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 Coming Big Attractions 4 Film & TV
 Omen V: The Number Of The Beast
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Posted - 31 October 2015 :  02:09:07  Show Profile Send nolimits a Private Message  Reply with Quote
In the film, The Omen, Damien Thorn is a five year old boy, and the son of Satan born of a jackal. Switched at birth with the dead baby of parent socialites, mysterious deaths plague the people of his environment especially those that get too close to his true identity, including his parents.

In Damien: Omen II, seven years have past and a twelve year old Damien has been adopted by his uncle and aunt of a politically strong English family. The events of his childhood return to haunt the environment of Damien as he reaches sentience as to his true identity as the son of Satan.

In Omen III: The Final Conflict, Damien is full grown and soon growing weaker by the day following the rebirth of Jesus. He goes on an obsessive hunt to find and kill Jesus while still a baby leading to his death after having an affair with the journalist, Ann, who he raped.

In Omen IV: The Awakening, Damien's daughter, Delia, is adopted by two attorneys, Gene and Karen York. Death and disaster plague the environment of the young girl. She is carrying the ovary of her twin brother, the antichrist, until it can be transplanted to Karen York who gives birth to Alex towards the end of the film costing Karen her life. The end shows Delia holding her baby brother, Alex, together with father Gene who remains ignorant to the truth.

That is the end? Not by a long shot!

Omen V: The Number Of The Beast
story by Ayko...Willy Luke Muschiol & J.J. Abrams as director
based on The Omen film series from David Seltzer, Harvey Bernhard & Brian Taggert

Jonathan Moores is the on an archeological expedition with his assistant and protégé, Brian J. Chimera, and their team of experts and Arab natives searching for the legendary 'Scroll Of The Lamb', a set of lost Scripture giving a clear definition to the identity of the antichrist and its followers. Wild and awesome scenes of 'snakes and ladders' archeology adventure, action, and horror are shown ending with the find of the century, four ancient jars; one with the face of a lion, one of an eagle, on like a man, one of a bull, each with a Scroll of the Lamb. Moores beats his arch rival, Zhang Lin, to the prize who tried to thwart his every move and vowed to be relentless in his unending rivalry. Moore brings everything to be translated and researched. Also in the jars is another miraculous and welcomed find, another four mystical daggers from Megiddo that are the only weapon known able to slay the antichrist.

A few days later, Susan Matheson, a young and successful investigative reporter for Global Wings Magazine, is gathering evidence regarding conspiracy theories of a hostile takeover of world banks. She presses for politician Karen York, who has bank connections, to assist her and answer questions. As always, Susan’s conspiracy theories annoy more than interest.

The world of Demon Lord ‘Clips’, ruler of the underground, is shown with Bikers, high society drug dealers, elite prostitutes, corrupt officials of the justice system, and other connections to politicians and the media.

The next day, Alex and Delia are holding a tie and jacket meeting with international bank officials. Clips is present without a tie. That night is Walpurgis and the group holds a satanic feast of horror to mock the crucifixion of Jesus. A local priest serves as their captive victim of sacrifice.

Easter Sunday gathering at the York family home is shown. Gene and Karen are portrayed as the perfect parents, loving and devoted. Chambers is a close friend of the family and arrives late with amazing news pertaining to the archeological quest he just completed with Moore. He tells them of the clues of the four jars holding keys to the identities of the four antichrists as described in The Book of Revelation. They focus their attentions, as Kathleen slices the cooked goose, and ponder over a plan to steal the collection.

Susan’s boss at Wings Magazine is in a raging session after receiving more complaints from high ranking political circles about her conduct and themes of interest. He has decided to send her on an assignment in England to interview archeologist Prof. Dr. Jonathan Moores who recently returned from Iran with the biblical find of the century. Susan pouts and warns her boss of her writing block syndrome when she is tied down to assignments with no adventure.

Main Characters (inspired by, but not corresponding to, symbolic names & titles found in The Book Of Revelation)

-Jonathan Moores ‘The Lamb’; archeologist on quest to find the ‘Scroll Of The Lamb’;
“The Lamb came and took the Scroll from the right hand of the One who sits upon the Throne...They will make war with The Lamb but The Lamb will overcome them because he is the most powerful Lord of all and the greatest king. His faithful chosen will be with him.”
Revelation 5.7...Revelation 17.14

-Paulo ‘Clips’ Nottegamra ‘Demon Lord’: Ruler of the black market and the underground;
“Locusts looked like horses ready for battle. Around their heads was something like a crown of gold. Their faces were of men with hair like that of women. Their teeth were like a wildcat. Their chests were covered with something like steel armor. The sound of their wings was like the thundering stampede of horses and chariots rushing into battle. They had tails and stings like a scorpion and the power to hurt people again and again for five months. Their king was the Demon Lord of the Underground called Armageddon or Apocalypse.”
Revelation 9.5-11

-Zhang Lin ‘The Dragon’; rival archeologist of Moores;
“The powerful Dragon was thrown down to the earth and his demons with him. The Dragon is the matured Serpent called the Satan Lord. He tricks the world down the wrong path.”
Revelation 12.9

-Delia York ‘The First Beast’; daughter of Damien Thorn and wife of big high society actor;
-Alex York ‘The Second Beast’; son of Damien Thorn, author thief engaged to model queen;
“The second Beast amazed everyone with astounding tricks to make fire come down from the sky. He did the signs that the first beast told him to and in this way tricked those of Earth. He had a statue erected to honor the first beast that was wounded by the sword and survived.”
Revelation 13.13-14

-Brian J. Chambers ‘The False Prophet’; assistant and protégé of Moores;
-Gene York; CEO of a major law firm, father of Delia and Alex;
-Karen York; Gene’s second wife, high profile politician and bank investor;
“Then I saw three evil spirits that looked like wild animals. They came out of the mouths of the dragon, the beasts, and the false prophet. They are demons pretending to have divine powers. They gather the kings of the world to battle. That battle will occur on the Great Day of GOD who rules over all...The False Prophet did wonders for The Beast and tricked others to worship the Beast.”
Revelation 16.13-14...Revelation 19.20

-Susan Matheson ‘Rider Of The Flying Horse’; high profile global reporter;
“Out of the Rider’s mouth comes a sharp sword that will be able to strike down nations.”
Revelation 19.15

© Willy Muschiol...All rights reserved past, present, and future.
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