed terrorist attack and warning the terrorists that the arrested suicide pilots will be interrogated and used to find their headquarters. It is just a matter of time, promises president Bush.

September 18, 2001;
President Bush threatens annihilation of the terrorists now that he knows their location and network connections.

September 21, 2001;
This threat triggers panic among the terrorists and a new bin Laden video is released. In the video bin Laden explains that he is very insulted by the words of Bush and has decided to show the true strength of his network as he shouts, 'Death to the evil and satan possessed America!'.

October 3, 2001;
Two long range missiles filled with chemical and biological viruses are launched from a secret underground base in Afghanistan after receiving orders to fire from bin Laden's secret home in Pakistan. The missiles strike the heart of New York and Washington DC. America launches a counter attack and World War 3 breaks out.

October 3, 2010;
Pictures of a desolate and dead planet Earth are shown. Destruction, poisoned air, corpses, etc, litter the planet. Survivors are shown starving, sick, diseased, going insane, and young kids with genetic defects and handicapped due to the chemical and biological weapons. The camera eventually shows pictures of a destroyed New York. Eventually, the corpse of Craig is shown lying dead in the rubble of the World Trade Center.

story five: Camp Of The Living Dead
Five best friends are camping out telling ghost stories at night over a fire. The next morning one of them is up before the others hiking when a strange moving man with a stiff limp is seen approaching his way. She calls out to the stranger with an empty stare still approaching dragging his limping leg. The stranger is a zombie that pounds on the helpless young lady brutally killing her. He tears off her arm and begins to chow down on it as he continues on his way towards the others.

Eventually the camping area is infested with zombies in an awesome comic book style action horror ending with the breaking out of the lodge house they barricaded themselves in with the couple renting it, now dead, and the last two campers, Pete and Beth, barely escaping with their lives as they drive off with half a zombie torso hanging on the back of the car heading towards the nearest village.

Archives Of The Devil Master VIII

story one: Cybergod
The wives of a small group of male scientists make themselves the goddesses of cyber space after the men make a breakthrough enabling them to put them into a virtual life with their own rules that do not sit well with the real Cyberlife God in Heaven who decides to ‘draft’ a human and turn him into an unstoppable one man war machine by fusing with the circuitry of his brain.

story two: Awlers
The obsession to rid the world of viruses proves to be more complex than first imagined resulting in a war that humans could never win but, how do we communicate with those attacking in self defense? Creeping up on us beyond belief…

story three: Back From The Dead
based on the short story ‘The Monkey’s Paw’ by William Wymark Jacobs and ‘Wish You Were Here’ from the anthology film ‘Tales From The Crypt’ taken from issue 22 of ‘The Haunt Of Fear’ by Johnny Craig, Al Feldstein and William M. Gaines

Sargeant-Major Ralf Morris returns home from a tour in Pakistan with a gorgeous antique amulet for his wife, Edith, along with toys for the kids. Ralf tells Edith of the legend that the amulet once belonged to an old fakir and has magical powers to grant three wishes to its owner. According to the legend, the old fakir used his third wish to mysteriously wish for death which Edith finds both odd and fascinating. Ralf amusingly tells Edith to wish for something. She grabs hold of the amulet tightly that is now hanging around her neck and wishes for a fortune. Nothing happens as they both wait a few moments in silence and then begin to laugh. Ralf announces he needs a beer and gives Edith a kiss before driving off to the beer store. On the drive back, Ralf is surrounded by five bikers who begin to smash things on his car and try to drive him off the road. One pulls out a revolver and shoots the windshield. The situation escalates as the bikers remove their helmets to expose hideous, deformed faces hanging on skulls. A fatal accident leaves Ralf dead.

