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 BUFFY the Vampire Slayer: ..versus Satan
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Posted - 30 October 2017 :  15:50:36  Show Profile Send nolimits a Private Message  Reply with Quote
BUFFY the Vampire Slayer: ..versus Satan (working title)
story by Ayko based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel from Joss Whedon

I saw a star fall from the sky to the Earth that took the Key to the tunnel leading down into the Abyss. When the Abyss was opened, smoke rose up out of it and darkened the sun and the sky.
-Book of Revelation-

The opening film teaser begins with a recap of the finale from the Angel TV series and the ending words 'Let's go to work' as swords clash...

The film continues with wild scenes of the demonic beings pouring out of dimensions enveloping everything in utter destruction.

***SWOOSH*** The scene phases to a more serene plain of existence to a wiseman/wizard style presence where Okim stands, Guardian Of Divinity and interdimensional portals. He discusses the situation with forces/voices of Heaven and the quarantine of humanity and reality as the ‘end days Apocolypse’ approaches. They also discuss Dawn The Key, Buffy & the Slayer line, and the tear or rip in the E.E.W. or evil energy waste storage realm where the evil spiritual residue has been collected since the beginning of mankind and satan. Illyria is on his side recovered with full powers and memories as one of ‘The Old Ones’/’The Powers To Be’ (an offshoot from The Old Ones or younger Generation like Pagans or wiccans are offshoots of Christianity) and assisting Okim while obeying him like a chief or father. Okim concentrates sending a private vision to Wesley indicating that ‘it is time to begin’. They depart the 'portal communications realm'...*swoosh*

At an undisclosed location, The Queen of Darkness is having a meeting with ‘The 13’ representing the colonies of evil influenced/guided/possessed key identities among the societies of humanity. The meeting is not going good with the immature and almost funny sick foolishness of the bunch in classic Buffy style. The Hell Queen uses her clairvoyant powers to contact Glorificus who now runs the demonic world of ‘mind and soul brainwashing’. She is ordered to recruit a couple of experienced evil doers to help her with the lot of 13. She makes Spike and Anyanka an offer with promotion of ranks supervising the demon worlds to satan sidekicks once he has arisen. They jump at the chance.

Beasts & False Prophets:
Executive council of evil take over-‘The 13 + 1’

Council Leader/Satan contact/Clairvoyant/Queen Of Darkness
The businessman (from Wolfram & Hart)
The politician
The police officer
The judge
The soldier
The entertainer
The king
The scientist
The computer expert
The reporter
The priest
The biker
The doctor

Somewhere in the Caha Mountains of Ireland (present day)

Angel, now mortal after being redeemed and spiritually cleansed by Okim, is completing his training and preparation to go back to society with Connor. Okim & Illyria appear to them to discuss their return to society with Angel’s first question, of course, being where he can find Buffy. The four of them discuss the situation including the lessons learned that brought Angel to his redemption.

Xander and Willow are planning their wedding and reminiscing of the days when they finally and officially proclaimed their love for each other before getting engaged. They also discuss the surgery Xander is to undergo with his eye and the 3% increase in disability benefits and other such hardships such as Willow promising ‘no more magic’... suddenly *swoosh* Okim appears along with Illyria, and Tara who they present as a ‘surviving glitch’ of multiple time lines being sewn back together and this is where she apparently belongs with true friends/family. Xander is skeptic and threatens Okim and Illyria, as well as Tara while Willow remains quiet in shock feeling the truth in Okim and the Queen of the Light she felt before (in season seven). Okim explains that he is a Prophet of God and that Tara is truly Tara back from the dead who will accompany them. Okim uses holy magic to cure Xander giving him normal eyesight with two healthy eyes. ‘Do you believe him now. He speaks the truth.’ Willow states fully illuminating white and creating a mind bond of communication with Okim. He leaves with Illyria and the others discuss Willow doing magic, the whereabouts of Buffy, and how Tara now fits in their lives.

