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 Coming Big Attractions 4 Film & TV
 Hillside Hotel Trilogies I-IV
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Hillside Hotel Trilogies I-IV
concept and stories by Ayko...Willy Luke Muschiol
© Willy Muschiol...All rights reserved past, present, and future.

Hillside Hotel movies will be anthology trilogies of horror that often have vivid images of sexuality and bloody violence while remaining artistic. The third of each trilogy will be a remake of a film short from a classic horror anthology or based on a classic short story. The other two will be originals destined to be classics themselves one day.

Hillside Hotel Trilogy
concept and stories by Ayko...Willy Luke Muschiol

As always, during the opening credits, we are shown a number of scenes showing violent crimes such as murder, rape, armed robbery, child abuse, torture, and more, each incident leaving an evil residual effect in the form of a small patch of thick black smoke or mist that finds its way to a huge cloud collecting point that eventually moves swiftly away to funnel down into the Hillside Hotel where the weirdo manager pauses a moment before nodding with a grin ready to introduce the first tale...
story one: Succubi
Lukas is looking to escape haunting dreams that tingle his spine. He rents out Room 321. Lukas is a 40 year old virgin. Eccentric parents kept him in all boy private schools until his early 20s when he became shy to admit to being a virgin. In Room 321, however, his visions of a young blonde sex bomb only intensify to the point of physical his flesh upon her flesh experiences that are seen although Lukas is alone except in his own mind. Three nuns, also guests in the hotel, recognize the Succubus connected to Lukas. They perform an exorcism in Room 321 that backfires and explodes into a sexual Succubi feast that leaves Lukas dead. The trio go on a tour of sexual slaughter.
story two: Debating Evil
Willy Shriner is a Priest taking a deserved vacation after assisting the Cardinal in an exorcism in the area. Although Shriner does not have much belief in such extremities of his religion his name is very respected especially among the folks. He arrives at Hillside Hotel and rents out Room 321.
In his room, he recalls the exorcism which went well with some supernatural occurrences he goes over again trying to form plausible explanations for each to satisfy his scientific mind. He also recalls the strange feeling that 'entered' him on the final day.
After some scary nightmares he becomes paranoid and decides to try an exorcism on himself there in Room 321, just in case. After all, it can't hurt, he thinks to himself.
The exorcism stirs up strange feelings and stirs up thrusts from within as he recites passages. Suddenly, two versions of himself are suddenly with him in the room, one angelic and good even beyond Shriner, the other demonic and evil but slick and debonair. The three have a philosophical debate regarding the concept of good, bad, and evil with not enough room for all three in one body.
story three: Chthonic Fetish Original
based on story three from the 1975 ABC TV film 'Trilogy Of Terror', ‘Amelia’, by William F. Nolan which is based on the short story ‘Prey’ by Richard Matheson
Widow Amelia has brought a souvenir back to her hotel room, 321, after touring cobblestone street markets of the next village and purchasing a Chthonic hand held statue of a demon lord whose spiritual link, according to legend in the scroll inscriptions, will be awoken in the event of removal of his thin silver chain. A modern adaption respectable to the original short story and film short that explodes with today’s special effects and is also a sequel as we witness the arrival of Amelia’s father to become her first victim of sexual slaughter.
Hillside Hotel Trilogy II
concept and stories by Ayko...Willy Luke Muschiol
story one: Vudu
Lude meets with his Jamaican cocaine supplier, Onnie, in the forests of the hotel area. The series of financial and romantic disasters Lude has experienced recently gives him good reason to accept Onnie’s offer to come to his hotel room where his wife, Teresa, is already getting drunk. Teresa is experienced in voodoo rituals and medicine rites of the occult and recognizes the hooks and connections Lude has to voodoo figures or dolls somewhere. During a ritual, Teresa declares three Lude dolls or figures exist, one made of wax, one ceramic, and one wood, being used to influence and control Lude, or worse. The revelations match news from a party drunk last week who informed Lude his three top lady of his expensive and high class swinger clubs have dolls and do black magic and practice witchcraft and that the three were in cahoots with each other long before replacing the three before them who dies in an explosion. Lude knows the three will never hand over the figures to his possession thus freeing him of the hold so he accepts Teresa's offer to teach him voodoo crafts of reanimation. Lude rents out Room 321 and ventures into the world of voodoo that is often misunderstood and misused. The three lady managers are suddenly being terrorized by their Lude figures that cannot be disposed of and keep coming back. Lude breaks the hold and then has some scary ‘fun’ with the ladies one by one.