Edith is aghast with the news and even more so a few days later when the family lawyer visits with news of the fortune Edith will receive from her deceased husband’s life insurance worth millions. After a short while Edith grabs her amulet and wishes to have her Ralf back alive just as he was right before the accident. The doorbell rings and five strange men bring the corpse of Ralf resting in his coffin inside the house. Edith is appalled and shouting that Ralf is dead. One of the strangers tells her in a foreboding voice that Ralf died of a heart attack just before the accident and departs with the others. Edith uses her final wish to bring Ralf back to life forever not realizing that he was embalmed. Ralf awakens in his coffin screaming in agony due to the embalming fluids inside him. In desperation, Edith grabs a poker from the fireplace and tries to kill Ralf to put him out of his misery but because she wished him alive forever she cannot kill him. She tries again and again as Ralf’s screams of pain grow louder. Even decapitation leaves both a screaming head and a kinking torso alive. Ralf is now trapped with eternal pain, every bit of him alive forever.

story four: Leprachauns
inspired by a concept by DUXe

A luxurious room is shown filled with incredible antique gold jewelry, gold coins and bullion, a goose that lays golden eggs and a brewing pot filled with gold nuggets.

Fee Fye Fo Fum
I smell thee blood

Thee now be alive
Thee soon be dead
I shall grind thee bones
To bake in me bread

story five: Village Of The Living Dead
We pick up where we left off at the conclusion of Camp Of The Living Dead as Pete and Beth are driving and bickering leading to a scary crash. They are okay but must walk a little further to reach the village. A car races towards them out of the village direction and won’t stop. That is just the beginning as the two find the village littered with corpses. A few scattered zombies are seen. The two take refuge in an abandoned home and find booze and weed. They make themselves fully comfortable as the outside movement seems to die out. Pete is high and very curious as to what else he might find, for example in the boarded up cellar. He breaks the barricade open and finds only darkness and knee high water, and then more zombies. As the zombies devour Pete, Beth escapes and is able to find her way to the sheriff’s office where the last villagers are being cared for by the deputies on duty. She barely gets inside in time and joins the group watching the TV news coverage of the first zombie incidents in the big city. The deputies are planning a heavy artillery blowout.

Following an explosive climax, there are no survivors as the rescue chopper crashes and the newsman on TV describes the zombie invasion spreading as police and military forces take to the zombie ridden city streets.

Archives Of The Devil Master IX

story one: Back Waves
A satellite system using advanced and untested types of frequency waves unwittingly disintegrates the remaining Ozone leaving the planet openly exposed to all the sun’s rays bringing wild tornadoes and hurricanes as sea levels rise with galactic melting causing the poles to melt and the planetary axis to be lost meaning disasters of proportions unimaginable. Insects multiply fast and overrun everything and every place as spiders also flourish and proportionately in size. Everybody everywhere crowds together in the big cities and pandemonium breaks out. Eventually, the vegetation absorbs such intense and diverse sun rays for longer periods that they grow muscular and begin to slap people and drop branches, nuts or fruit on dog owners. They especially have their way with loggers with axes and saws and have the survivors replant everything they took down.

story two: Criptle
A young female athlete, Carrie Long, has a tragic accident performing gymnastic acrobatics. She awakens days later paralyzed. She is devastated as family and friends do their best to console. She quickly finds herself with telekinetic powers. She is also plagued by dreams of a mid aged lady working in a laboratory of microbiology assisting a renowned scientist.

As her new mind talents are researched and tested they gain strength as do the dreams that seem to be taking place in some kind of ground war. They are working on virus production and some sort of missile warhead with enough power to take out an entire continent.

She gets famous and begins doing public performances. Each performance has something greater and bigger to offer as she goes international doing late nite TV to advertise her stage performances. The dreams turn to nightmares as the missile warheads turn out to be intensive viral replication breeding grounds waiting to explode and grip an entire continent taking out only the human populations and leaving everything else intact after a matter of weeks. In addition, they have a cure for the virus for their partner clans existing in undergrounds, criminal syndicates such as drug cartels and art thieves.

Nightmares turn to frightening reality when Carrie is taken captive by the scientists and asked to join them or die. When she chooses to rather die they continue to offer more including all luxuries of accommodations, travel like a star, and technologies that even could enable her to walk and move again including sensations of the flesh like any other. She considers it for a moment but not really and again refuses to take part. They threaten to kill her family slowly before killing her. She replies that if they are going to commit genocide then her family will be dead and better off for it just like her. The scientists get mad and pull out a syringe and inject her with lethal toxins knocking her out and into the hands of her warm and handsome guardian angel. She has passed the test of a second chance after being part of WW2 scientists creating weapons of mass destruction in a previous life and will be part of a new bodily life along with her guardian angel who will guide her as mentor and film star while helping people understand why daredevil stunts are not real gymnastics and have no point or place in an intelligent civilization. After a few years the technological breakthroughs will have been tested to the point of going public with the first woman and first man formerly paralyzed and again walking with sensations and confidence. The man turns out to be the renowned scientist that went through a similar test with himself winning a second chance too.

