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 Bloodsport: Final Kumite
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Posted - 02 September 2016 :  11:57:28  Show Profile Send nolimits a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Bloodsport is a cult film classic based on events in the life of Frank W. Dux, an American martial artist who was trained in Koga Yamabushi Ninjutsu by Senzo Tanaka and is based on a true story.

In the film, Frank is (a Canadian according to the script) enlisted in the U.S. Army who goes AWOL to compete in the Kumite, a full contact freestyle single elimination martial arts tournament that takes place in Hong Kong in the Kowloon Walled City underground every five years.

Bloodsport: Final Kumite
story by Ayko...Willy Luke Muschiol
based on the filmscript Bloodsport
by Sheldon Lettich, Christopher Cosby, and Mel Friedman

The film begins with a meeting at an undisclosed location in Hong Kong. Present are leaders of the Chinese mafia, the Hong Kong police chief, and Kumite officials. They are discussing preparations for the last Kumite tournament as China cracks down on involvement in worldwide corruption and takes an increasing leading role in global affairs. Another reason is because of the increased use of modern physical ability enhancing drugs and other substances becoming more and more difficult to detect. Also, global violence as a whole needs to diminish. Then there is the problem with keeping tabs on rogue Kumite officials.

Kumite authorities have decided to organize one last Kumite with strict and special guidelines to ensure a fair and honorable tournament. Any competitor caught breaching the rules will not only be eliminated from the tournament with shame and dishonor to the clan represented but he will also be executed live on the Kumite combat platform.

Invitations are ordered to be made...
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song 'Fight To Survive...Kumite' from Stan Bush

At a military training camp in America, Koneko Dux is concluding her basic training. She and her unit are in the field practicing hand-to-hand combat skills in a small friendly competition. As always, Koneko is pulverizing the competition pinning down each challenger in seconds. The unit comrades finally have enough and all attack Koneko, in friendly fun, but to no avail as she knocks one after the other down. While Koneko laughs, poking fun at the others, they look at each other and give a nod. Suddenly, all of them get up and lunge together at Koneko. in one big pile of bodies. After a while of holding, pinning, and grappling the group realizes they are only beating on each other. They look around mystified when, suddenly, she jumps from a tree gliding down holding a long rope. Before anyone can react she has them all in a tied bundle. She makes a large bow knot over the top of them.

Koneko: Merry Christmas.

Shannon Olson: Very funny Miss Wrangler, except that it is April.

Koneko: Would you prefer, 'Do not open 'til Christmas'?

The scene switches to the indoors of the military base where retired Army Colonel Frank W. Dux is having a meeting with the base commander and other Army officials. They are having a heated discussion about his request for a leave of absence for his daughter so she may participate in the final Kumite. After reminding the officials about the difficulties everyone had when they tried to stop Dux from competing in the Kumite all those years ago, they grant him his request with the condition that they take escorts.

The Dux clan, including his chinese wife Su and two MP escorts, make their way to Japan to meet with the last surviving members of the Tanaka family to give Koneko the chance to train in the countryside where spirits of past Ninjutsu warriors still roam.

During the flight to Japan, the daydreams of each are shown.

Dux recalls times in the military that have left him scarred and with a slight limp, and later his founding of a martial arts school. Su Dux recalls the day she told her Japanese boyfriend, Chao Zung, she was pregnant and how he exploded with rage accusing her of being a whore before leaving her. She also recalls the day she brought her young daughter to Dux’s martial arts school hoping to calm his excessive energy and first met Dux. Koneko recalls the difficulties she had accepting Dux as her father, the training that brought the two closer together, and the happy wedding.

The two army MPs recall their days at basic training with their drill Sargeant, Jackson (who looks just like Ray Jackson from the original Bloodsport). The drill Sgt was a big fan of having his trainees dig holes, not only for physical fitness but, also to strengthen and test their will power and to teach them to hate someone they usually should not hate. A valuable lesson when going undercover and then perhaps discovering your friends are really your enemies.

The one MP remembers how proud he was to be the fastest hole digger without tiring. That is, until Jackson had him dig a hole so deep he couldn't get out and was left there for three days in the rain. The other MP recalls how proud he was of recognizing Jackson's tactic of building hate to train composure and control of the psyche under physical and emotional stress and how he always kept his composure while digging hole after hole. That is, until Jackson brought him a photograph of himself with the soldier's girlfriend while explaining he needs to dig many more holes than the others because he needs more time with his new lady friend.

Both MPs then recall their first mission undercover investigating terrorist infiltrate spies among the force and how much the training helped them deal with such situations, and the mission. They wish they could have thanked Jackson back then as they get misty eyed.

The film continues by showing fighters from around the world receiving their invitations to the final Kumite and training.

The Tanaka family have a small welcome ready for the Dux clan. Dux takes Koneko to the special training grounds. The training is awesome brutal before getting very spiritual. Koneko is shown training with sprits of some of the most famous warriors of the past and future.

At the same time, a romantic liason between Koneko and Willy Tanaka develops. Willy insists on accompanying Koneko to Hong Kong and, although the family initially refuses, they later give in to the young couple in love.

The Kumite finals (preliminaries take weeks with hundreds of fights and those with the best win-loss ratio move on) begin in an elimination style tournament. Scenes of the preliminary fights with every style and culture represented are shown in action filled clips until the final 10 fighters remain including Koneko who does not impress any of the other fighters or critics except one curious and crazy reporter convinced she is conserving strength, energy and surprise for the final rounds of the tournament. One fighter that was caught using stamina enhancing drugs is beheaded live on the Kumite platform to the shame of his clan.

During the finals, Su recognizes the current champ, the biological father of Koneko, Chao Zung, looking meaner than ever. He also recognizes her. During the tournament pause, Chao works on breaking the will of Koneko and his family...

© Willy Muschiol...All rights reserved past, present, and future.

Bloodsport: Kumite 1945
story by Ayko...Willy Luke Muschiol

After a gruelling twenty years of training with his father and other Family members, Senzo Tanaka, 25 years of age, enters his first Kumite competition.

...and perhaps a modern day & respectable (Big Budget) remake of the original to complete the trilogy...

© Willy Muschiol...All rights reserved past, present, and future.

Price to film is negotiable.

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