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 Vampire Clash
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Posted - 19 October 2016 :  07:43:29  Show Profile Send nolimits a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Vampire Clash
story by Ayko...Willy Luke Muschiol
request Kristen Stewart, Daisy Ridley, Yvonne Catterfeld & Avril Lavigne as the Lady vamps

Professor Wilhelm Meenz is a teacher, author, and specialist in the occult and supernatural. He resides in London, England with his fiancé, Ramona, an American. His family roots are German (father) and Russian (mother) who met in Canada where Wilhelm was born and raised. Ramona's youth and energetic spirit compliments the suave and experienced style of Meenz to make them a match made in Heaven. He is by far the most successful demon hunter in a global network of demon hunters called the Order Of The Donce formed and organized by the Vatican. Six other Order leaders, like Meenz, also have a team of mercenary style demonologist hunters.
Meenz receives tragic news of the passing away of his last living relative, 'Aunt Kati', Katherina Meenz . He and Ramona make their way to the French town of Megève near the Geneva airport to take care of the will and burial. While Wilhelm is busy with the details, Ramona finds herself adventuring the countryside (to the song 'Anything But Ordinary' by Avril Lavigne) and gets lost. As it gets late, Ramona comes to a neighboring village, La Giettaz, and falls victim to Count Greeves, Vampire Lord, stalking his prey that night. Greeves is impressed by Ramona and after the first bite takes her back to his castle in the French Alps not noticing the young lady witness behind the trees in the distance.
At Castle Greeves the Count's three brides, Victoire (brunette), Natalia (black hair), and Katja (red hair), are not amused with their Count's new blonde bride.
They question Greeves about the deal he has with the French Village to take one victim when needed without breeding new vampires. (Two bites and the victim is beheaded with the remaining blood to sustain the brides.)  Greeves is not interested in discussing the deal and notes the home address of Ramona being Miami, Florida, leaving the deal intact because nobody will trace her to Castle Greeves. His brides warn of outsiders that may come looking for her but Greeves remains stubborn lusting at his new blonde bride.
When Ramona does not return to the hotel Wilhelm gets worried and goes out to look for her. His talent for deductive reasoning and analysis of the facts, as well as his sincere charm, bring him to the neighboring village restaurant and bar in La Giettaz. The owner and guests are very skeptic of the stranger and give him the 'cold shoulder'. He senses they are hiding something. The owner's daughter Lucie (the witness of the abduction) is present and listens from the background. As the conversation between Wilhelm and the owner gets tense, Wilhelm leaves the establishment. Shortly thereafter he is approached by Lucie who suddenly darts out from behind a tree. She talks about what she saw, and Castle Greeves, before her father suddenly shouts from the shadows to get back inside the establishment. He then demands that Wilhelm leave the area immediately and never return. Wilhelm makes his way to Castle Greeves.
During the journey, Wilhelm ponders over the words of Lucie. After all, there have been no reports of any real vampires since over a century when the last Vampire King was slain. However, the closer Wilhelm gets to Castle Greeves the more he is plagued by horrific visions, sounds and thoughts warning him of the truth, that Count Greeves is a lone surviving Vampire Lord who has taken his Ramona. The closer Wilhelm gets to the castle the more he is enveloped by sounds of spooky night creatures. His senses advise him to arm himself. He uses his hunting knife to sharpen wooden stakes in the mountain forest, ties tree branches together in the shape of holy crosses and prays like never before for strength and courage. He also takes some water from a creek and blesses it.
Wilhelm arrives at Castle Greeves in the morning hours, weary but alert. Suprisingly, he is greeted at the entrance by a stocky built man announcing he is the butler, Mr Fieldings who invites Wilhelm inside. After a weird and eerie exchange of small talk it comes down to a fight between the two when Wilhelm refuses to dine with Fieldings and his fly and termite delicatessen. Wilhelm clubs Fieldings unconscious with an old and heavy candle holder.
Wilhelm searches the castle in all its gore until he finds the dungeon room with four coffins. The first coffin he opens shows a beautiful lady apparently asleep, Victoire. The second he opens shows Greeves laying with Ramona at his side. Wilhelm quickly gets over his shock and horror and grabs one of the wooden stakes. He hammers it into the heart of Count Greeves but not before taking his amulet ring. The screams awaken Ramona and Victoire who easily tosses Wilhelm across the room and removes the stake from her Count saving him.
Greeves darts out of his coffin after Wilhelm who is already running back upstairs. He is quickly overtaken by the Count on the main floor. The two stare each other down before having a classic Vampire to Vampire Hunter conversation clearing up exactly the history of the two.
Greeves: Be not so arrogant. You and I are not so different. We sleep by the day and you by the night. We have passion for what we crave as you have passion for what you crave. We feed on the blood of mortals of our own species while you slaughter the defenseless bird and cook it before devouring it. Who here is the guilty and which of us has the justification to judge, Professor Meenz?!
Meenz: Actually, my fiancé recently turned me into a vegetarian, and even got me to quit smoking, if you can believe that.
Greeves: Is that so?
Meenz: In any case, Nosferatu, a bird is not sentient so any quick slaughter of one cannot enslave and damn a soul for an eternity as a servant of evil.
Greeves: Yes, the bird is not sentient and therefore, as I indicated, defenseless. Plucked so you do not choke on the feathers and decapitated so you must not see the face of death by your own hands. Then you add seasoning and sauces to give it flavor after you have cooked out the natural flavor. Genesis, Chapter One, Verse 26, ‘Then God made man in His image and gave him dominance to be responsible for all the fish in the waters, all the birds of the air, and all the cattle across the Earth.’. You are yourselves evil, Professor Meenz, so deal with the offspring of your actions.
Meenz: You make a valid point, however, I know for a fact from my research, experience and divine meditation that demonic forces of satan were responsible once, centuries ago, for leaving mankind in a barren land with only grass, weeds, and other wildlife available to eat so, you see, Nosferatu, if we are guilty of anything it is only survival, and that we have not yet rid ourselves of this insanity of evil and its demonic offspring of human damnation. You are a disease that imprisons innocent souls, innocent lives, to give you a folk to enslave and rule over because you have nothing else! You betrayed God. You rejected God and you denounced Him, and you are too cowardly to accept the results of your choices that were made of your own free will, so you spread you curse and imprison innocent souls by your side to cover some of the loss you endured by your betrayal and sacrilege.
Greeves: You know nothing of my plight or my past, you god fearing bastard!
Meenz: I do know of your plight, now that I am aware of your existence.
Greeves: That shall be of no good to you or anyone else, Professor, because you are not leaving this castle…ever!