Frightening reality turns out to be proof of lessons learned and ability to pay for a crime in part with courage and love and guidance from an angel helping others and improve the evolution of humanity. Scenes of the three of them waving at standing ovations are shown with headlines of the help they do before and after the technological revolution in robotics.

story three: Lunatics
Kass Miller works as an ambulance driver and tells his buddy about some of the gruesome and bloodcurdling remains he has seen during the serial killings of an unknown assailant in the area. We see what he describes in flashbacks of the hideous mallet killings. He comments on what a lunatic and sick man the killer is with his buddy when we see his buddy is really a doctor and he is in an asylum for the criminally insane, Kass Miller himself the serial killer.

story four: Mirror Image
story by Ayko aka Willy Muschiol based on Twilight Zone episode 21, ‘Mirror Image’ from Rod Serling

Paul and Melissa are on holidays at the airport waiting for a flight to Hawaii. Bad weather, overcrowding, and their flight being cancelled has tested the nerves of the two. Melissa goes to the ticket counter to ask about their luggage that was handed in for boarding. The ticket man snaps at Melissa asking why she asks him the same question three times now in fifteen minutes and that another plane is being charted but will take a few hours. Melissa assures the ticket man that she was not at the counter before that moment. He becomes annoyed demands she be patient and leave him to work. Paul is also out of patience and doesn’t want to hear about Melissa’s crazy stories of how she could have possibly gotten the flight coordinator steamed. She then thinks she sees a double of herself in the distant crowd and Paul asks if she has been drinking.

Later, in the restroom, a young, cranky businesswoman threatens Melissa to stop bothering her or else. Melissa tries to explain that she has never seen her before but she storms out. After washing her hands, behind her own reflection in the mirror, she sees a double of herself with a sinister grin but, nobody is there when she turns around just as someone exits. Melissa chases after her but she is not to be seen outside in the crowd. Melissa tells Paul about the incident and the two have a fight when he reminds her of her promise of no Star Trek not taking Melissa seriously. She explains that it could be an evil double from a parallel world, a nearby, yet distant alternate plain of existence that comes into convergence with this world by powerful forces, or unnatural, unknown events. When this happens, the malevolent imposters enter this realm. Melissa’s double can survive in this world only by eliminating and replacing her good counterpart, Melissa herself. Paul goes to find a drink.

A few hours later, the plane has finally arrived and is ready for boarding. No sign of the other Melissa until they are in the air and Melissa notices her double grinning when she looks over her shoulder and across the aisle. Paul has had enough of Melissa’s hallucinations and doesn’t want to see anything. Melissa pinches him hard and nags until he looks. He sees only a person sleeping with their head turned away that has the same hair style.

By the end of the flight, a series of escalating scares with the double goes on until a hysterical Melissa fully snaps to the point that she must be restrained. The pilot radios the news and Melissa is taken away by medics upon arrival in Hawaii. At the hotel, Paul is shouting insults at Star Wars and Star Trek when he begins to encounter sights of his own double giving him a scare until he is visited in his hotel room by both doubles as a couple.

story five: Planet Of The Living Dead
The Living Dead Zombies in a ‘Mad Max’ apocalyptic scenario as the maggots, vultures and jackals begin to overrun areas in their growing masses with the abundance of carrion. In the Pentagon, the last scientists are working on an unthinkable solution.

Archives Of The Devil Master X

The Abominable Snowman
According to H. Siiger, the Yeti was a part of the pre-Buddhist beliefs of several Himalayan people. He was told that the Lepcha people worshipped a 'Glacier Being' as a God of the Hunt. He also reported that followers of the Bön religion once believed the blood of the 'mirgod' or 'wild man' had use in certain mystical ceremonies. The being was depicted as an apelike creature who carries a large stone as a weapon and makes a whistling swoosh sound.

In 1832, James Prinsep's Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal published trekker B. H. Hodgson's account of his experiences in northern Nepal. His local guides spotted a tall, bipedal creature covered with long dark hair, which seemed to flee in fear. Hodgson concluded it was an orangutan.

