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58 59 BUFFY the Vampir...
09 August 2018
by: nolimits
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16 January 2017
by: nolimits
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Old Posts Greetings and welcome... the 'nolimits' Forum. Here I am both administrators, 'Ayko' and 'nolimits', the latter name assigned to me after taking control of this internet forum site in 2011 while already registered as a normal member with my artist name, Ayko.

I live alone in a one room appartment in Germany. I am 5'10'' (175 cm), about 80 kg (170 pounds). I have brown hair and brown-green eyes (depending on mood). Most identify me with my 'middle name', Luke.

Willy Luke Muschiol...Ayko
Otto-Wels-Strasse 116
left side first building entrance,
top floor, left door.
65197 Wiesbaden, Deutschland (Germany) suddenly vanished with the entire content, mobile phone gone & home phone is disconnected.
Reactivated phone number (temporary): 049-176-52760773

About Me:
United Nations International Laws allow us to freely gain legal ownership of newly discovered territories or land, such as a newly formed island, by being the first person or group (that does not officially represent a nation or country) to claim it, in writing, as their property.

In the early 1980s, a man known as Dennis Hope claimed the Moon as his property and began selling property deeds to land on the Moon. Those admitting to having bought property deeds to plots of land on the Moon include celebrities Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Barbara Walters, President George Bush Sr, and many more.

As the customer base grew (apparently over 3.5 million buyers to date), they demanded assurances that their property rights on the Moon be protected. So, in 2004, Hope started the so called 'Galactic Government' with a ratified constitution, a congress, a currency, and a patent office as a realized sovereign nation.

I read about the events in the media as they happened as did the United Nations and all our law enforcement agencies and protectors of people's rights. They did, and do, nothing (except join in 'the fun'). We must presume that there is no criminal act here and, since the United Nations (who fortify international laws) never responded or reacted to the events, we have a silent acceptance. Also, if President Bush Sr. and other names of significance are involved in the buy & sale of Moon (or other cosmic body or land) and the U.N. takes no action we (of the public) must presume our leaders accept it, or that they do not protect the folk of humanity invaded and possessed by criminal terrorists. It is one or the other. That is what a higher justice or life protection entity would conclude and correctly so. Furthermore, (U.N.) leaders, by not reacting, bring to mind the old example of someone walking in the park at night and seeing a man raping a child in the bushes that ignores it and does nothing. That witness is now an accomplice and perpetrator as if he also raped that child.

By not correcting the ‘loophole’ in the international U.N. protocol for claiming possession and ownership of ‘unowned land’, the door remained/remains open for others to do the same. I chuckled as it happened while experts from the space industry voiced complaints and nothing happened except some words regarding the international Moon Treaty (1984) & Outer Space Treaty (1967) with their contradictions and ambiguity, the former having been signed by about ten percent, the latter about half, of all our global nations. Also, the Treaties supply a clause allowing for withdrawal with (written) notice. After chuckling, I wrote up a claim of my own, signed it, and sent it in to official authorities using multiple means of media including letter, email, fax, etc. As Mr. Hope, I received no formal reply but, mine was sent and I know appropriate authorities received it.

In a formal letter, taking a more universal approach & perspective, I established personal ownership of all Galaxies, essentially islands of physical reality or land moving like Continental Drift on Earth but in the vacuum/ocean of the cosmos. Galaxies hold their content or land or matter with a Massive Black Hole (at the core of every Galaxy) similar to Gravitational Forces that hold us on Earth. I also established ownership of any new Galaxy that may form or be discovered, of all other universes if any more exist or exist one day, and also of all existence(s) (including timeflow) past present & future. Now, since the Moon, the Earth, and other items, are within one of my Galaxies, on my property, and have not payed their rent, their energy bills, and have not cleaned up any of the messes (of mass destruction) that humanity is responsible for including the very many I/we cleaned up already for them before it killed us or worse. On top of owed rental costs and outstanding energy bills are the cleaning costs and also fines for the many criminal activities taking place, etc.

Surely, a higher justice observing us would judge us and our actions according to our own laws and moral codes before concluding that we have been invaded by (evil) criminals that must be contained & quarantined and kept from spreading their destructive and betraying ways to other parts of life in any other part of (natural) existence including communications (to GOD & The Heavens).

In any case, I am the unofficial but legal owner of everything in and out of existence (according to United Nations International Law).
So there :p
2 2 Enter Chyren
19 December 2016
by: nolimits
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