story two: Into Darkness
Daniel Koenig is an official Harley Davidson store owner looking for a break from the corruption, paperwork, and 'dumm bitches'. He rents out Room 321, gets high and falls asleep. The next morning, Dan awakens, showers and goes to the bar to have a peppermint tea. He is shot in the head from behind by an unknown assailant. Dan awakens about noon time by the judge of daylight. He finds no other guests or staff in the hotel. Not a soul around and all phones and communication lines are dead whether cell phone, internet, etc, and the parking lot is empty. The environment slowly fades and vanishes from the senses of Dan including people, objects, and life in general, then the lights...first light bulbs, then outdoor street lights, then the stars. Eventually, all is dark and the nothingness envelops...but that is only the beginning for Dan in a reality of lonesome horror and a testing ground opens in the darkness for the hard line Biker.
story three: Die Sweety Pie
based on ‘Sweets To the Sweet’ by Richard Matheson from the 1970 film anthology ‘The House That Dripped Blood’
Melvin Reed is a single father in the country on a big business venture. He and his daughter, 13 year old Anna who is quiet and withdrawn, rent out family suite room 322. Reed keeps to himself during his stay and is cold and abrupt with everybody while keeping his daughter hidden away it seems. One Sunday they decide to have a picnic outdoors and meet Elaine, a former school teacher enjoying her inheritance and recent divorce. She befriends Anna and plays some Frisbee with her. She even gets Reed talking although he remains very secretive. They walk back to the hotel together. Elaine offers her friendship and company to Anna while Reed is off on his business meetings during the week. Reed is reluctant but eventually agrees before Elaine makes her way to room 321 where she is staying.
The two bond over the next two weeks when Elaine announces that it is time for her to leave. Anna won’t hear of it and Reed invites her to stay in their family suite and consider taking on a job as Anna’s private tutor and guide at an incredible salary.
That night Reed is drinking and Elaine gets him to open up. He explains that Anna is the last female of her family clan left alive and that she is an evil witch waiting for her calling just as her mother before her who Reed had no choice but to kill. Elaine laughs and laughs…but not for long as a group of dark and quiet wanderers begin to fill the outdoor vicinity of the hotel to take Anna to her initiation.
Hillside Hotel Trilogies III
concept and stories by Ayko...Willy Luke Muschiol
story one: War
As a media frenzy rages with reports of strange events and supernatural experiences from first hand sources, hotel business subsides. The owners pay a visit to arrange and advertise a major blessing of the premises and do anything else needed to free the hotel of demonic influence regardless of the financial cost. A team of top parapsychologists arrive with state of the art equipment and modern methods by the truckload. The Hillside Hotel takes that as an insult and declares war.
story two: Moonlight Affairs
Larry Shore rents out room 321 and sneaks in his slutty sister-in-law, Raquel, who he is having an affair with. During a midnight stroll the two have sex and are attacked by a large wolf interrupting their fun. Larry is bitten but not bad thanks to Raquel’s loaded revolver. She shoots at the wolf who charges off with a whine.
Back at the hotel, Larry insists he is okay and only needs some rest leaving Raquel free to find a handsome stranger to have some fun with in no time at all. A loud mouth hunter tells Raquel stories of his younger hunting days when he took on alligators, bears, and even lions surviving in the wilderness as a wild animal himself. It all leads to evening drinks in the stranger’s room as the full moon shines transforming Larry into a werewolf. He runs amok in the hotel killing guests and staff as the stranger responds with his hunting rifle which startles the werewolf sending him running into the forest.