In 1925, N. A. Tombazi, a photographer and member of the Royal Geographical Society, writes that he saw a creature at about 15,000 ft (4,600 m) near Zemu Glacier. Tombazi later wrote that he observed the creature from about 200 to 300 yd (180 to 270 m), for about a minute. 'Unquestionably, the figure in outline was exactly like a human being, walking upright and stopping occasionally to pull at some dwarf rhododendron bushes. It showed up dark against the snow, and as far as I could make out, wore no clothes.'

S#322;awomir Rawicz claimed in his book, The Long Walk, that as he and some others were crossing the Himalayas in the winter of 1940 their path was blocked for hours by two bipedal animals that were doing seemingly nothing but shuffling around in the snow.

In 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay reported seeing large footprints while scaling Mount Everest. Hillary would later discount Yeti reports as unreliable. In his first autobiography Tenzing said that he believed the Yeti was a large ape, and although he had never seen it himself his father had seen one twice but in his second autobiography he said he had become much more skeptical about its existence.

On 19 March 1954, the Daily Mail printed an article which described expedition teams obtaining hair specimens from what was alleged to be a Yeti scalp found in the Pangboche monastery. The hairs were black to dark brown in color in dim light, and fox red in sunlight. The hair was analyzed by Professor Frederic Wood Jones, an expert in human and comparative anatomy. During the study, the hairs were bleached, cut into sections and analyzed microscopically. The research consisted of taking microphotographs of the hairs and comparing them with hairs from known animals such as bears and orangutans. Jones concluded that the hairs were not actually from a scalp. He contended that while some animals do have a ridge of hair extending from the pate to the back, no animals have a ridge (as in the Pangboche ‘scalp’) running from the base of the forehead across the pate and ending at the nape of the neck. Jones was unable to pinpoint exactly the animal from which the Pangboche hairs were taken. He was, however, convinced that the hairs were not of a bear or anthropoid ape. He suggested that the hairs were from the shoulder of a coarse-haired hoofed animal.

In 1970, British mountaineer Don Whillans claimed to have witnessed a creature while scaling Annapurna. According to Whillans, while scouting for a campsite, he heard some odd cries which his Sherpa guide attributed to a Yeti's call. That night, he saw a dark shape moving near his camp. The next day, he observed a few footprints in the snow, and that evening, viewed with binoculars a bipedal, ape-like creature for 20 minutes as it apparently searched for food not far from his camp.

In 1983, Himalayan conservationist Daniel C. Taylor and Himalayan natural historian Robert L. Fleming Jr. led a Yeti expedition into Nepal's Barun Valley (suggested by discovery in the Barun in 1972 of footprints alleged to be yeti by Cronin & McNeely). The Taylor-Fleming expedition also discovered similar Yeti footprints (hominoid appearing with both a hallux and bipedal gait), intriguing large nests in trees, and vivid reports from local villagers of two bears, rukh balu ('tree bear') and bhui balu ('ground bear,') aggressive and weighing up to 400 pounds.

In 2013, a well publicized expedition to Bhutan initially reported that a hair sample had been obtained. The DNA analysis by Professor Bryan Sykes could not be matched to any known animal. A mitochondrial DNA analysis of the 12S RNA gene was undertaken on samples of hair from an unidentified animal from Ladakh in northern India on the west of the Himalayas, and the one from Bhutan. These samples were compared with those in the international repository of gene sequences, GenBank, and date back to between 40,000 and 120,000 years ago.

A Yeti was reportedly captured in Russia in December 2011. Initially the story claimed that a hunter reported having seen a bear like creature, trying to kill one of his sheep, but after he fired his gun, the creature ran into a forest on 2 legs. The story then claimed that border patrol soldiers captured a hairy 2-legged female creature similar to a gorilla that ate vegetation.

…but let us see what happens when the male comes looking for his mate…

--many thanks to here and throughout--

story two: The Interview Part 1
The story follows R. E. Porter, TV new journalist for BCN news, who is covering the event of the century in Germany with fellow journalists from around the world as they set up camp in the area along the northern coastline close to Wilhelmshaven by Helgolaender Cove. Porter makes his report to the cameras and audience live relating the slow landing of a UFO from space emitting radio signals and light displayed visuals insisting that all people be calm and that the vessel is a peace bouy. The messages invite military and other authorities to be present for the landing and greeting but to remember the peace.

