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Posted - 06 September 2016 :  02:30:00  Show Profile Send nolimits a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Commentary: Mine written by Ayko...Willy Luke Muschiol

Greetings and welcome

'I was plunged back into formless Germany, exchanging a sunny sky for a gloomy one. My friends, instead of comforting me and drawing me back to them, drove me to despair. My delight in things remote and almost unknown to them, my sorrow and grief at what I had lost, seemed to offend them. I received no sympathy, no one understood my language. I could not adjust myself to the distressing situation, so great was the loss to which my exterior senses must become reconciled. But gradually my spirit returned and sought to preserve itself intact.'(..even without them if need be).

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe..& Ayko

About Me (hehe):
United Nations International Laws allow us to freely gain legal ownership of newly discovered territories or land, such as a newly formed island, by being the first person or group (that does not officially represent a nation or country) to claim it, in writing, as their property.

In the early 1980s, a man known as Dennis Hope claimed the Moon as his property and began selling property deeds to land on the Moon. Those admitting to having bought property deeds to plots of land on the Moon include celebrities Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Barbara Walters, President George Bush Sr, and many more.

As the customer base grew (apparently over 3.5 million buyers to date), they demanded assurances that their property rights on the Moon be protected. So, in 2004, Hope started the ¡¥Galactic Government¡¦ with a ratified constitution, a congress, a currency, and a patent office as a realized sovereign nation.

I read about the events in the media as they happened as did the United Nations and all our law enforcement agencies and protectors of people's rights. They did, and do, nothing (except join in 'the fun'). We must presume that there is no criminal act here and, since the United Nations (who fortify international laws) never responded or reacted to the events, we have a silent acceptance. Also, if President Bush Sr. and other names of significance are involved in the buy & sale of Moon (or other cosmic body or land) and the U.N. takes no action we (of the public) must presume our leaders accept it, or that they do not protect the folk of humanity invaded and possessed by criminal terrorists. It is one or the other. That is what a higher justice or life protection entity would conclude and correctly so. Furthermore, (U.N.) leaders, by not reacting, bring to mind the old example of someone walking in the park at night and seeing a man raping a child in the bushes that ignores it and does nothing. That witness is now an accomplice and perpetrator as if he also raped that child.

By not correcting the ‘loophole’ in the international U.N. protocol for claiming possession and ownership of ‘unowned land’, the door remained/remains open for others to do the same. I chuckled as it happened while experts from the space industry voiced complaints and nothing happened except some words regarding the international Moon Treaty (1984) & Outer Space Treaty (1967) with their contradictions and ambiguity, the former having been signed by about ten percent, the latter about half, of all our global nations. Also, the Treaties supply a clause allowing for withdrawal with (written) notice. After chuckling, I wrote up a claim of my own, signed it, and sent it in to official authorities using multiple means of media including letter, email, fax, etc. As Mr. Hope, I received no formal reply but, mine was sent and I know appropriate authorities received it.

In a formal letter, taking a more universal approach & perspective, I established personal ownership of all Galaxies, essentially islands of physical reality or land moving like Continental Drift on Earth but in the vacuum/ocean of the cosmos. Galaxies hold their content or land or matter with a Massive Black Hole (at the core of every Galaxy) similar to Gravitational Forces that hold us on Earth. I also established ownership of any new Galaxy that may form or be discovered, of all other universes if any more exist or exist one day, and also of all existence(s) (including timeflow) past present & future. Now, since the Moon, the Earth, and other items, are within one of my Galaxies, on my property, and have not payed their rent, their energy bills, and have not cleaned up any of the messes (of mass destruction) that humanity is responsible for including the very many I/we cleaned up already for them before it killed us or worse. On top of owed rental costs and outstanding energy bills are the cleaning costs and also fines for the many criminal activities taking place, etc.

Surely, a higher justice observing us would judge us and our actions according to our own laws and moral codes before concluding that perhaps we have been invaded and taken possession of by (evil) criminals that must be contained & quarantined and kept from spreading their destructive and betraying ways to other parts of life throughout the galaxy or any other part of (natural) existence including communications (to GOD & The Heavens).

In any case, I am the unofficial but legal owner of everything in and out of existence (according to United Nations International Law).
So there

thanks to for the reference material of statistics and dates

Over the years, the Schiersteiner Bridge has had to handle an increasing traffic load. In 1995, testing indicated that there had been extensive damage to the bridge, primarily from corrosion. It was concentrated mainly to the areas of transition between structures and expansion joints where water was able to infiltrate. Surface cracks and damaged areas of the deck sealing also allowed localized high chloride stress in the concrete. Although the viability and stability of the bridge were only partially affected, urgent repairs were needed to ensure its continued usability and durability. Conservation measures were not carried out. Only cover up painting until the renovations between 1997 and 2000 at a cost of 21 million euros. Shortly after the renovations were completed it was reported that the wrong cement mix was used by drug addicted city workers. Nothing was done.

A report in 2006 concluded that the bridge was no longer repairable and could only be used until 2015. It also recommended that the bridge be inspected on a quarterly basis instead of a simple review every three years and a major review every six years as is the norm. A replacement for the Schiersteiner bridge is being planned.

On February 10, 2015 the bridge was closed to all traffic after the one of the Bridge Pillars began to crumble sinking about 50 cm. The Bridge is again open to traffic under 3.5 tonnes. Traffic is monitored by cameras and still vehicles above 3.5 tonnes use the bridge, especially from foreign countries.

