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 Star Trek: Enterprise (The Movie)
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Posted - 19 April 2017 :  03:28:16  Show Profile Send nolimits a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Star Trek: Enterprise (The Movie)
story by Ayko...Willy Luke Muschiol based on Star Trek from Gene Roddenberry

I can’t try to save humanity without holding on to what makes me human.
Captain Jonathan Archer ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’ Ep 57 ‘Impulse’

The film begins in the Dark Universe with the final scenes of the episode ‘In A Mirror, Darkly Part 2’. Dark T’Pol, in the Defiant Brigg, is able to project her mind and sway the guard to let her out and promptly receives a Vulcan nerve pinch. She lets Phlox out of his cell and the two have ship’s computer update the situation with ‘Dark Empress Sato’ demanding that Dark Admiral Gardner surrender Starfleet HQs otherwise she opens fire on a major city, then another (and another) if demands are not met. No word as to the whereabouts of Dark Archer. Dark T’Pol surmises what has happened and the two make their way to the Captain’s quarters. On their way, they find Dark Reed unconscious. Dark Phlox revives him and Dark T’Pol uses his phaser to bring him along. They force their way into the Captain’s quarters and find Dark Archer dead but not since long and Dark Phlox is able to revive him. Dark T’Pol has the three sit down. She slowly changes the setting of the phaser to kill turning her eyes to Archer. She places the end of the phaser into the side of his neck and looks him in the eyes.

Dark T’Pol: That Vulcan ship you destroyed for no reason, after destroying The Avenger, was The Syprus. My mother may have been aboard that ship.

Dark T’Pol strikes him with a backhand knocking him to the floor bleeding.

Dark T'Pol: Pray that she was not.

Dark T’Pol then makes a deal with Dark Archer to promise that he will not attack, or attempt a takeover of, Vulcan and he will show a little diplomatic neutrality whenever dealing with Vulcans while focusing Empire expansion on Andoria. Then Dark T’Pol has no problem to be second in command under Dark Archer and taking back control of Defiant. Dark T'Pol grabs the back of Dark Archer's head.

Dark T'Pol: If you ever defy me, I will mind meld with you, turn your brain to jelly and fed to a Klingon targ. Do you understand--Captain?!

Dark T'Pol places her fingers on his face and he begins to scream before she releases him and looks around at the others.

Dark T'Pol: Anyone else?!

All decline shaking their heads. The group is able to secure the bridge with a surprise attack and one nerve pinch to Dark Sato. Dark Archer signals Dark Tucker in Engineering who is more than happy to be taking orders from Dark Archer again. Dark Archer signals Dark Admiral Gardner and informs him of the events and then demands an audience with The Emperor who is very impressed with the ambitious Dark Archer and the Defiant giving his word that Archer shall be given anything he wishes in the galaxy upon his return from a conquest mission. As Archer leaves he utters quietly to himself, ‘...and that shall be your place as Emperor once I have taken control and cut your throat.’ Later, aboard Defiant, Dark Archer is in communications with Admiral Gardner...

Dark Archer: Oh, by the way, Admiral. Sato is in the brig. There are no Agony Booths on Defiant. Have your people beam up the necessary components to correct that oversight.

Dark Gardner: I will see to it personally. May I ask what your first course of action will be... bringing Vulcan to its knees?

Dark Archer (as T’Pol and he exchange eye contact): Vulcan is already a player of the Empire. A few Vulcan rebel traitors does not constitute an entire species of traitors. How many Terrans are part of the Rebellion?! No, Admiral. That will not be necessary. Once the Vulcan High Command has witnessed the awesome power we now have at our disposal, as we take control of the entire Quadrant, and while the few rebel strays retreat and disperse, they will have little choice but to ally themselves with us.

Dark T’Pol: Vulcan becoming an equal ally is then the only logical course of action available as an option.

Dark Archer: ...and then the Rebellion will be finished once and for all.

Dark Gardner: That sounds like music to my ears. Still, I am curious as to your first conquest--so I am prepared for the diplomatic outcry.

Dark Archer: If you must know, I plan to start with an easy target, the Tellarite home world. Then we will take their fleet of ships and demand Vulcan assist us conquering the Andorians who the Vulcans despise. By then we will have enough ships and weapons to take out the Suliban and the Gorn before bringing those stinkin' Klingons to their knees.

Dark Gardner: Sounds like you have your work cut out for you. If confidence is any sign of success, you should do alright. Good conquering, Captain.

Dark Archer: Will do, Admiral. Archer out... What a loudmouth. I don’t want to attract attention to myself. I haven’t taken my place as Emperor, yet. That Gardner wastes no time kissin’ ass.

Dark T’Pol: Agreed.

16 years later...2171 A.D.

Near to the Empire Starfleet HQs we see the palace of Dark Archer as Emperor. A feast is being given in his honor after ten years as Emperor. Diplomats are present from the worlds under his rule that expands across the Quadrant with a fleet of Constitution class starships now upgraded with many of the standards aboard Defiant combined with the other fleets under the rule of the Empire. Sato is held in ‘his majesty’s presence’ with a home arrest device on her wrist to be his servant and sex slave. Dark Phlox, his personal physician, is enjoying the feast with his 33 concubines. Each diplomat offers Emperor Archer a special gift including Dark Captain Tucker of Defiant along with Dark T‘Pol as Commander.

In our universe, Admiral Jonathan Archer and Ambassador Shran are seen at the HQs of The United Federation Of Planets...


Founding of The United Federation Of Planets 2161 AD Stardate 000.1 (or something without going to the galactic core with it)

Temporal Accord/Temporal Cold War

Temporal Agent Daniels

‘Future Guy’ communication portal silhouette

The Suliban (Cobal)

The Kovaalan

The Na'kuhl

Xindi ‘Guardians’/The Delphic Expanse

Illyrian ‘payback’

The Gorn

The Tholians

USS Defiant in Dark Mirror Universe

Romulans (with drone, cloaking, & holographic technology from the future):

Senator Vrax

Admiral Valadore

Science Officer Nijil

© Willy Muschiol...All rights reserved past, present, and future.

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