Porter continues the report with the history, updates, and interviews with experts that give their best analysis of the situation.

The vessel lands along Helgolaender Cove and nothing more happens as the analysis continues...

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Archives Of The Devil Master XI

story one: Harold And Gertrud
based on ‘Hansel and Gretel’ released in 1812 from the Grimm Brothers, Jacob and Wilhelm

Brother Harold is 16 years of age and sister Gertrud is 15 on their way home in the tundra region of Manitoba Canada near Hudson’s Bay. They arrive home to the aggressive bickering of their two mothers who are both living with their lumberjack father Maurice. An emergency halt on all wood cutting has hit the region at the worst time for Maurice. He can only watch as Maureen and Violet become violent. As Maurice gets between them, Maureen tells Violet she should go back to being a whore and Violet threatens to do just that and take Maureen’s kids to sell off.

Harold and Gertie have had their fill of constant fighting and begin packing. Bloodshed has them running for their lives outdoors and gone. Maurice leaves in search of the two upon discovery of their runaway. Maureen is in the restroom tending knife wounds as Violet builds a fire.

Harold and Gertie are lost way out of their district and near collapse. A black Chevy Truck startles them and stops. The driver is a hideous cronie who is friendly enough to take them in for a Schoko cocoa with marshmellows, home made mega cookies and a ginger bread house. They spend the night there and the next day are hired to stay on as house servants.
Harold is treated like a king with easy chores and an overabundance of food and drink. Gertie has the tougher duties and is constantly scolded the more she complains. Ischa, the twisted cronie host, drugs Harold and takes him to her bedroom for sex. Gertie walks in on them in shock. Ischa explodes with rage and brutally beats on Gertie and then chains her up. Gertie gets back to Harold in her bed with a screeching laugh and hissing.

The next day, while Ischa is gone, Maurice arrives still on the hunt. He is about to leave when the shouts of Gertie are heard. He enters through an open window and frees Gertie. Suddenly, the black Chevy Truck approaches and the two hide as Ischa enters. She searches the house without finding the two and abruptly leaves and drives off.

Maurice is able to carry Harold outside where he is able to stand. Gertie finds a ruby hand chest filled with diamonds and pearls. She finally comes and the three escape in Maurice’s station wagon as thunder and lightning rages.

Ischa returns home and is quickly back on the road after old Hoss from the village saw and told her of the stinkin’ station wagon. It is not long and she is on their tail. A wild chase is shown. Maurice gets lucky and gets away. At home all is silent and nobody responds to calls of Maureen or Violet. They find a slashed body of Maureen. As they retreat, Violet jumps Maurice stabbing at him with a knife while hissing and cursing and turning uglier. Harold and Gertie run scared only as far as opening the front door where they see Ischa coming up the way. They shut the door as Maurice comes running at them before falling stabbed and dead. Violet, now even more hideous than Ischa, follows along with her knife as Ischa bursts open the front door holding her knife.

Ischa and Violet discuss how many ginger bread men they will be able to make from Harold and Gertrud before locking them in the restroom. The two cronies decide they have too much meat and begin to feast on Maurice, biting away pieces of his flesh and eating it raw and bloody. Suddenly, Maureen bursts in as she turns on a chainsaw from Maurice’s collection and attacks Violet. Ischa runs. Maureen chases after her…

story two: Three Little Hogs
Three hog brothers have been investing time practicing their music trying to get away from all the aggressive hunting in packs and start a career as ‘Ze Zree Hogz’ rock ‘n roll band.

At the same time, hunting is not the same for a pack of wolves ever since the felines got strict with their vegetarian ways. Arriving back at their cave they find their brother, Oluf, who was left on guard, burning their Sherlock Holmes book collection. They find the entire detective novels and magazines gone and already burned. Oluf explains that he was cold. The others are enraged and throw him out of the pack after a series of similar events.

Oluf is suddenly on his own in the forest and getting cold. He eats his last Snickers bar while mumbling to himself in self pity. He hears rock ‘n roll music in the distance and investigates. He has a huge smile after coming upon the wooden shack of Pete, Paul, and Perry, the three little hogs. Oluf wolf imagines a home for the coming winter with the first meal included.

