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 JAMES BOND 007: Enter Chiruma
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Posted - 23 November 2015 :  05:31:50  Show Profile Send nolimits a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Daniel Craig is Ian Fleming’s James Bond 007 in
Enter Chiruma
story by Ayko...Willy Luke Muschiol
request Sarah Michelle Gellar & Julie Gayet with Kylie Minogue singing the opening song 'Chiruma'

Bond is in the office of M discussing his next mission under the command of US Army Colonel Samuel Aaron Larks of Chiruma, an international military alliance formed by Larks. M explains that information from the tracking and listening device has helped to decode data on file at Chiruma from previous drug cartel hunting has led to the discovery of a location hiding the worst and deadliest drug cartel lord, Lord Loco Tu, in the jungles of Brazil.

The two exchange a few words with Moneypenny. To the surprise of Bond, Larks and Moneypenny know each other. They leave in Air Aul, a huge cargo flight vessel with advanced stealth capability. Inside, is a headquarters operations center with eleven other super agents doing various tasks. Captain Sherrie Nichols, Miss Belev from Russia, Gisela from France, Mustafa from Morroco, Su Naki from Japan, Maria from Mexico, Gus from Germany, Mr. Pinto from Pakistan, Bejarano from Brazil, and the twins, Rin and Ulo Li from China.

The vessel fully cloaks and takes off for Brazil. They set down in a small opening between jungles. Larks remains behind to guide the mission from Air Aul. Rin and Ulo Li give a sign to Larks who clenches his fist for good luck, and they are outside. The others get together for the mission briefing. Larks reminds the group that an estimated five million children have been abducted worldwide over the last ten years from everyday civilians! Mothers, Fathers, Teachers, Doctors, Bus Drivers...from hospitals and from open house windows in 40 degree heat while sleeping!

Larks: Do you all understand me my comrades? DO YOU! I will remind you, again, my brothers and sisters. I have personally visited with many of the parents and families, especially in western Europe. Especially Germany, France, and England. I have solemnly promised every one of those families that we would find their kids even if dead. But you know what really gets me motivated, my family?! I said not to worry, we will find them, and alive. I may be dramatic at times but these are the times. Is everybody ready to go in and get every piece of records, mails, files, CDs, drugs, photographs, maps, in the abandoned head office of clerical duties, filing, internet hunting and luring, pimping, brainwashing, rape, murder of innocent civilians, and worse?! We finally have found a major branch of the network and we are another step closer to finding those children who are a nothing but a leftover decoy of the Satanist terror network, EL Electric Lightning, who claim a ‘peaceful’ rebel lifestyle of philosophy against government control, media manipulation of minds, and truly worship Satan to save society from the political world on Earth. Other names the Satanists have hidden behind to simply divert attention from their church include al Qaeda and ISIL, but only on the internet, Lucifer’s Steel. Family, the Larks are not amused. Not in the least. All guards, workers, and maniac scientists are brainwashed twisted crossed brain circuitry killing and pillaging without any control of their decisions and reasoning and whose souls are better off in God’s hands and freed from their terrorist bodily prison. They want to be dead! We fight in the name of truth, justice, liberty, and in the name of God guiding us. That means, you too! We now bow our heads...Holy GOD most high, give us strength to make this a successful mission and sweep away more Satanist terrorism and crime to bring us one step closer to a globe with no borders and freedom and love. Amen. Let us welcome our newest brother, James Bond, from the 00 department of MI6. Bond, I want you to accompany Mustafa. Sela, your with me. I need you here on tactics. Lets Rock!

Ulo and Rin are moving fast and low to the ground like giant crabs through the forest and take out every armed guard patrolling the forest, sitting in trees, and guarding the fortress barrier wall in the middle of the jungle. Wild action of Ola’s crow style and Rin’s free style Kung Fu sre seen before they climb the wall like spiders. Bejarano and Pinto come to the edge of the clearing and set up an operations console with compact surveillance systems. A swarm of nano devices resembling tiny stealth planes with surveillance technology begin to fly in as the interior of the entire fortress is mapped and reconstructed on the surveillance screen.

Pinto is drilling holes in the wall edge and ground as more nano devices crawl in downside. Miss Belev and Gus go around back to find more guards. Miss Belev soars over the fortress wall from high in the trees as Gus finishes the last guard and inspects a storage hut filled with pornographic materials, drugs and chemicals, and in the dust he finds a very strange glowing golden amulette with six sharp markings vertical and six horizontal surrounding a number 1.

Mustafa and Bond are wearing black robes with white trimming and a full hood covering. They activate the cloak and vanish to search for Lord Loco Tu. Su and Maria are flying and climbing at turbo speed into the residential and living areas of the estate searching for evidence. Furniture, closets and ceilings act as camouflage whenever an off duty guard walks by. Mustafa finds a secret passage leading down to Lord Loco. As usual, the brainwashed drug lord has no real strength except with a deep strong voice to relay orders and be the cartel Lord fronts of something bigger. Mustafa deactivates his cloak followed by Bond, both holding high tech firearms.

Musatafa: You are under arrest.

Lord Loco: You mudder fuckin’ mudda fucking fucker. Fuck yu mudder fuckaaaa!

The drug lord waves a big stick but has little strength of soul left. Mustafa binds him and takes him back alive. The unit recollects with Bejarano and Pinto. Ulo and Rin return with six children to Air Aul. They lift off using the rotary system as Larks positions the vessel at the correct angle over the fortress base. Gisela is on tactics and uses the ship’s computer to coordinate the perfect spread of target locks and indicates to Larks she is ready. Air Aul shoots high tech triggers that latch onto their targets. Aul indicates to Larks that all are in place. Larks throws the switch and a huge vertical explosion takes out the entire fortress. A fire is quickly extinguished with proportionately sized bags of sand-water-mercury mix. Larks presses his private small corner monitor to show a camera image of the area as the computer analyzes the situation and suddenly shows a video game like flash: ***ZERO TREES HARMED*** nice job game!!!

Larks: I still got it.

Air Aul system switches to normal flight and we see writing along the hull 'Kerosene Petroleum efficient with our gratitude and thanks helping to repair the Ozone Layer' as it cloaks out of sight.

Later, Bond is undercover at an Interpol meeting of heads and suddenly, alone, finds himself lost in the deep chasm labyrinth of the new world ring run by Mr. Big and Mr. Fine who already have over half the population under their control, as they see it...

© Willy Muschiol...All rights reserved past, present, and future.
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