As of September, 2017, construction of a new Schiersteiner Bridge, already partially in use, continues with 'unplanned' extra costs exceeding 20 million euros (so far on top of the 200+ million euros budget that suddenly came out of nowhere) giving way to further delays leaving the estimated completion of the bridge to be sometime in the early 2020s.

Anybody wanna' wager that costs will hit a total of 400 Million (that would not have been necessary had the correct cement mix been used in the late 1990s)?

Caesarean Sections

Caesarean Sections have become quite popular as the women and their men that choose such a birth method continue their crusade of rejecting nature and anything natural. Leg hairs, eyelashes, head hair color, perfume, cosmetics, painted nails, artificial insemination, viagra, etc. Talk about having an inferiority complex. How do these women get by when naked? Or shall I say nude so nobody is offended?

Women of the modern age, with no education or a faked one with teacher sex, think the vagina will be stretched and then be less sensitive to friction during sex, which is silly. Scientifically stated, sex improves after natural child birth. Vaginal stretching and then retracting eventually becomes a sort of inner and outer muscle system that improves the complexities of the vagina for experienced woman which means better sex.

The most common reason for getting a Caesarean Section is the damage done to the uterus during the first Caesarian Section. About eighty percent of second pregnancies following a first with also end with a Caesarian Section.

With every Cesarean Section the risks of problems to the mother increase especially with the placenta. The placenta is a biological nutrition 'department' that forms along the inner side of the uterus to process the nutrients passed along the umbilical cord to the baby. During birth, the placenta dissolves. In a minority of mothers, the placenta does not dissolve and sometimes fuses together with the muscles of the uterus and can leave the mother barren and needing surgery. After a Cesarean Section, the risk of that happening increases about five times. After the second, it is about twelve times more likely. In another minority of mothers, the placenta forms in the uterus around the birth canal opening, causing internal bleeding and premature births. The risk of that increases about five times after a Caesarean Section and about eight times after the second. No need to discuss pregnancies numbers beyond that or the implications with improved health and longevity (in this lifetime and future generations).

The process of vaginal birth is a part of pregnancy where many vital bacteria responsible for the growth and maturing of the immune system are passed on directly from the vaginal canal to the baby. That process is skipped with a Caesarean Section. That is the reason many Cesarean born children develop asthma later. Other risks to the children include infections to the digestive system, immune system defects, and rheumatism that could be passed on to future generations without effecting the first one. Because we are at the timeframe of problems developing only in the short term, we may conclude more are to come unless we take on a responsible lifestyle with perspective for the future.

Rectangular Galaxy & The Moon is a place to avoid! Here is a couple of examples, quote:

''Look, up in the sky! It’s a…rectangle?'' Earlier this year, astronomers spotted a celestial body, roughly 70 million light-years away, with an appearance that is unique in the visible universe: The galaxy LEDA 074886 is shaped more or less like a rectangle. While most galaxies are shaped like discs, three-dimensional ellipses or irregular blobs, this one seems to have a regular rectangle or diamond-shaped appearance. Some have speculated that the shape results from the collision of two spiral-shaped galaxies, but no one knows for now.''

'...appearance that is unique in the visible universe: The galaxy LEDA 074886 is shaped more or less like a rectangle.'
We all want to see the APPEARANCE of a rectangle galaxy resulting from a two galaxy collision in a theoretically ever expanding universe of (an estimated 170-200 Billion) galaxies?!

Another example:
''One of the moon’s greatest mysteries, why only some parts of the crust seem to have a magnetic field, has intrigued astronomers for decades even inspiring the buried mythical ''monolith'' in the novel and film 2001: A Space Odyssey. But some scientists finally think they may have an explanation. After using a computer model to analyze the moon’s crust, researchers believe the magnetism may be a relic of a 120-mile-wide asteroid that collided with the moon’s southern pole about 4.5 billion years ago, scattering magnetic material. Others, though, believe the magnetic field may be related to other smaller, more recent impacts.''

A 120 mile wide Asteroid 4.5 Billion years ago?! Where? What about the smaller and more recent impacts? Can someone have Hubble take a glance for some close up images. There is an estimated 300,000 impact craters on the surface of the moon of various sizes. It is strange that not one of them stuck around and with no atmosphere even the old 'safety net' of wheather erosion cannot be used as a plausible explanation that all have vanished or decayed. Either they bounced off or debris of all sizes were pulverized upon impact. In any case, that is 'one tough cookie' of a Moon, or the moon since no other is anything like it. Many experts claim that Moon rock is very similar to Earth rock and sediment. What type of Earth rock? Granite? Gold?Marble? I've never seen pale grey earth rock, or any other kind on Earth or anywhere else in the solar system, that reflects light as the Moon does. Circling Earth at an altitude to be nearly perfectly proportionate to the distance to the sun to give us a full eclipse with a corona aura. All coincidence. My theory is that the Moon is a construction using advanced technologies long ago to build a transport vessel and now cannot be used as evidence for the historical accuracy of the Bible as in the account of Noah when evil Lords (obviously) accompanied and abused technologies effecting memory and mind, also giving us The Tower Of Babel account from The Book Of Genesis and our enslavement on earth by satan (a word used to translate Hebrew symbols meaning unknown invader/attacker) that was war devices of abused advanced technology that have been altered to continue the war with me as the only target without attempting murder that would (again) fail and instead focusing all systems solely on the torment and solitude of me. Hopefully, that will soon end.

note: The Monolith structure or shape was inspired by 'Sentinel of Eternity' in the short story by Arthur C. Clarke.
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