After disasters at both the wooden shack and the stone garage, the third encounter and what follows is unimaginable as Oluf ends up in hell and then returns for Ze Zree Hogz first public gig.

story three: Goldisox And The Three Bears
Goldisox is a short cutie geek with long blonde braids, and is a raging kleptomaniac. After knocking Humpty Dumpty from the royal wall and stealing the crown jewels, Goldisox is being chased by the police followed by royal guards on horseback. She knocks a motorcycle driver over and steals his bike. The chase is on as Goldisox swigs back the gin and speeds into the mountain forest looking like Rambo in First Blood. After a crazed cliffhanger scene that leaves Goldisox without a bike, she runs deep into the forests and takes refuge in a mountain cave. She finishes her bottle of gin, finds a bottle of Jack Daniels with honey and has her own party. Later, mama bear is screaming that all her family inherited jewelry is gone and begins crying as papa bear finds an empty Daniels bottle. They eventually find Goldisox sleeping in bed with junior…plus the ghost of Humpty Dumpty may get involved…you never know…

story four: The Princess And The Pod
A weak and injured Asian woman wearing torn clothes and acting hysterical is taken in by a big time film director in his vacation estate after finding her on his doorstep in the rain. His mother is also there and she is not happy about her son nursing the stranger and taking up all his time. She despises her even more when she gets well and takes over as lady of the house claiming to be a big time film director herself who was thrown out by 'that big shot actor' neighbor where she wore out her welcome. A surprise of thrills and rivalry gets deadly.

story five: Magic Beans

Fee Fi Fo Fum
Me smell thee blood,

Be thee now alive
Be thee soon dead
Then I shall grind thy bones
To bake in me bread

Archives Of The Devil Master XII

story one: S2: The S-Bomb
At terrorist conventions of weapons deals, the new stealth bomb is introduced. Potential buyers are shown examples of former suicide bombers now able to leave cloaked luggage at public places filled with explosives connected to remote triggers to explode stealth cloaked warheads from a safe distance and one great view as an 'innocent bystander tourist'. Another situation shows a man at the airport check-in announcing that his very expensive suitcase is empty. He hands it in loaded with explosives that, on security monitors, shows to be empty before moving along the airport conveyor belt. Then a video is seen of a fleet of stealth jets (that can also cloak) firing invisible bombs and missiles.

Soon, the planet is laid waste as terrorist groups and lone forces run amok with the new idea.

Lance and Alicia Machowski (Archives 'Volume I story three'), alias Cyboman and Cybolady, are called back into action.

story two: Time Cops
A humorous and sarcastic story of a space patrol duo who go from one silly adventure to the next starting with stopping Professor Skips while testing his new turbo propulsion system ALS TIRES which stands for 'Almost Light Speed, Time Is Relative Einstein Said' although Skips was going faster than light speed and gets ticketed, again. Then they go toe to toe with a Roluman Warship using their cloaking abilities outside their own territorial borders. The Rolumans tease the time cops by cloaking the cops' shields, weapons console, and toilet bowl. Later, a routine boarding and search of an abandoned space capsule brings three space vampires frozen in suspended animation back to life who were put their by the duo's fathers and predecessors.

story three: To The Death
based on 'The Pit' by John Harrison from season 6, episode 7, of 'Tales From The Crypt'
based on a story appearing in #40 Vault Of Horror comic book

Two arrogant machos competing to be the best man choice between their bisexual wives are forced to fight to the death in a steel cage match for the honor of being the one and only man for the two power gals with temper and sex appeal.

story four: Diablo
After years of being held injured in a torture prison barely alive but enough to feel the full intensity of pain and solitude, the elite demon hunter, Professor William Lam, finally escapes. A taxi takes him to the home of his sister who finds him flat on his back on her doorstep. Months later, still weak and in bed, Lam is dreaming of the events that led to his capture when he was shot and beaten to a pulp by the Legion of Satan he had on the run. Lam then dreams of the painstaking years he has spent on a lone hunt to find the Satan Lords before they unleash Armageddon. The dream continues and return to more recent events and scenes of the wretched torture Lam endured chained down as he witnesses first hand his daughter, Lilian, being raped dry, again and again, for hours and days, until she died in her bloody corner. He suddenly awakens in a sweat but with some gained strength allowing him to slowly get out of bed.

