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Posted - 19 December 2016 :  22:18:42  Show Profile Send nolimits a Private Message  Reply with Quote
The Swastika symbol has been identified
as representing the Lightning of Thor with
light and fire and is linked with the Sun-wheel.
On the pommel of his Staff Rod of the soldier
and/or on his belt, the soldier places himself
under the protection of The Thunder God.

Interesting anectode, if not precise, and i would
add that the important part, for now, is that the
soldier places himself under protection, the SOLDIER
is protected by GODs of Nature and not the instigators
(with it wrapped around their biceps on cloth that
did nothing except give them a fashion image in WW2).

Enter: Chyren
To secure peace is to prepare for war with overwhelming forces that stop war before it starts or that stop it in its tracks.

LAWS, Rules and guidelines


1-Do not make your desires and lifestyles superior to others. We are all equal in worth and we all deserve equal rights and equal rewards.

2-Do not kill and/or hurt anybody, any being, or anything in any manner. Nobody wants to hurt others. If they think they do, they are emotionally/mentally ill or being forced to against their will in which case local authorities are to be notified.

3-Killing and consuming of animals conflicts with the second Law. Refrain from consuming meat and meat products including beef, pork, poultry, fish, eggs, and all the rest, or artificial meat that could be made to look like crackers or vegetables instead of like slaughtered animals of our ugly past.

4-Do not curse others. Be courteous and helpful while avoiding irritations until you learn how to overcome them. If being friendly is not possible with someone then be strangers and not enemies. The misuse and use of profanity is discouraged and will be reduced until we refrain from the misuse of words and language altogether. Do not be insulting and do not label others.

5-Do not threaten or manipulate others in any way. Only those of ill character do that. Use and misuse of time border electronics such as neutrinos to send messages, thoughts, or anything back or forth across plains of time is strictly forbidden and is a severe crime with harsh punishment.

6-Firearms, tear gas/pepper sprays, swords, and all weapons, of any kind, are forbidden. The possession, manufacturing and/or distributing of them by anybody will be severely punished.

7-Do not steal.

8-Do not lie.

9-Do not clone.

10-Do not cross breed. That includes chemicals, transmissions, cells, or anything at all.

11-Do not use/support methods of artificial pregnancy and human conception.

12-Do not split atoms, cells, genes, or anything molecular in nature.

13-Do not use or be involved with Viagra or other such drugs, also known as the Forbidden Fruit 21st century, unless a part of my cause and authorized to by me otherwise it is rape.

14-Do not abuse drugs/hallucinogens, monetary wealth, status/image. Do not become consumed in physical practices or things that possess you and that become an obsession.

15-The underground sex and drugs networks meant to possess and enslave the mind and body is strictly forbidden.

16-Avoid People/places that abandon/isolate others.

17-Do not include animals, puppets/dolls, or computer technology in any sexual acts.

18-Refrain from using (cell) phones in preparation for the ban of all forms of telephones and faxing. There are a wide variety of other communication methods that are not a concentrated Sound and Wave environmental disaster of pollution with cell wave smog. For example, mental telepathy is much better and an evolutionary link to more freedoms and fun of life.

19-Respect and honor Father & Mother God and Their Prophet, that is me, Ayko.

20-Say daily prayers and honor and respect community prayers and the weekly Sabbath.

21-Absolutely no mishap that gives God/fate/nature the blame for human sins such as faked cancer death, Zika, and vanishing planes that (do not really) crash.

All Laws will be upheld at all times. Rules are for games, sport, private clubs, etc. Guidelines are vital tips and important background information for the responsible use of things that can be dangerous and even deadly, such as recreational drugs, virtual reality, pharmaceuticals, and other such products and activities. Guidelines shall be provided later.

Action often speak louder than words.
Words without action may as well be unheard.


As I already explained, GOD along with fate and destiny are taking over my actions and decisions more and more with me supplying physical facts of the circumstances at the most. In other words, if you do not like my behavior recently then you must complain to GOD who are fed up with you all and probably testing your memories of what I explain and your faith in them and their Chosen one, me. It seems to me that, as usual, you all fail miserably at proving yourselves worthy of much else than what is coming. Also, Susi must realize that I am the only Person in this Situation and solar System that she can trust. THE ONLY ONE, signed GOD. All others are involved in the real conspiracy to (think they can) fool her/us and keep us apart. Plus, another message from all want The Lamb to be The Beast?! Careful what you wish for because you, in this case, will get it!

PS...with the terrible reviews of Salazar's Revenge, I understand the push for me to write a Story but, is it really necessary to do it with theft while I rot after already stealing so much of my life of body, mind and soul along with all my family and folks if any survive?! And you want to pretend I will suffer more because of it?! That is sick. Arts & Crafts said no more and you think I am stupid enough to disobey?!
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