Giles is in a dark and smoky lounge drinking scotch. Rogue Slayer, Lady Genevieve Savidge, approaches Giles to mock him after his second wife left him and took everything he has. She provokes him into a confrontation as if she wants to hurt him. She then has two men take Giles off into the back seat of a shady limousine. Savidge gets in the front as the driver zooms off just as the police arrive at the scene. The men introduce themselves as members of the new council of Watchers. Giles assures them he has nothing to do with such things anymore and is ignored as they exit the freeway in direction of the airport. They finally arrive at their destination of The New Watchers Council sponsored by The Vatican and run by Wesley, Oz, Faith, Wood, and Gunn, with guidance from Okim. Giles must redeem himself for mistakes of the past they discuss and help in their mission and priority to stop a new Hellmouth from opening a hundred times that of what was once Sunnydale as criminal groups and evil powers forge an alliance (of sorts) preparing to bring forth Satan in physical form during the D.I.E. (Doomsday of Infinite Evil) ritual. Giles, with the help of the others, is to find Buffy that nobody has heard from or seen after being cast out and betrayed during the events of season seven. Buffy disappeared reminiscent of the disappearance between season 2 & 3 except it has been decades instead of months.

Riley is worn out by age and experience. He places flowers on the grave of Sam Finn. The scar across his face over the left eye has faded. A communication comes to him from the military that some general needs to speak with him. It turns out that a special unit is searching for Buffy Summers and records show a prior working as well as a personal relationship between her and Riley. He is to join the special task force team searching for her that specializes in demonic and end day Prophecy needing someone with intuition.

At another undisclosed location, the spirits of Cordelia & Joyce are helping Buffy to communicate with wildlife and other species of nature.

A blob cuts open a passage from the E.E.W. and is moving through time-space cutting a passage opening on early 21st century Earth and crashes in the form of a meteor in a remote area of the California desert close to a military base as the first two soldiers quickly arrive. The blob devours and absorbs both soldiers whole in one gulp, and then duplicates them, including memories, programmed with one will. The soldier duplicates look at each other without emotion and nod as more soldiers approach the wreckage.

end of intros...

extra Ayko teaser...

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
couldn’t put him back together again.
by Mother Goose.

That’s it? What is with the king’s men trying to pass the blame for their incompetence and unwillingness to help Humpty on to the horses. That’s low. In any case, just so happens that I have found the lost stanza and more in a 3501 years old burial shaft somewhere other than Egypt...legend has it that it may be from the Lands of Mother Goose that ruled the rest of the planet at the time and that many tombs and artifacts found in Egypt over the years were used for criminals and people with psychotic behavior who were often buried with treasures that were like bait for evil or illness that inflicted the ‘criminals and sick’ and that wrapped mummified corpses, for example, and helped to filter & clean the soul as it phases from the body.

When Lady Dumpty came along
she cried all day and all night long
as she stitched Humpty with love back together
and they & the horses lived happily ever after.
by Mother Goose (& sidekick Ayko)

As it so happens, there was also at least one more stanza found to another rhyme from the Lands Of Mother Goose in the same 3501 years burial shaft not in Egypt as the missing pieces come together presented by Ayko.

Little Miss Muffet,
She sat on a tuffet,
Eating of curds and whey;
There came a great spider;
Who sat down beside her,
And frightened Miss Muffet away
By Mother Goose

As before, we all know Mother Goose would not just leave us there without finishing the story to give it reason and sense after starting it. First of all, a great spider would not frighten a little girl and what would frighten Muffet? The great spider just for sitting down beside her friendly and calm just as you would on a public bench waiting for the bus. It just sounds way too mysterious and sinister, if you ask me. Besides, as we know, when Little Muffet is into her curds and whey she would not notice a spider. Easy prey for mishap, if you ask me. In any case, luckily, in the same 3501 years burial shaft not in Egypt, the missing pieces come together.

Then the great spider,
Revealed her true nature,
Removed a mask to show Glory;
Then with the magic tuffet,
She banished little sis Muffet,
But that is not the end of the story;
By Mother Goose (& sidekick Ayko)

© Willy Muschiol...All rights reserved past present & future

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