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 PoC: Mermaids, Reptilians & Barbarians
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Posted - 09 October 2016 :  19:11:52  Show Profile Send nolimits a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Just prior to his 14th birthday, Jack receives a letter from Henry alias Clyde inviting him to be part of his crew on the maiden voyage of the Sea Fox. Grandpa won't hear of it and Jack runs away as per his invite and rendez-vouz point with Clyde.
Captain Clyde gives young brother, Jack, the tour of his ship, Sea Fox, and they get drunk. They discuss family dramas and childhood experiences. The obsession for Clyde is not gold or merchant goods anymore but rather to rule the entire pirate world. Jack is curious on how Clyde is to accomplish such a feat as capturing two Galley ships from the Vatican. That's suicide. Clyde confides in Jack that he made a deal with the Sultan of Turkey. He is to attack while infiltrates among the Vatican crews take hold of the vessels. Included in the contract, Clyde receives two more ships with crews, gold and silver and a quick reputation to be feared, but he must vow all loyalty to the Sultan as his one and only Overlord. Jack is bewildered, and drunk on the barrel wine.
Jack is kicked awake by Clyde the next morning as a cabin boy and the 4 am shift on the CrowsNest. Jack falls asleep while on shift and is awoken by the shouting of Clyde as the prey approaches seen by Monty’s replacement sent up to the CrowsNest. The attack of the Vatican Galley ships goes as planned, at first, as the Pope's ships are taken by the infiltrates. Suddenly, out of nowhere, comes the Flamingo, ship of Captain Christopher Lubber.
Clyde laughs at his signal to surrender. Unknown to Clyde, the Flamingo is not alone. Five vessels lined up parallel north to south are approaching from the west at an unseen distance. Maynard distracts Clyde and his crew and the fleet encircle and surround the Sea Fox and the Vatican vessels. Lubber's Bo'sun, Jacques Maynard, signals Clyde to look behind him but, he wasn't falling for that one.
Clyde is quickly overwhelmed and the Vatican infiltrates abandon ships keeping the fleet occupied. In the confusion, Jack jumps ship and is taken by one of the infiltrate escape boats and then tossed back to the sea after they realise he is Clyde's half brother. The Sea Fox is pursued by the Flamingo and captured in an awesome battle. Lubber takes Clyde to a deserted island to be hung. Clyde is hung and left without checking under the headsheet for a broken neck. In the bushes, a young girl snarls with a dirt smeared face like a she-wolf.
The Flamingo and the other ships set sail for the Italian coastline.
Floundering unconscious or dead, Jack is suddenly taken hold of by a magical mermaid who brings him to a coastline for friendly fishermen to find and send home. He awakens among the fishermen with no knowledge of how he came there.
Jack: Uhh, ohh. Where am I? Thank goodness but, ohh, Grandpa is gonna' tan my hide!

Pirates of the Caribbean: Mermaids, Reptilians & Barbarians
story by Ayko...Willy Luke Muschiol
inspired by Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo (The Good, The Bad and The Ugly) written by Age & Scarpelli, Luciano Vincenzoni, Sergio Leone, Sergio Donati and Mickey Knox
Kristen Stewart as Arabella the 'she-wolf' & Ayko as Clyde

two and a half decades later...
Jack & Gibbs have partly restored Higher Endeavour and are hoping to soon be back to the high seas. All that is needed are the necessary funds, a crew, food, drink, and a new bowsprit. They are docked at The Isle of Tortuga, an all hour pirate port teem of taverns, gambling and whores having wild fun. The alleys are infested with rogues and riffraffs of all sorts. They hope to find some way or connection to action and adventure...and to win gold coins gambling using gold plated copper.
Morris Vane, who lost his ship to a mutiny, gets chatting with Jack and warns him about Jacques Maynard rumored to be looking for him. Vane continues to explain that pirate hunters are lurking everywhere these days and getting the upper hand to control the waters. Some pirate hunters have even stooped to waving a pirate flag on their ships at unsuspecting times.
Jack: No. Are you serious? Those barbarians!
Vane's own ship was taken by his Bo'sun, Rackham, in a mutiny. That was his third and final ship. That ship was later taken quickly one early morning by Maynard while Rackham and crew were sleeping off their drunken night. Jack does not want to hear more but Vane holds him to listen. Captain Steve Bonnet, ship and crew gone, found hung on an island shore. Even the Khar-el-Din brothers have lost their strongholds, and what's left is dispersing in fear. It is also said that Maynard commands sea creatures and sea monsters that only attack pirate ships. Not one pirate hunter ship has ever been attacked by a sea monster. Maynard is somehow in cahoots and connected to the Spirit of the sea monsters of the deepest sea depths. That is why Vane stays out of the waters now.
Jack thanks Vane deeply for enlightening him on all of that and for making his evening after he lost a bundle gambling. But bad news is not all Vane has to offer. Alone, and with no ship or friends, he does have one thing left. A map of Goat Island with the hidden fortunes of both Captain Carton and Alexander Selkirk who were both shipwrecked on the island at the same time. Apparently, after Carton and Selkirk met and both holding a vast fortune in gold, hid their fortunes together in the same mountain cave found in a lagoon therein. Shortly after their treasures were securely hidden, a group or pack of lizard creatures came to the island and took the very mountain caves leading to the treasures as their homes.

© Willy Muschiol...All rights reserved past, present, and future.
Some Anecdotes and Inspiration found in 'Captain William Lubber's Pirateology Handbook: A Cabin Boy's Course in Pirate Hunting' edited by Dugald A. Steer & Clint Twist published by The Templar Company

Price to film is negotiable.
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