The hunt, and dedication, to find, secure, and stop Satan is more than a lifetimes work, and mostly in solitude, while he is being ridiculed as a crazed religious finatic by both family in private and by journalists and colleages in public. The pay ain't there either.

Even worse, to teach Lam a lesson, the Satanists lure his family into a trap of drugs, brainwashing and manipulation turning them into members who begin plotting Lam's 'accidental murder' and begin cursing his name, purpose, and being.

The Satan Lords are enraged upon finding Professor Lam has escaped. The Satan Lord Supreme summons the forces of evil and chants some eerie verses.


The scene switches back to Professor Lam who suddenly phases into a new timeline reality that seems the same yet feels somehow different. His sister walks into the room and screams in panic pointing at her brother yelling for someone to save her from The Devil as she runs out and finds her husband's revolver. Lam rushes out the door barely missing a bullet.

It turns out that a previous timeline is being repeated with some changes such as the hunt and chase to destroy Satan before unleashing global destruction in this new, and also old, timeline of events. It is not long before Professor Lam discovers that Destiny of Heaven had a life scenario of extreme torture and punishment for Satan regardless of what he does just in case he is able to take control of and plunder the mind and soul of William Lam who is the rebirth of the last great Prophet of old. That was another time, though. In this time, all forces of nature, time, and events leading to paths and decisions of day to day life now always filled with pain and torture as laid out by fate of nature without sins of murder.

The Satan Lord Supreme, now calling himself the Dark Angel Lucifer, appears out of no where with a couple of followers. They pulverize Lam, now apparently with the physical identity of Diablo, or The Devil, in a brutal series of clubbings. They then chain him up in a torture prison and leave a guard on shift to keep an eye on their new toy of torture caught in silver chains and being kicked by the guard who is looking forward to punishing Diablo for the next few years, at least. He laughs.

Lucifer arrives at his luxurious home estate and is barely out of the car when Lam's daughter is seen alive and celebrating the arrival of her husband, Lucifer, in a very tight, sexy outfit. She brings him inside to a huge surprise party in his honor, and to bring in the Spring. Hundreds are present getting high, dancing, and getting ready to sing 'For he's a jolly good fellow, which nobody can deny.'

After opening expensive presents and answering questions related to rumors Lucifer is considering running for President, Lillian seductively leads him to the next large room filled with a score of sexy centerfold playmates scantily dressed as pink angels. They announce their obedience and offer thanks to him for saving the world again from destructive forces of insanity and capturing Diablo. All the world is waiting to celebrate him in their own way, they explain, and all are ready to have him mate with the best girls the areas have to offer, and then spread out with his offspring and begin a new world order under his rule.

Months later, the chained Diablo is a bloody heap but conscious. He is able to use his belt to reach the keys opening the chains and escapes right into the hands of Lucifer accompanied by Lillian. Diablo, still feeling and knowing he is the old demon hunter and not Satan, frowns to the cursing and spitting of his daughter Lillian who does not remember the man that is now Diablo. Lucifer asks her to wait as he drags Diablo back to his chains and Lillian pulls out a carving knife and teases him between the legs getting ready to castrate him.

Lillian: ...and the century is still so young.

story five: S3: Attack From Outer Space
Alicia gives birth to a healthy baby girl to the delight of the family and they name her Amanda. She quickly grows into a young, energetic teen ready for action as Cybogirl alongside Matt already a full member of the superhero team simply called Cyy-bo. Cyboman takes Cybogirl on her first long distance flight.

In the far outreaches of deep space we eventually come to a large spaceship operated by an army of maniac robots programmed (by somebody) to invade civilization wherever it may be found and take control to cause total devestation. Earth comes into tracking range of the ship's computer system. They study the lifestyle and internal workings of our society and discuss plans and strategies for the easy and quick take over with our primitive technological level compared to theirs meaning time for lots of destructive and explosive fun before tumbling all of earth into chaos and setting forth plans for genocide.

...more to come...

© Willy Muschiol...All rights reserved past, present, and future.

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