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Posted - 26 October 2016 :  06:48:31  Show Profile Send nolimits a Private Message  Reply with Quote
The Adventures Of Supergirl
story by Ayko based on ‘Supergirl’ from DC Comics writer Otto Binder and designer artist Al Plastino based on Superman from writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster

The Computer Tyrants of Colu on planet Bryak create Braniac as a spy for them to invade other worlds and send him to Earth where he meets up with Lex Luthor. Luthor frees Brainiac from his programming and increases his intelligence, and then implants a timer that will cause Brainiac to shut down if he tries to betray him, as only Luthor can reset the timer. Tampering with it by anybody, including Brainiac, will result in an explosion.

Kara is the last survivor of Argo City from the planet Krypton that held together as the planet burst apart due to an advanced type of containment field that held the city together and acted as a dome with atmosphere to breathe, as it drifted in space. The revolutionary system is the creation of the inept scientist Zor-El, younger brother to Jor-El, who rushed to complete his work after concluding his older brother’s calculations of certain doom correct but not wasting time with the council as elder brother Jor-El had.

However, the bottom-most layers of bedrock were affected by the explosion of the great planet's fissionable core and underwent a slow but steady chain-reaction, turning into green Kryptonite. Using raw deposits and refined materials at hand, the residents of Argo City laid down a ground shield of lead foil to protect them from the developing Kryptonite. Zor-El was also able to fashion a makeshift propulsion system to try to accelerate the city's approach to the Solar System. During the roughly thirty years Argo City traveled through space, Zor-El met and married Alura, daughter of In-Ze, who bore their very blonde daughter, Kara.

Before the propulsion system was able to steer the city toward Earth, a deranged citizen named Jer-Em, suffering from survival guilt, damaged the exhaust, veering Argo toward a swarm of meteors that crashed into the underside of the land mass on which it rested. As the inhabitants of the colony were being slain by the green Kryptonite radiation released by meteorites shredding the lead barrier, the adolescent Kara was sent to Earth by father Zor-El in a rocket and dressed in a uniform closely based on the one Kal-El wears as Superman.

On Earth, Kara acquires powers identical to Superman and adopts the secret identity of Linda Lee, a resident of Midvale Orphanage. Lena Thorul is another orphan at the Orphanage who is Linda's best friends. Lena is unaware that she is the long lost sister of Lex Luthor. When Lena was still a small child and Lex was a teen, Lex turned evil after a laboratory accident he blamed on Superboy turned him bald. Lex's parents disowned him and told him to leave. In order to prevent disgrace, they moved away from Smallville and told Lena that her brother had been killed in a mountain climbing accident. They changed their family name to Thorul, a rearrangement of the letters in Luthor. Eventually Lena's parents were killed in a car accident and Lena was sent to Midvale Orphanage after a childhood accident while playing in Luthor’s laboratory empowered Lena with ESP. Linda conceals her blonde hair beneath a brunette wig and functions as Supergirl only in secret after she is adopted by Fred and Edna Danvers.

The scene switches to the fifth dimension world of magical imps. Mr Mxyzptlk is on trial for playing one too many pranks on the imp king. He is banned from the fifth dimension and sent away appearing then in the skies of Earth. He now can only be defeated by tricking him to say his name backwards, sending him back to the 5th Dimension.

Mr Mxyzptlk is not impressed with the barbaric society around him as he flies around looking for something fun to do. He happens on a rural town, Smallville, and decides to pull some pranks. He starts by getting hit by a truck. When medics arrive he increases his weight so nobody can lift him before suddenly getting up and shocking the gathered onlookers as he walks away. He continues his pranks giving billboard ads his own picture, causing fights, turning teachers into clowns, etc. During a speech by the Smallville mayor, Mxyzptlk turns him into a donkey and makes himself the new mayor as Lex Luthor arrives with Brainiac.

In Metropolis, at The Daily Planet, first reports of strange events in Smallville reach Editor-In-Chief, Perry White, who summons Clark Kent knowing he would be interested in investigating the incidents in his hometown. Kent takes Jimmy Olson along to Smallville.

The Computer Tyrants of Colu on planet Bryak are enraged with the sabotage of the ‘Brainiac scout’ perpetrated by Luthor. However, they find some usefulness for it as a medium of surveillance. They give the word to begin work on a team unit of Brainiacs that cannot be corrupted and discuss plans to invade Earth.

© Willy Muschiol...All rights reserved past, present, and future.

note: I didn't know a successful TV series was done but it doesn't matter because if I had written a Spiderman story for film (which I did but kept it to my written notes), for example, then Spiderman would have been a hit TV series and Supergirl a mediocre movie series just as a Flash film series would have flourished and not a TV show. In any case, such manipulations cannot be allowed to give excuses for demands of more writings when the deal was for twenty.
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