Police authorities investigate and await Larry or the wolf, or both, to return with armed officers ready for anything and the stranger coordinating an ambush and talking tactics with police investigators not amused by his rambling.
Larry werewolf meets up with a pack of wolves in the forest. About fifteen of them make their way back to the hotel alongside Larry.
story three: Eye To Eye
based on ‘Eye’ from the 1993 film anthology ‘Body Bags’ by Billy Brown and Dan Angel
Ben Howard is a former Indy Race car driver who lost his eye in a race circuit accident and left another driver with three degree burns to his face. After advanced surgery to replace his eye with that of a donor is successful, Ben’s wife Cathy rents out room 321 at Hillside Hotel for a quiet recovery away from media and fan frenzy.
The experiences of the donor begin to be seen by Ben in vivid visions and scary nightmares of Ben having lots of wild sex and also of him murdering young girls. They verify that the donor was a necrophile killer who had sex with his young girl victims after they were dead. Ben tells Cathy that the killer is taking control of him which Cathy refuses to take seriously until she walks in on him having sex with the corpse of a young cleaning lady. He leaps and grabs hold of Cathy with a hideous laugh. The two fight and just before he is about to kill her, Cathy begins to sob and beg for him to stop and that she loves him. Ben pushes Cathy away as he gets control back long enough to grab a knife and carve out the newly implanted eye as Cathy watches.
Hillside Hotel Trilogies IV
concept and stories by Ayko...Willy Luke Muschiol
story one: Revenge
Three couples receive invitations to the luxurious hideaway, Hillside Hotel, for an all expense paid weekend stay with all the extras. Orson Bane, eccentric billionaire, declares everybody prisoner as an army of mercenaries come out of the shadows and crevices and seal all exits. The three couples are brought to Room 321. Bane has rented out the entire hotel. He explains that the person responsible for the rape and murder of his daughter are among the three males. Without hard evidence such as ‘stinkin’ fingerprints or DNA crap’, justice will not be served. Bane’s connections have supplied him with high tech video coverage of the only entrance/exit to the crime scene. Only the three males Bane invited were at the scene at that time and come into question as possible committers of the crime. Bane separates the women from the men and watches them argue and squirm with his installed video system. No useful information is obtained and the first girlfriend is taken to an outdoor stage where a guillotine awaits. The five others watch the beheading on a monitor in Room 321. Bane begins to use the intercom system to taunt the group and play them against each other strategically to force the guilty party to admittance, or slip up.
story two: Double Trouble
Stu Ferguson has recently lost his wife in a plane crash. To work through his depression and get over his loss he takes a leave of absence from work and rents out room 321 at the secluded Hillside Hotel. Also a guest at the hotel is Janine Silver on vacation with her boyfriend, Mort. Janine is the splitting image of Stu’s dead wife and becomes obsessed with her and tries to romance her so she can eventually take the place of his dead wife. As the they get acquainted things begin to spiral into a confusing and spine tingling scenario when the murdered corpse of Mort is found. Stu and Janine have an alibi but that is just the beginning of the eerie tale as Stu has Janine more and more take on the habits and style of his dead wife as they then find themselves being stalked by a strange woman and a weird police detective follows them everywhere. This one will be a real mind twister!
story three: The Guilty Party
based on ‘Revenge’ written by Francis Cockrell and Samuel Blas from the pilot show of Alfred Hitchcock Presents...

While Mark and his wife Ella are on vacation enjoying their stay at The Hillside Hotel, Ella is attacked and raped while hiking and left traumatized. As they drive out of the parking area onto the hillside road, Ella points out a man as her attacker. An enraged Mark kills him with his bare hands. A short while later a disturbed Ella identifies another man as the attacker, and then another.

© Willy Muschiol...All rights reserved past, present, and future.
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