Just as Greeves is about to lunge at Wilhelm, the brides gazing from the doorway, Wilhelm leaps up on the huge table, runs and jumps. He grabs onto the drawn curtains bringing them down with him to the floor exposing the sunlight rays into the room burning the right arm of Greeves who moves away to the shadows and safety. Wilhelm stands up in the rays of the sun and pleads for Ramona to come to him but she is under the spell of Greeves. She gives a sinister smile saying she cannot abandon her new master. Wilhelm begins to shed tears. Greeves begins throwing heavy objects at Wilhelm who breaks open the window and exits the Castle.
Wilhelm sets the castle ablaze. As it burns, Wilhelm awaits at a distance hoping to witness the destruction of the vampire clan under the sun rays while hoping Ramona is not totally lost. With only one or two bites the victim regains their spirit in health if the attacking vampire is destroyed before the third bite. Unfortunately, nobody emerges from the flames. Greeves and his brides have escaped through an underground tunnel.
Count Greeves takes his four brides to an older hideout complete with coffins inside a Siberian Mountain that Greeves used a century ago back in the days when vampire hunters were lurking everywhere. Extremely enraged, Greeves curses Wilhelm and the day he was born. Greeves realizes Wilhelm has his ring and knows he will use it to hunt him down. He and his brides prepare a trap.
Wilhelm returns to his London Cathedral and his team of paranormal investigator specialists. Wilhelm holds an emergency meeting with his task force. They pack the necessities and prepare themselves for the vampire hunt.
Wilhelm uses Greeves' ring to psychologically feel what Greeves is doing and where while Greeves feels Wilhelm doing it. Following intense mind and spirit probing he pinpoints the location of Greeves in Siberia. The team make their way with their helicopter.
Upon reaching the area of Greeves' hideout, a wild and explosive battle breaks out between Wilhelm's team and the four vampires. However, the element of surprise is with Greeves this time. The vampire hunters are slaughtered except for Wilhelm who is taken prisoner. Greeves hangs Wilhelm in the cave as a trophe and object for physical and psychological torture.
Meanwhile, Victoire is becoming envious of Ramona getting all of Greeves' attention while bisexual Katja and Natalia cast Victoria out as a companion even more than before, even though Victoire is the first bride. She begins to spend more time alone with Wilhelm who is barely holding on to life considering if he were not better off dead. During the conversations, Victoire become intrigued and fascinated with Wilhelm and his fortitude and especially the loyalty and love for his Ramona. She offers him an ultimatum. She will turn Wilhelm into her new Vampire Lord so he can bring Ramona under his power and the three of them will destroy Greeves and his other two brides, Katja and Natalia. Wilhelm refuses at first but, after considering the facts that, one, he awaits a slow torturous death, two, Ramona remains 'undead' and a vampire bride perhaps for all eternity, and three, Greeves is left to survive and prey further, he realizes that he has no other option available. He accepts the ultimatum offered by Victoire.
As oppurtunity allows, Victoire lets Meenz loose for the first two lustful bites with a final third bite during a sexual vampire feast including Ramona. The three bond secretly into a new vampire clan and await Greeves and his two remaining brides for the Vampire Clash.
Count Greeves returns with Natalia and Katja and are taken by surprise by the Vampire trio. A wild three vs three Vampire Clash takes place in the snowy mountain peaks of Siberia. Strength and experience give Greeves' clan the upperhand forcing the Meenz clan to retreat back to London. Greeves and his two brides follow.
A series of wild and destructive Vampire Clashes takes place throughout the London area and climaxes at his Cathedral.
The conclusion shows the silhouette of Wilhelm Meenz, Vampire Count, eyes ablaze with Victoire and Ramona at either side with the moon shining bright all around them in the distance.

© Willy Muschiol...All rights reserved past, present, and future.

price to film is negotiable
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